Wednesday , January 25 2017

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How to Watch The Super Bowl: Version 2016

Some may not care (and I suspect a majority won’t) but there are some of us that do. When Super Bowl 50 kicks off on Monday 8th February (Australian time) there will be some of us sports enthusiasts who will be watching closely. How we do that is not as …

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Google Now gets a new Voice?

By far one of the most far reaching platforms Google has across it’s ecosystem is “Google Now”. Google Now powers everything from contextually aware notification cards and recommendations, to appointment notifications, to travel time warnings to voice search and control to the new Google Now on Tap functionality – Android …

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Kickstarter finally launches their Android app

Crowdfunding site Kickstarter has today launched their long awaited Android app to Google Play. Before we go on, repeat after me “I will not back stupid s*** on Kickstarter”. Right, with that out of the way. The Kickstarter app is a fairly clean, basic looking app with hints of material …

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CONFIG_KEYS vulnerability – How vulnerable are you?

A recently discovered vulnerability in the Linux kernel (which runs at the heart of Android) might leave some devices susceptible to exploitation .. though from what we understand, the risk is minimal. For those interested to find out a little more, let’s carry on. This vulnerability was announced and confirmed …

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