Nexus 7 Video – Google Now

Todays Nexus 7 video is focusing on Google Now. The Google Now feature in Jelly Bean has been an interesting albeit limited feature to start with which I hope to see built over time. Already there are concepts out there as to what other cards could be added to the Google Now platform, some of the interesting ideas I've seen so far have been Package Tracking - Gmail scanned automatically for tracking numbers for parcels and a card pops up. There are third party trackers but a Google Now card would be cool. Stock Prices - Not a bad... Continue reading

More Accessories for the Nexus 7 coming soon?

Yes, that's my dodgy Nexus 7 cover currently but according to a post from from Nordic Hardware that may not be the case(haha) for too much longer, they're showing off some accessories for the Nexus 7 beyond the Dark Grey travel cover we've already seen on the Google Play store which could be available in August. They are advising that there will be a dock for the Nexus 7 to take advantage of the Pogo Pins on the side of the Nexus 7 which will have a 3.5mm headphone jack and microUSB connector for charging(still no HDMI out though)... Continue reading

Optus Launches 4G in Sydney and Perth

Optus today have announced the great news for Sydney and Perth users when they launched their 4G Network. They've released both 4G USB and 4G Wi-Fi hotspot hardware giving access to their brand new 4G as well as the 3G/3g+ networks. Optus' internal testing claims wireless data speeds of up to 200Mbps which is truly astounding and almost certainly attributable in part to their acquisition of Vivid Wireless which gave Optus access to wireless spectrum previously unavailable to them. Promising more around the corner with their network improvements, our source has also noted discussions overheard of "Samsung and HTC 4G phones... Continue reading

ASUS Padfone launches in Australia on August 14 for $999

If you're looking to jump on the ASUS Padfone bandwagon then your time has almost come. On August 14 ASUS will launch the phone + tablet combination here in Australia -- almost a year and a half since it was first announced back in early 2011. For $999 at Harvey Norman you'll get both the 4.3-inch Padfone and the 10.1-inch Padfone Station which only functions when the Padfone is placed inside it. The Padfone is powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU and has a qHD (960x540) AMOLED display, 1GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and an 8MP rear camera. Not... Continue reading

Nexus 7 Video – Google+ Hangouts

Todays Nexus 7 video introduces the Google Hangouts concept to new Nexus 7 owners. The Google+ experience is really good on the Nexus 7 and the Google+ Hangouts function is really quite a smart tool to be pushing. The video shows how to login to Google+ and then start a Hangout, clever marketing to get some more active users on the Google+ social network. We're just working out how to get the news feed for Ausdroid fed into Google+ now so make sure you add +Ausdroid to your Circles. Nexus 7 - Google+ Hangouts Continue reading

Tablet Apps for the Nexus 7

Since the Nexus 7 started arriving in Australia I've been asked a number of times via Twitter, Google+ and in person 'What Apps should I look at for my Nexus 7'? The Nexus 7 is a pretty ground breaking device with that $250-$300 price point and (now) widespread availability, which means that new owners aren't necessarily people who have used Android before and they are looking around at what they can load on their tablets to utilise them to their fullest. If you are new to Android and specifically Jelly Bean we did a review which you may... Continue reading

HTC addresses concerns over the lack of Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Desire HD

The news that the HTC Desire HD will not be getting an update to Ice Cream Sandwich after previously being announced as in line to receive the update has not been met with much love from the owners of the device. The uproar from miffed owners has been loud enough that HTC has been forced to address the issue in much more detail in an update to their blog : We’ve heard your feedback on our decision not to update the HTC Desire HD to Android 4.0. We completely understand that this is a controversial decision. For more background, due... Continue reading

Olympics App roundup

Okay, the Olympics have now started, the Opening Ceremony was on this morning and I as usual didn't watch it, however I'm told by Twitter that there was much Voldemort vs Mary Poppins action going on at least at one stage. Now I've covered most of these before in the Daily App roundup posts or even in their own posts but wanted to have them all in one post so that anyone who hasn't checked those posts out can get find them all in one place. First is the Australian Olympic Team 2012 the official app of the Australian... Continue reading

Google updates Developer page with Jelly Bean factory images for Nexus devices

The factory images page on the Google Developers website has been updated with the stock factory images for the Nexus S(Except Sprint 4G and Korean Version), Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. The images that Google supply on this site makes it dead simple for anyone with a Nexus device to download the factory image and flash it to their phone without waiting for carrier testing, although Vodafone seems to have beaten them to the punch for once, which I'm ecstatic to see. The Nexus 7 image was released very quickly after the tablet was announced however the images... Continue reading

Australian Olympic Team 2012 Android app now available

The Olympics will kick off at 5:30am AEST tomorrow morning on Channel 9 for free to air coverage and you're in for two weeks of excitement hopefully. I've just found the Australian Olympic Team 2012 Android app and wanted to share it with you. The app contains exclusive Australian Team content and details on the Australian athletes. With this app you can be assured that the information will mostly be skewed towards supplying information specifically about the Australian team at the Olympics so probably worth a look. Feature wise it contains : NEWS: daily highlights and photo galleries direct... Continue reading

Transformer Infinity availability in Australia

We're still more than a week out from the launch of the Asus Transformer Infinity but that hasn't stopped the tablet from beginning sales in Austalia. Two stores have confirmed availability of the tablet with MobiCity offering the HD Tablet in Amethyst Grey or Champagne Gold with keyboard dock for $849 with free shipping, whilst Digital Star Computers in Sydney are taking pre-orders for the tablet and keyboard dock at $999 with free shipping and the inclusion of a wireless portable router(ASUS WL-330N3G), they advise stock is due Monday(30th July). The specs on the TF700 are pretty awesome... Continue reading