Thursday , May 5 2016

Home security for less than $1.00 per day.

Cammy Wireless Camera Offer

How would you like to watch over your home, family, pets and possessions at any time from anywhere, right from your Android device? Cammy lets you do this, and it's easy to set up. Sign up today, and receive a FREE Wi-Fi camera on your new subscription.

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Google launches Chrome extension to let you know when you just entered your password into a Phishing site


Google has always been conscious of internet security, they’re constantly tweaking Chrome and their searches to make sure you’re not hitting sites which could compromise your security. Today, Google has launched another tool in the war against scam artists, a Chrome extension which notifies you to change your password when …

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Australians flocking to VPN solutions amid privacy, data retention and geo-blocking concerns


It’s little wonder that people are growing more and more concerned with how their activity online might be stored and monitored, with Australia’s recent passage of mandatory data retention legislation (and the virtually unfettered access to that information by law enforcement agencies). It seems that we’ve learned nothing from the …

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OUYA in trouble, searching for a buyer


In a document that was leaked to the CEO of OUYA, Julie Uhrman has put out a call looking for potential buyers to rescue the company from what appears to be some fairly significant venture debt incurred with investment firm TriplePoint Capital. As is unfortunately the way of life …

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