Samsung to announce Galaxy S III this month, launch in April, says ZDNet

A report from ZDNet Korea, citing market sources, says that Samsung are going to announce their next-generation Galaxy S III (or S3) later this month and we'll see a global launch during April. A month turn-around is much better than last years wait between announcement and staggered launch of the Galaxy S II. Rumoured specs of the Galaxy S III include: 4.8-inch 1920x1080 (fHD) Super AMOLED HD + Display 1.5GHz Exynos 5250 Quad-Core CPU Android 4.0 8MP Rear / 2MP Front Cameras 4G LTE 7mm in thickness I said I would never jump on board if the screen was 4.8-inches, that resolution would easily sway... Continue reading

Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy Note headed to Optus, Virgin in mid-March

Our tipster has sent us through confirmation of the Galaxy Note on Optus in the form of the Allphone catalogue. The device is indeed launching in mid-March on Optus' $79 cap. Virgin will also be picking up the device around about the same time, no doubt on a pricing scheme to undercut Optus. For that price, are there still any of our readers that will be jumping on board? Continue reading

Beats Audio for any rooted Gingerbread phone

A very clever developer over at XDA (fuss132) has worked out a way to port the Beats Audio advanced equaliser software, normally exclusive to some HTC phones, to any rooted phone running Gingerbread. Beats Audio is an advanced software equaliser producing more clarity and natural sounds, however the improvement will be dependent on the quality of the music and the headphones used. This is especially exciting news for any HTC Sensation owners jealous of the Sensation XE and XL released soon after with Beats Audio. To add Beats Audio to your phone you'll need to... Continue reading

Rumour: Optus and Virgin have a Galaxy Note release date of mid-March, free on $79 cap (update!)

Confirmed: We have confirmation that Optus and Virgin Mobile will be launching the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Release date is mid-March. We've received a tip off that Optus and Virgin Mobile are planning to release the Samsung Galaxy Note in the middle of this month. The tipster said that pricing is set at $0 on a $79 cap, which to us seems a little high for Virgin but we'll see how it plays out. We were also informed that Allphones will be selling the Galaxy Note outright at the same time, but haven't locked in a price at this... Continue reading

Sony LT29i ‘Hayabusa’ benchmark teases Snapdragon S4 CPU, on-screen buttons

A new benchmark of a Sony Mobile device has risen from the depths of the internet.. well, from NenaMark at least. The device is the LT29i, which Xperia Blog reports is codenamed 'Hayabusa'. A Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 is expected to be the 1.5GHz (dual-core) CPU behind the LT29i, mainly due to the fact the benchmarks records an Adreno 225 GPU on board the device. Xperia Blog are speculating that the CPU will be the MSM8960 which is also the CPU behind the upcoming HTC One XL on Telstra. The last interesting tid-bit from the benchmark is the screen resolution.... Continue reading

Sony Xperia S will begin shipping from MobiCity on the 6th

Keen to get your hands on the Xperia S? Well MobiCity, along with other online retailers, have confirmed that they'll be receiving and shipping out stock from the 6th of March. The time between the announcement of the device at CES and a launch on March 6th is a stark contrast to the 6 months or so it took Sony Ericsson to launch the Xperia X10 back in the day. The starting price is $699 a pop with free delivery (insured. tracked.), though you can be sure to see a price drop a few weeks after launch... Continue reading

Telstra confirm they’ll be launching two HTC One devices, we suspect it’ll be the One S alongside the One XL

Telstra, in an email to Delimiter, confirmed that they'll be launching not one, but two HTC One series devices. We already know that the first will be the HTC One XL as they've already opened expressions of interest, however, the second remains a mystery. We're going to speculate that the second device will be the HTC One S mainly due to it being a mid-range device with fairly high-end specs and suits Telstra's range of devices better than the One V. We're inclined to think that the One V will head to Vodafone as it will be... Continue reading

HTC One X render shows a possible release date of April 2nd in Sydney

I was just browsing the HTC Australia website when I noticed the date and location on the HTC One X was different to that of the other devices. It says "Mon, Apr 2 - Sydney" -- after taking a look at the trusty ol' calendar, the 2nd of April is indeed a Monday. Will we see the HTC One X launching on that date? Quite possibly, yes. What carrier will it be launching on? Our bets are on Optus, as they've been giving a few hints and teases over the past few days. Continue reading

This is how the menu button will appear on HTC’s new devices

If you were wondering how the menu button would appear on HTC's new range of 'One' series devices, be confused no more. MoDaCo have taken some screenshots that show that the menu button will appear as an on-screen button when the app needs it (ie. a majority of the time). Most of the feedback so far seems to be that this is the stupidest implementation ever and we tend to agree. Why couldn't HTC just add the button to the capacitive line up below the display? Surely this would have saved screen real-estate. What do you guys think? Continue reading

Samsung have sold over 2 million Galaxy Notes, wants to sell another 8 million before the end of 2012

If you thought that the Galaxy Note wasn't going to be a success for Samsung, you'd be dead wrong. Forbes has reported that Samsung have sold over 2 million of the devices since it first launched and they're planning to have sold another 8 million on top of that before the end of this year. Samsung have certainly found an area of the market -- 5.3-inch phones/tablets -- that wasn't covered with the correct product and have filled that space perfectly. Vodafone have confirmed they will be selling the Galaxy Note in the coming weeks or months,... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II wins ‘best smartphone’ award at MWC 2012, over 20 million sold

Well how about that, the GSMA (the group that runs Mobile World Congress) have announced the winners of the many awards they hand out each year at MWC. The most notable winner is the Samsung Galaxy S II which won for Best Smartphone -- Samsung also won for Device Manufacturer of the Year. The award comes off the back of Samsung announcing that they have sold over 20,000,000 Galaxy S II devices. Here's what the GSMA Judge had to say about the device: "A phenomenal success around the world, this has outperformed all its Android rivals and demonstrated the... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G on Telstra will receive Android 4.0, release date unknown

We've been sent this internal document detailing the newly-released Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G from a kind tipster. The document really just lists all the specs and why it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, however, the interesting part for us is that Telstra has confirmed an update for Android 4.0 will be available for the device at some point in time. Samsung haven't announced any updates for global versions of the Galaxy Tab 8.9, so the update isn't going to occur in the extremely near future. What this does do, is provide piece of mind to... Continue reading

Optus are also about to start network testing Samsung Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update

Optus have just confirmed with us via email that they are about to start network testing the Android 4.0.3 update for the Samsung Galaxy S IIl. This means that all the major carriers are about to be in the testing stage and a late April release date seems to be on the table. Vodafone might be the first out of the gate since they are keen on keeping customers happy, and Telstra have to 'NextG Optimise' their device. There you have it, Galaxy S II owners, now you can stop hounding me about the update ;) Continue reading