Thursday , March 30 2017

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Huawei launches the Talkband B3 fitness tracker

Huawei has had a big night overnight, updating their P-series with the P9 and P9 Plus – but that’s not all they updated, announcing a new version of the Talkband. Huawei launched the Talkband B3 with updated specs, colours and even a new styles of band. Like previous models, the …

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HTC Vive Phone Companion app arrives in Google Play

The HTC Vive has begun shipping to customers, with US customers beginning to receive the VR system now. Before the final launch, HTC added smartphone notification functionality and now the companion app has arrived in Google Play. The app is compatible with multiple phones running Android 4.4, not limited to …

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The MicFlip is here and it’s not a Maccas burger

From time to time we like to check in on crowdfunding campaigns to see what’s new, what’s delayed and what’s being shipped. One such product is the universal reversible Micro-USB cable from Winning Gear the “MicFlip”. So what is a universal reversible Micro-USB cable? It’s exactly what it sounds like, …

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Google adds reminders to Calendar on the Web

Google began refining their reminders function last year, after a drawn out period where they began to get a little disjointed with reminders appearing in Keep, Calendar and all over the shop. But it was only on mobile. From today, Google is now offering all the reminder functions on Google …

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