Saturday , July 30 2016

What’s with all the Bill Murray?

As promised, during July, Ausdroid is going ad-free. Instead of annoying ads, we'll have cute kittens Bill Murray!

If you'd like to be rid of ads on Ausdroid for good, and be rid of Bill Murray on Ausdroid as well, simply click on one of the Bills to be taken to our Patreon page, where you can pledge your support.

HTC RE Camera — Review

HTC announced the tiny, portable and decidedly odd-shaped Re camera at its October Double Exposure event in New York. The RE represents the company’s first step away from its core smartphone product line in a long time, a move to market a more mainstream consumer electronics product. For today’s Australian …

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Ausdroid Podcast 128 – Firing up the Scott Plowman Rage Generator 3000

AD - Podcast Draft

Welcome to episode 128 of the Ausdroid podcast! As you might guess from the episode title, Scott’s back and he’s unimpressed. And he has a lot to be unimpressed about this week, with Telstra, OnePlus, Cyanogen, Google and a few random Nexus devices all coming in for some well-deserved criticism. …

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Google releases Android Studio 1.0 for all developers – now the official Integrated Development Environment

After releasing version of Android Studio to the Canary channel late last month, yesterday, Google released Android Studio 1.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux to all developers. Google has also named Android studio as the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android going forward. The release of Android Studio to …

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