François Beaufort joins Google as Chromium Evangelist

Frequent Chrome and Chrome OS leaker François Beaufort has announced via Google+ that he has been hired by Google to become an open-source Chromium Evangelist. Beaufort is responsible for recent leaks on important Chrome features such as the new Notification centre and the imminent arrival of Google Now on the desktop. With such a passionate advocate, Google kills two birds with one stone here, they get an absolutely dedicated lover of all things Chrome and ChromeOS as well as the ability to curtail any leaks that could have gone public before Google was ready to announce them. The... Continue reading

HTC issuing software update to improve One’s camera

HTC are pushing the Ultrapixel camera on their 2013 flagship as the best thing to happen to cameras since the lens, but now that the phone is actually in the hands of the internet, many reviews are pointing out that a lot of the photos the One is producing are kind of blurry when zoomed in, thanks to overzealous noise filtering. Thankfully, HTC are aware of the problem, and have put together an update (which should be available to the public in April, Continue reading

Google+ updated with new features

Today Google have updated Google+ on both Android and iOS and have added a number of new features. New stream design (including comment previews and swiping through photo albums inline) Control the volume of posts that you see in your stream from individual circles/communities New app setup flow Filter search results by best or most recent Tell others about a community (by sharing it or sending an invitation) Re-share posts to communities Share your current location on your profile and control who can see it via G+ settings Let’s look at the first one on that list - New stream design. The first thing that I noticed when... Continue reading

Sergey Brin talks Google Glass at TED

Google Glass has popping up more and more over the last month, beginning with a hands-on with Josh Topolsky and then videos appearing with what it's like to look through Glass and then talks at SXSW and now Sergey Brin doing an impromptu talk at the latest TED conference. While there is a note that this is not an official 'TED talk' it is a pretty decent look the idea behind creating Glass. The talk goes for just over thirteen minutes which includes a brief Q & A session at the end. Sergey talks through the design, advising that one... Continue reading

HTC retires ‘Quietly Brilliant’ tagline from advertising

Since adopting the slogan "Quietly Brilliant" back in the early days of Android in 2009, HTC has been quietly slogging away at creating some pretty nice hardware - Let's leave Sense out of this - but that is all about to change with the advertising campaign for the HTC One. Chief Marketing officer for HTC, Benjamin Ho has advised the Wall Street Journal that HTC will be making big changes, the most visible being the removal of the "Quietly Brilliant" tagline from their ads. According to Mr Ho, the Quiet approach is not what is called for and... Continue reading

Older Samsung Galaxy Tablets may be getting Jelly Bean update.

Good news for Samsung Tablet owners, specifially the Galaxy Tab 2 owners with rumours that Samsung is looking into a Jelly Bean update for their tablet. The rumour which originates from SamMobile states that Samsung is looking at updating the tablet to the first Jelly Bean version(Android 4.1.2) before updating to the final(Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version before ending the software update cycle for the tablet completely. Good news also for older Galaxy Tab(GT-P7300/GT-P7500), Galaxy Tab 7.7(GT-P6800) and Galaxy Tab Plus(GT-P6200) owners as well. Apparently Samsung is looking into how Jelly Bean runs on the Tegra 2(T20) processor from the... Continue reading

Google Releases Four New Chrome Ads

Google has unleashed four new Chrome ads on the world. These aren't your usual straightforward sensible ads we've come to expect from the search giant - they're short, sharp 15 second bites of internet frivolity. The ads are thought to be the work of their new ad agency 72andSunny, who are notably also behind Samsung's anti-Apple ads. The ads seem to be pushing the idea that you can jump straight from Chrome on your desktop into Chrome on your tablet/phone without missing a beat, although the breadfish one does have the Ausdroid team stumped (maybe... Continue reading

Steve Kondik, CyanogenMod founder, leaves Samsung, has a few words on TouchWiz

If you've had any experience playing around with custom Android ROMs, then it's likely you've heard of CyanogenMod and its founder, Steve Kondik. As you may also know, Steve went to work at Samsung in August 2011. As announced on his Google+, Steve has left Samsung and appears to be headed to greener pastures in the coming months. There's no word on what/where that may be, but a job at Google would be nice now, wouldn't it. In his post on Google+ he noted that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 hardware is very impressive, even if the... Continue reading

Official HTC One accessories now available

If you've decided that the latest HTC flagship the HTC One will be your 'Next', even though the phone is possibly not due to be released till the end of April, you can now start looking into what accessories you want to buy to go with your next smart phone. The official HTC Accessory store, has added the HTC One to its range of phones with accessories available. On the site you'll find cases and screen protectors specifically designed for the One as well as more generic HTC Accessories such as Beats Headphones and... Continue reading

LG rumoured to be making their own Smart Watch too

If Samsung, Apple, Google and a kickstarter called Pebble can do it, why not a large consumer electronics company like LG? According to a source speaking to the Korea Times, LG has been working on their own piece of wearable technology, getting a touch screen watch ready for release. There is no indication of when the watch will be released however the source advised that The company has spared no efforts to invest in products that it believes are must-haves to stay ahead technology wise in the market, whatever the situation maybe The source also declined to comment... Continue reading

Gameloft releases trading card game Order & Chaos Duels

If you're into trading card games, then you may want to take a look at the newest release from Gameloft - Order & Chaos Duels. This is the latest in the series of Order & Chaos games which began with MMORPG game Order & Chaos Online almost a year ago and the more recent MOBA game Heroes of Order & Chaos. The game is free to download but does contain in-app purchases for you to advance within the game. The game features Single-Player as well as Multi-Player modes to allow you to manage your cards as well... Continue reading

Google Announces Chromebooks now on sale in Australia

After recently advising Ausdroid that they were "looking to bring Chromebooks to more countries very soon"; Google has announced that they will begin selling the Acer C7 and Samsung Series 3 Chromebooks in Australia today, with the HP Pavilion 14 to follow suit soon. In a blog post by Caesar Sengupta, Product Management Director, Chrome OS, Google advises that they will not be selling Chromebooks via Google Play in Australia as they do in the US - they will instead be available at retail through select Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi, who... Continue reading

Xiaomi Mi-3: The Chinese 5″ 1080P race is on

Once again Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is throwing down the gauntlet to the major manufacturers - this time with the Mi-3, the follow on from it's successful and also well spec'd Mi-2. The Mi-3 is not yet official -- we understand that Xiaomi is waiting for Google's I/O event which should see the announcement of Android Key Lime Pie, the Android version the Mi-3 is supposedly launching with. Taking a few design cues from HTC's new flagship handset the HTC One the Mi-3 boasts an impressive 5" 1080p FHD screen running under a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 clocking... Continue reading