Motorola extends the $100 cashback for RAZR M

Earlier in the year, perhaps facing increased competition in the mid-range handset market, Motorola announced that it would offer a $100 rebate to those who purchased the Motorola RAZR M through Telstra. This ran from February to 31 March, and I can only imagine it was a somewhat popular promotion. Why? Because Motorola have told Ausdroid that they'll be doing this again! From today until 1 July 2013 (or until stocks last) Motorola will be again offering a $100 rebate to those purchasing the Telstra version of the Motorola RAZR M -- either outright, or on a plan. Claiming the... Continue reading

A big day for Google Glass – specs revealed, and units ready for shipping

The developers who signed up (and paid) for the Glass Explorers programme last year at Google I/O must be ecstatic today, as Google have sent out emails notifying those lucky ducks that the units have started rolling off the production line, and will begin shipping very soon. Not enough Glass(es?) have been manufactured yet to send them all out at once though, so they'll be shipped in batches when they're ready. Google have also released the specs for the Glass units today, and there isn't really anything surprising there: Display: 640x360 resolution display (which Google says is the... Continue reading

Google to add Chrome Apps link in your Bookmarks bar

Is this a vision of things to come on ChromeOS? We've seen this morning (care of 9to5Mac) that Google are preparing to add a direct shortcut to your Chrome Apps and Extensions to the left side of your bookmarks menu bar. You can see this in the left side of the image above, whereas the stable (current) view is on the right. If you don't like this addition to your bookmarks bar, you can easily disable it. However, it does look like Google is about to add a whole heap of emphasis to the Apps and Extensions available in the... Continue reading

Sick of annoying notifications? Silence them with this app

Here at Ausdroid we test a lot of applications, and like us, the Android Police have come across a major annoyance -- apps that generate spam notifications requesting that you install other apps. These are incredibly annoying, but if you're a bit more of a power-user, you'd know that Jelly Bean 4.1 gives you a way to disable these on a per-app basis by use of the App Info menu. Android developer Giorgi Dalakishvii has created a more user friendly solution to this problem, allowing you to view, enable and disable all app notifications from one easily accessible place. [gallery... Continue reading

Domayne and Joyce Mayne now selling Chromebooks

The original launch in Australia saw Google partner with Harvey Norman and JB Hifi to start selling their Chromebooks at retail, but if you would like to get a look at a Chromebook and don't have a Harvey Norman or JB Hifi nearby then you're out of luck, until now. Both Domayne and Joyce Mayne have now started stocking the complete range of Chromebooks currently available in Australia. Domayne is offering the Acer C7, Samsung Series 3 and the HP Pavillion 14 Chromebooks in stores and for two of the models, online. While stores are advising... Continue reading

Kobo Arc — Review

Can the Kobo Arc compete with the Nexus 7? The Nexus 7 has been the dominant 7 inch Android tablet in Australia ever since it launched and other companies are now playing catch up. So what made the Nexus 7 such a popular tablet? Price, but not just the price. There are a lot of tablets on the market today that are as cheap or cheaper than the Nexus 7, but most of those have sacrificed a lot in order to be able to sell their tablet at such a low price. Enter the Kobo Arc. A 7 inch... Continue reading

Ever rooted something and wished you hadn’t? Now you can undo it. We at Ausdroid have occasionally experienced this kind of remorse, and no, you dirty people out there, we're not talking about regretting our Saturday night exploits. Rather, we're talking about what happens if you've modified your phone and all of a sudden you need to rely on that precious warranty to get it fixed. If you've rooted your phone, there is a possibility that this will be blamed for whatever's gone wrong, and so if you are thinking of calling in a warranty service, you might want to consider this. Unrooting can be done by hand, and some of the... Continue reading

Facebook Home not enough? Facebook Chat Heads might wet your whistle

Facebook Home might not be to your liking; some people like what they've seen, and others surely don't. However, one aspect of the new Facebook experience is available here, now, and it doesn't even seem to be too bad! Facebook's standalone Messenger application has been updated to include the new Chat Heads feature, which overlays Facebook messages on top of your normal Android workspace. I'm not a huge Facebook user myself -- I really only use it to share photos with family -- but others who are have tried this feature and tell me it's pretty neat. Update: After a number... Continue reading

Facebook Home launches, install it onto any device now

Facebook have today launched Facebook Home -- their replacement launcher for a variety of Android devices (those being: Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, HTC One, One X, One X+). So if you own one of those device, you can try and go to the Play Store and install it (might not work at the moment, as it's mainly a US launch). However, if you're wanting to install it on almost any Android phone, then follow these simple instructions as posted on XDA-Developer forums. Root is not needed, however, if Facebook is preinstalled on your phone... Continue reading

Telstra’s LG Optimus G gets rooted, unlocked, and Cyanogenmodded

We've been playing with the LG Optimus G for a little while now, and while we loved it in our review, we're liking it a whole lot more now. Yesterday, we received a tip that the specific variant of the Optimus G on sale in Australia had been rooted and unlocked. Having had some failed attempts at this in the past, I was keen to give this a try to see what could be achieved. Well, it seems, it's not all that difficult. For those needing a quick introduction, this: rooting and unlock your phone... Continue reading

The Chrome OS Improvement Bus Rolls On

If you have been paying attention it will seem like every day there is something new being committed to or proposed for Chrome OS.  Today there are yet more interesting little tidbits that the some enthusiastic people have found while hunting through the source commits for Chrome OS. Screenshot Notifications If you've ever taken a screenshot inside Chrome OS you may have noticed the very quick screen flicker (my description) that occurs.  If you haven't noticed it that's because it's very easy to miss.   Under the new proposal a notification will come up showing the capturing of the screenshot... Continue reading

Google Glass Explorer Edition to ship within the next month

Further to Google's announcement yesterday of the Glass Collective being launched by Google Ventures, today we're seeing news that developers could get their hands on a developer edition of Google Glass -- named the Glass Explorer Edition -- within the next month. What we don't know is when a consumer device will ship, but for lucky developers at least, the $1,500 device is more than likely just around the corner. This makes good sense time-wise, as we all know that Google I/O 2013 is just around the corner as well. It's hard... Continue reading

Babel Rumours: Feature list, iOS interface and more

With all the rumours, leaks and particularly the screenshots that are appearing more consistently by the day it seems more and more likely that Google Babel is in fact real, and fast approaching. In a way it doesn't feel right labelling these posts as rumours, but until there's an official announcement, we've no proof that Babel is in fact a "real" product. It's probably fair to say that Google's many and varied messaging solutions have caused users a headache or two at some stage - even we get confused from time to time - so a clear effort to... Continue reading