Thursday , March 23 2017

Ausdroid's News

Telstra Blocking Updates, Again

Telstra are very particular about their network. Maybe that’s why they do have the best network around but unfortunately it means that Telstra users often receive updates later than others. So far it seems that no one in Australia, using a Telstra SIM in a Google Pixel phone has received …

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Synaptics Announces Optical-based Fingerprint Sensors

Everyone loves fingerprint sensors on their devices but not everyone loves the look of them. In what should be a boon for innovative, button-free phone design, Synaptics have today announced an optical fingerprint sensor that can perform high resolution scanning through glass up to 1 millimetre thick. The Synaptics sensor …

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New Pokémon Arrive On Pokémon Go

Last week Niantic and the Pokémon company announced that more creatures were coming to Pokémon Go and we would find out on December 12. Today is December 12, somewhere. New Pokémon are scheduled to start appearing today. What this means for those of you who are out to catch them …

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ASUS C202 Chromebook — Australian Review

I have an admission to make here. I haven’t really used Chrome OS before, so I don’t have a Chromebook, ChromeBit or a Chrome desktop. Like many, I mainly use my MacBook or Mac Mini, though I am familiar enough with Windows as well. Sure, I have been into JB …

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