Thursday , December 8 2016

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Asus Zenfone 2 Laser — Review

When we reviewed the original Asus Zenfone 2 we found that it was good at delivering above the expectations of someone buying a sub $300 phone, delivering far above what it promised as well. A new iteration of the device has landed and on the surface at least it seems …

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LG Nexus 5X — Review

The Nexus range of devices in 2015 were well leaked ahead of their release at the end of September, and the indications were they’d be an impressive batch of devices. While Huawei was new to the Nexus game in producing the Nexus 6P, LG was an old hand, having produced …

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Huawei Nexus 6P — Review

Every year, the release of a Nexus phone is always of interest to the Android community. Nexus represents the vision of Android that Google sees for the next year, incorporating hardware that best shows off the latest version of Android and the hardware features it will support. For the history …

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Google continue to expand their Local Guides program adding the ability to share photos images from Google Photos to Google Maps

Following on from the recent expansion of Google’s Local Guides Explorer program earlier this week Google has announced another incremental feature in their suite of services intended to get people sharing photos, reviews and locations to Google Maps, direct sharing of your images from within the Google Photos app to …

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