Tuesday , July 26 2016

What’s with all the Bill Murray?

As promised, during July, Ausdroid is going ad-free. Instead of annoying ads, we'll have cute kittens Bill Murray!

If you'd like to be rid of ads on Ausdroid for good, and be rid of Bill Murray on Ausdroid as well, simply click on one of the Bills to be taken to our Patreon page, where you can pledge your support.

Google adds crowd verification for user generated Google Map edits, and with Map Maker still not available in Australia this is the only way to make maps better

Google Maps

In the wake of making it easier for people to add missing features or edit existing places in Google Maps the ‘review’ times for user generated map changes has gone from hours or days to weeks. This is most likely compounded by the Local Guide program that requires you to …

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