Thursday , September 29 2016

How to add your international friends to Allo


So you’ve installed Google’s new single device messaging app Allo, you’ve played with the awesome Google Assistant and you’ve added all of your technologically compliant friends onto the platform. But now you’re ready to expand your horizons across the sea and add your international friends into the conversation. But how …

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Google Allo — Review


Google released their new messaging client Allo today, it’s a smarter messaging client than we’ve seen previously incorporating their new Google Assistant into it. Google Assistant will eventually be the smart brain behind your phone, tablet, car and even your home, but for now, the only way to get it …

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YouTube introduce Heroes, YouTube’s version of Local Guides, with additional moderation tools, exclusive offers and a 5 tier level system


YouTube has long been criticised for being at the bottom of the barrel from the perspective of comments and community interaction. That’s not to say that there haven’t been some great communities built in YouTube but there are an overtone of low-quality, trollish or outright inappropriate comments to be found. …

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