Samsung Galaxy Express coming soon to AllPhones

According to the April edition of the AllPhones buyers guide the Samsung Galaxy Express, which was announced in January will be 'coming soon' to AllPhones. When asked about exactly when the Galaxy Express would be arriving in-store, staff advised they expected the phone in-stock towards the end of the month. The Galaxy Express from the looks of the specs was launched by Samsung as an LTE phone aimed at budget conscious consumers, however this has not transferred to the model being shown on the AllPhones website which lists only 3G and GSM frequencies. Galaxy Express Specs 1.2GHz dual-core... Continue reading

Chrome rich notifications promoted to stable channel

These decidedly Google Now like notifications are soon going to be appearing in Chrome very soon according to a recent Google+ post from open-source Chromium Evangelist François Beaufort. He advised that the code has been promoted to the stable build of the Chromium Project, Chrome 28 for those playing at home. The rich notifications are available for ChromeOS and Chrome for Windows only at this stage. It's an interesting feature which shows more unification across Google products. This improvement to the notification centre is a very welcome additon, if you're a developer you can check out the nuts... Continue reading

Google Play Music now available in Australia

Google Play Music has just gone live in Australia. The link is now showing up in both the Google Play Web Interface as well as the Google Play app on Android - although not in the new Google Play app that was released overnight. The service which is available already in the US and Europe allows users to store up to 20,000 songs in a music locker in the Google Cloud. Google Music also allows bands and artists not signed to a record label to sign up to Google Play artist hub — a platform for independent artists to sell... Continue reading

Google begins rolling out ‘Fresh new look’ Google Play for Android

Google has announced that the Google Play redesign that has been circulating around and leaked out over the last couple of weeks is now officially rolling out. The Official Android Blog emphasises the fresh new look that they say is simpler and helps you find great entertainment fast. With larger images and a new light theme, the new Play Store looks great. Although a little sparse for Australia as it appears that Focus and Promotional content has not been enabled outside the US as yet. Google has advised that they are focusing on larger images that 'jump off the... Continue reading

Rumour: Samsung Series 3 Chromebook to receive a refresh in May

The Samsung Series 3 Chromebook has only just been released in Australia but the Series 3 was originally released in the US in October last year and it appears that Samsung may be looking to refresh or replace one the Series 3 at the very least in their core markets the US/UK. OMGChrome is reporting that recent commits to the Chromium project are referencing a new hardware board called 'daisy_spring'. The reason this particular reference is special is that 'Daisy' was the codename used for the board inside the Series 3 Chromebook. The addition of '_spring' to the daisy... Continue reading

Experimenting with Miracast with LG’s DWD-300

Way back when, we visited LG's headquarters and had a bit of a play with some pre-release Miracast hardware and Jason was certainly impressed. With the more recent launch of the LG Optimus G, LG has released (sort of) its Miracast dongle to the Australian market. Known, unimaginatively, as the DWD-300, LG's Miracast dongle is the embodiment of simplicity. Simple hardware, Simple usage Sporting all of two ports - a micro-USB port for power, and an HDMI port to connect to your TV, there's very... Continue reading

Vodafone to begin rollout of Jelly Bean to Samsung Galaxy S II tomorrow

On the 5th of April Vodafone annoubced that they had approved the Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S II for both the Vodafone and 3 models. Unfortunately at the time, no date was given on when the update would be rolled out but today the information has been updated to advise that the update will begin to rollout tomorrow. The rollout will be staggered as most Fimware Over The Air(FOTA) updates are, the scheduled rollout will move like this : Day 1-3 : 10K of IMEIs selected at random to be eligible for update, users are... Continue reading

Huawei Ascend Mate set for launch next week

Huawei has begun sending out invites to the launch of a new phone next week and from the looks of the size of the phone pictured we're willing to bet that the phone is the Huawei Ascend Mate. Announced back at CES in January this year the Ascend Mate certainly pushes the boundaries when it comes to both screen size and Battery. The Ascend Mate comes with a massive 6.1" display which incorporates 'Magic Touch', a technology that allows for users to still operate the phone even when wearing gloves, certainly something to think about with winter coming... Continue reading

Kogan Selling the Black Xperia Z for $539 until Midnight

If you read our Sony Xperia Z Review back in February and thought "I like that phone, but I think it's just a bit expensive at the moment". Well here's your chance to get a really good deal on Sony's current flagship phone. Kogan sent out an email this morning advertising a brilliant offer for the Black Sony Xperia Z, where you can purchase the phone for $539 + $19 delivery, still making this the cheapest price we've seen from retailers yet. The Black Sony Xperia Z is available at the reduced price until Midnight tonight... Continue reading

Google Babel shown off in screenshots again – Android App coming too.

The leaks are beginning to happen a lot faster, possibly indicating an imminent release for the unified messaging service 'Babel'. The name has again been sighted in the screenshot you see above, showing up in a hover-over on a feedback link which asks "What do you think about Babel in Gmail?" so Babel will be integrated into GMail at the very least. The leak comes from a source who claims to work at Google, however they have chosen to remain annonymous and use a generic webmail address to supply the leaks. The screenshots you see show a threaded messaging setup with... Continue reading

Kickstarter: MicroSD Card reader for Android

One of the major problems that a number of the Ausdroid team have with the recent release of phones is the lack of Micro SD Card slot. A recently launched Kickstarter project that was brought to my attention solves that for a lot of users. The Kickstarter project is, put simply a MicroSD card reader for Android phones and tablets. The list of compatible devices is reasonably comprehensive for the early days of the project that reached their funding goal in 48 hours including the Samsung Galaxy S II, S III, Note and... Continue reading

Early build of Facebook Home finds its way onto the internet

If you're looking to get your hands on Facebook Home a tad early, then you can now do so. Thanks to a handy leak, the 3 APKs have been uploaded onto the majestic thing we call the internet for everyone to download and install onto their devices. We're currently unsure of which devices the APKs can be installed on, though it has been successfully tested on a Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4. To get Facebook Home working, just download the launcher, Facebook app, and Facebook Messenger and install them all -- you may need to uninstall... Continue reading

HTC’s profit falls to lowest level on record, One delay to blame

The delay of the HTC One has hit home hard for HTC, with their profits hitting their lowest levels ever at just $2.7 million (AUD) for the last quarter -- a decrease of 98%. Bloomberg reports that this is the sixth straight quarter of profit declines for the company, and at this rate it could be their last quarter to run a profit at all. HTC's revenue fell 38% to $1.54 billion (AUD) this quarter, well below their average of $1.76 billion (AUD). With the delay of the HTC One pushing it back to Q2, HTC are hoping that they... Continue reading