Saturday , 30 April 2016
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Android vs iOS debate gets violent


This is actually unbelievable to me and I must admit to being somewhat hugely amused when I read this the first time, I thought it was a comedy article originally in the style of The Onion but from all reports its actually real. Two room mates, discussing the strong points of their preferred mobile operating system over a “few” beverages …

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Home security for less than $1.00 per day.

Cammy Wireless Camera Offer

How would you like to watch over your home, family, pets and possessions at any time from anywhere, right from your Android device? Cammy lets you do this, and it's easy to set up. Sign up today, and receive a FREE Wi-Fi camera on your new subscription.

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OnePlus teases an announcement for what – bet it’s not another Drone.


The first OnePlus phone, the One will reach it’s first birthday this month. In an industry where 12-month life-cycles are standard, that sort of milestone of course means we should be seeing another handset very soon. While OnePlus hasn’t been your traditional company, it seems they have something they want to say – and they’re inviting you to find out …

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Instagram updates its guidelines on nudity and harassment

Instagram For Android

Social Media streams can be a minefield of appropriate and inappropriate content. What defines inappropriate though, at least for Instagram has been made more clear though now, with an update to their guidelines on nudity and harassment. The updated community guidelines looks to make users understand what may or may not be considered harassment within users profiles, picture posts or …

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Now you can collect Android toys – for science!

Collecting Android mini-figures from Dead Zebra has never been more educational with the new ‘…for science’ series that will be launching on April 20th. The new series of themed Android toys has been created in partnership with Google engineer Dan Morrill and feature three extremely well known scientists: Nikola Tesla, Madame Curie and Isaac Newton. The Newton figure will come …

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Cyanogen Inc announces partnership with Microsoft to deliver apps on devices

Cyanogen Inc has taken another step towards fulfilling their intention to ‘take Android from Google’, announcing a new strategic partnership with Microsoft. The partnership will see Microsoft develop integration with Cyanogens version of the OS, as well as the inclusion of Microsoft apps on builds released. The services and apps to be included in future Cyanogen OS builds include Bing …

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Google announces ‘Works with Cardboard’ certification program

Since announcing their entry into the ultra-low end of the VR market with Cardboard at Google I/O last year, Google has been very solidly working on building the platform into something quite meaningful. With the Cardboard platform open sourced, Google is now working to make sure that all cardboard units made by the multitude of manufacturers are made equal with …

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