Wednesday , June 28 2017

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How to name Android video #3

Remember when Google asked you to help them name Android N? IF you haven’t already submitted your name then the Helpful people over at PNI have more advice fo you. If you don’t have the 30 seconds to watch it I’ll boil it down for you, use Vowels, and letter, …

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HTC Wearable delayed till ‘Fall’

HTC’s long awaited wearable has been delayed yet again, according to noted internet leaker Evan Blass. Evan has been the main source of leaks on the HTC wearable, though others have been supplying supplementary rumours. The last update we had on the rumoured watch was from Evan earlier this month …

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Asus expand their Chromebook line up

Following the announcement that Android apps are coming to ChromeOS we are expecting Chromebooks to become a little more popular with both Android enthusiasts and everyday consumers. While we still haven’t had our first taste of Google Play on Chrome OS anticipation is high that Android Apps on Chrome OS …

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Lifeline Whiteout now available on Google Play

3Minute Games has launched the long awaited new game in their real-time text based adventure series – Lifeline: Whiteout. The Lifeline series began by following the adventures of Taylor in the original Lifeline game and continued Taylors story in the followup Lifeline: Silent Night. 3 Minute Games then switched to …

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