Rumour: Upgraded Nexus 4 coming at Google I/O?

Tech news site Sidhtech is is reporting on rumours that a new model of the Nexus 4 will be announced next month at Google I/O. The rumoured device would have two critical upgrades, addressing criticism of the existing models: 32 GB storage and functioning LTE, running Android 5.0. Nexus 4 buyer's remorse? As rumours go, this is a great one. It tickles the right spots and is just believable enough that you could report it as "news" and get away with it. It's about 6 months since the Nexus 4 was launched, and Eric Schmidt's appearance at... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on sale now in Australia starting at $456

For those of you that think a 7-inch tablet just isn't quite big enough, you'll be pleased to note that Samsung's new offering, the Galaxy Note 8, appears to have arrived on shop shelves this week. After being listed in last week's Dick Smith Electronic's catalogue for pre-order, the Galaxy Note 8 is now available for $459. JB HiFi also has the Galaxy Note 8 on sale, for a few dollars less at $456. A few of our team have seen the Galaxy Note 8 out in the wild already, so let us know what you think... Continue reading

Cygnett releases a slew of refined cases for the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy S4

This afternoon, Ausdroid has received a giant parcel from Cygnett, makers of mobile phone cases. This package contained none other than the seven cases you can see shown above. Once we get our hands on a Galaxy S4 review unit, we'll be trying these cases out so you can make an informed choice about protection for what will probably be (a) the most popular smartphone of 2013 and (b) your next purchase. From a look at the cases before us, it looks like Cygnett's put a good bit of effort into their work. Freya Torrington, Cygnett’s Senior... Continue reading

Larry Page: Google Glass does run on Android

During Google's earnings call, CEO, Larry Page confirmed that Google Glass does indeed run on Android. Whether it is news to anyone or not, the confirmation is great nonetheless. Page noted that it's great to have Android running across all different kinds of devices -- we agree, though I'm waiting on my Android-powered fridge. “obviously, Glass runs on Android, so has been pretty transportable across devices, and I think that will continue.” The use of Android is seemingly an obvious choice, but it'll be interesting to see if developers can do anything really crazy with it like we've... Continue reading

Google releases charity-minded One Today app

Google has today launched a new app that opens up a charitable side to the Play Store, but unfortunately, it will (for now) only support US based charities. In Google's words, this app will allow users to "do a little, change a lot". Even better for the US charities involved, there's no fee for non-profits to register with One Today, and they will receive the entire donation (net of a 1.9% credit card service fee). The process seems to be that you make a pledge to support a given cause (a different cause is shown each day), and the amounts... Continue reading

More Motorola hints in Google’s Q1 earnings call

Lately we have seen a few people from both Motorola and Google hint at devices from Motorola being a cutting edge device.  Today during Google’s earnings call CEO Larry Page made a statement regarding the rumoured upcoming Motorola device(s). "Think about your device. Battery life is a challenge for most people. You shouldn't need to carry around a charger to make it through the day. If your kid spills their drink on your tablet, the screen shouldn't die. And when you drop your phone, it shouldn't shatter. "Having just seen Motorola's upcoming products myself, I'm real excited about the potential... Continue reading

Real-time multiplayer gaming coming soon to Google Play?

Some exciting stuff going on in the Android world today, folks. The team over at Android Police have discovered some interesting files amongst the new MyGlass app that the Google Glass team launched yesterday. For everyone to fully, or at least kind of understand what's going on here, a little explanation needs to be done. When Google ship their own app, they include all the needed files for that app to work properly with their mobile services (Google Play Services - GMS). These files enable greater interaction with Google's own services. For example, if an app has in-app billing, their... Continue reading

How to: Enable HTML 5 audio playback in Google Music

Now that Google Music is available to Australian customers, you've probably noticed that audio playback uses Flash. It's no secret that Chromebooks often see poor performance running Flash content, so you might want to enable Google Music's experimental HTML 5 support instead. The steps are very simple: Log into Google Music Click the settings cog in the top right corner Select Music Labs Enable HTML 5 Audio Click the Save Changes button For a number of users, this will create a smoother and cleaner experience on your Chromebook allowing you to do more on your device while playing your favourite tracks in the background. Are you... Continue reading

How to: Add a swap partition to your Chromebook

While many users are more than happy with the performance of their Chromebooks, there's a handy little tweak that could make your life a little bit better if you're a RAM hungry user - you can add a swap partition. What is a swap partition? A swap partition is a way to give some of your hard drive space to the Operating System, allowing it to use that space as additional RAM. While there's more to it than that, from a basic user's perspective the net effect of creating a swap partition has is just that - more RAM. There are some... Continue reading

More information about Google Babel and features

Every other day we're finding out more things about Google Babel, the rumoured unified chat service which Google looks to be readying for public access. Rumours have included Google 'dogfooding' Babel to its employees, a rumour which seems to be verified by a Gmail page accessible on Google's own sites. A snapshot of the Google Babel references in Gmail In this snapshot, there's a few things we can glean: Upgrade Chat to Babel! Babel is Google's new messenger with clients for Android, iOS, Chrome, Google+ and Gmail. Access the same conversation list from Anywhere! A new, conversation-based UI Advanced... Continue reading

Google Glass Explorer Edition hits eBay, vanishes

Now that the Google Glass Explorer Edition units are out there, as always there's people trying to make a profit while doing evil. The early release was intended to give those who are prepared to boldly go where no one has gone before the opportunity to try the device, advise Google of their experience and make recommendations, as well as allowing developers an early chance to try their concepts out. Yesterday, a Google Glass unit was sighted on eBay at an amazing £100,000 (that's a touch over $148,000 Aussie Dollars) - and they... Continue reading

Motorola’s future phones to use ‘unadulterated’ Android

Motorola stuck very closely to stock Android when they designed the software for their 2012 devices, the RAZR HD and the RAZR M, but when the company was acquired by Google, it seemed only a matter of time before they did away with custom UI overlays completely and shipped the AOSP experience on their devices. According to Jim Wicks, Motorola's design chief, in an interview with PC Mag, that time has come: Consumers love what the Android OS can do for them, and they want to have the most recent releases faster... From a software and UI... Continue reading

Checker Plus for Gmail – Extension Review

Checker Plus for Gmail is possibly the most useful extensions I have come across to date. Developer Jason Savard has done a brilliant job taking the knowledge that a huge number of users do not have just the one Gmail address, but often running with two, three or more. The extension runs in the background and checks all of your Gmail accounts through a single interface and notifies you when you receive new email on any of the registered accounts. The interface has expandable tabs for each Gmail to allow the user to expand individual email address inbox listings to... Continue reading