Thursday , June 30 2016

Google advises Android Lollipop is coming

With rumours circulating that Android Lollipop updates will begin today, Google themselves have just announced that Lollipop is on the way for Nexus devices. US Carrier Sprint first tipped the news this morning, and in a tweet from the Android Twitter account, Google has advised that the rollout has started …

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Grab Lollipop for your 2012 Nexus 7 now

Sick of seeing your mates with their new devices with Lollipop on, or seeing their developer previews on Nexus 5, Nexus 7 etc while your ageing Nexus 7 (2012) is still chugging along with Kitkat? Despair no longer, Android Police have posted a couple of links for downloading what appears …

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LG G Watch R — Review

We first heard rumours that LG would bring a round Android Wear watch back in August, when the Moto 360‘s release date was still unknown. We already heard from a reader who imported a unit, but still couldn’t wait to get a proper review unit of our own. The mercifully …

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Lollipop now lets you view Flag Emoji

swiftkey beta emoji

Emoji was first introduced to Android back in Android 4.1, when Google first added the cute Android characters to the platform. It’s taken a while longer to get keyboards supporting it, but Android users have taken to emoji like ducks to water. Fast forward to the launch of lollipop and …

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Oneplus pre-orders: Round 2

After a frustrating first attempt at pre-orders, followed by an apology, as well as a promise of a do-over on pre-orders, Oneplus are set to open the flood gates and accept pre-orders once again. The second pre-order window will open on the 17th of November in the USA (VERY AM, …

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