Rumour: HTC M8 Ace

Blurrycam strikes again! The team over at evleaks have their hands on another image of a potential new device coming from HTC, the M8 Ace. Pretty much nothing is known about this device other than the blurry render you see in the tweet below. What do you think the Ace will be, share your theory with us Continue reading

HTC Marketing the One (M8)

It looks like HTC are starting to understand the market. You don't just need to have a great product, you need to market your great product for it to sell well. Enter Iron Man Robert Downey Jr! The video below doesn't tell you heaps about the HTC One M8, but it's clear that Robert loves it and it's got some awards to be extremely proud of at MWC, Best Design and Best Build. It's one of those videos that will lay the seed for more (lets hope) to come from a marketing standpoint from HTC. Is... Continue reading

Good Deal: Moto G $238 at Officeworks

The Moto G is a great phone, in fact; in our review Chris said that if he didn't have a Nexus 5 it's the phone he'd buy. A pretty solid wrap from someone who is quite firm in his standpoint on what a phone should and should not be. It's a very good phone for sub $300, but for $238 which is the current price outright for the Moto G at Officeworks; it's a steal. If you're looking for a new phone and can't afford a flagship, or you're looking to get your Mum a new smartphone... Continue reading

Inside the Design: Creating the HTC One (M8)

HTC have released a video outlining the thought processes and giving viewers an inside view, to the thought processes the team went through in designing the HTC One (M8). Everything from following the idea but developing last years model, the process behind the curved back, the want for a solid construction but a smooth feel are covered. It's quite a charming video with a personal touch to it from some people inside HTC that would otherwise remain silent in the marketing world. It's only two and a half minutes making it worth the watch. Does the video... Continue reading

PSA:Google Play Gift Cards on Sale at Woolworths from the 9th of April

With Woolworths losing their exclusivity on Google Play Gift Cards, and the cards now available in more stores, the sales can begin, and it's the encumbent who is making the first move. Woolworths is advertising 10% off their range of Gift Cards, including Google Play Gift Cards from tomorrow, the 9th of April until Tuesday the 15th of April. As well as Google Play Gift Cards, the 10% discount also applies to Best Restaurants, Event Cinemas, RedBalloon, Facebook, Kathmandu, Freedom, MyFun, City Beack and Club Penguin gift cards purchased from Woolworths during this period. While 10% is nice, with more... Continue reading

PSA: Redeem your Google Play Credit from Nestlé Australia by May 31st or lose it.

Just when you thought that the Google/Nestlé Australia KitKat promotion was over there's just one more thing as a certain tech company likes to say at their launches. This afternoon, Nestlé Australia began sending out emails to entrants in their promotion to remind them that their Google Play vouchers won during the competition would expire on the 31st of May. The email also advises that the credit once activated will last until the 31st of January 2015 : Good Afternoon, We are sending you this email as you were one of the lucky winners of our KIT KAT Android promotion... Continue reading

Rdio and Crackle add more content for you to Chromecast

Once the Google Chromecast Developer SDK was finally released for official builds, there has been a pretty constant stream (see what I did there?) of new content that you can play through your Chromecast. Now Rdio, Vudu and Crackle are adding the the ever growing list of content providers with their streaming services. Each of the mentioned services have published updates for their apps (both Android and iOS versions) that now have support for Chromecast streaming. For services that have a web platform, you're able to push content easily to... Continue reading

Has HTC turned the corner?

Following what can only be described as a disastrous two (or so) years financially for HTC, with declining sales, turning to declining profits to operating losses. While it's not yet the pot of gold that they're looking for, HTC have posted their latest earnings report which detailed around a US$1bn turnover and an operating loss of roughly US$64 million. Yeah, that's pretty gloomy still but it's certainly better than over US$100 Million operating losses which they suffered last year and their sales figures are on the up, likely a by-product of the release of the Continue reading

No podcast tonight…

We deeply regret the announcement that due to a number of factors, there will be no Ausdroid Podcast tonight. However! You can join us tomorrow night for the usual chatter about the latest news in the Android world as Jason, Dan and myself welcome our friend; Phil Nickinson from Android Central to the show once again. We'll be discussing a whole bunch of Android related news and gossip and comparing notes on the latest flagships from HTC and Samsung; the One (M8) and the Galaxy S5. So don't despair, we've not abandoned you; we're just... Continue reading

Window to register for a chance to go to Google IO expands to four days and moves to next week

The window to register your interest to attend Google IO in June was supposed to open up in the early hours of tomorrow morning, and be open for two days according to the announcement made on the Google Developers blog last month. But the Google Developers Google+ account has just advised the window will now be open longer, but will not open till next week. The post on Twitter links to the Google Developers Google+ page and advises the extended period that expressions of interest will be accepted for and the new dates : Remember that winning this lottery doesn't... Continue reading

Rumour: Telstra getting ready to launch the Sony Xperia Z2 on $70 per month Accelerate plan

It looks like Telstra could be about to launch the long-awaited Sony Xperia Z2. The national carrier has apparently accidentally let the cat out of the bag by releasing two online ads naming the handset on their $70 per month Accelerate plans. The two ads showed up on, with one a banner ad at the top of the page: While the other showed up further down the page in the side-bar : Both ads directed to the Telstra website, but to a non-working page, which brings up an error saying 'Oops. We can't connect you with that... Continue reading

OnePlus talks about the upgrade to Snapdragon 801 and lists 3GB of RAM

The OnePlus motto of 'Never Settle' is actually looking pretty rosy right now. The company initially announced a Snadpdragon 800 processor for their phone, they recently quietly changed the specs, upping that to a Snapdragon 801. But they never publicly said anything about the change....until now. OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau has updated the OnePlus forums with a post on why they have decided to not settle on the Snapdragon 800 and instead opted for the more powerful higher clocked Snapdragon 801. The Snapdragon 801(8974AC) in the OnePlus One will be clocked at 2.5GHz to appease almost all the power hungry... Continue reading

Motorola seems to be out to troll everyone with the name of their Moto X successor

The Motorola Moto X has only just launched here in Australia, but we already knew back in February when they announced it was on its way that they were working on a successor and the name looks set to troll a lot of companies. For a start it seems like the name 'One' has been used by a lot of companies in the last couple of years: Xbox One, Fitbit One, HTC One, with HTC getting a double shot with the HTC One X+, and of course the OnePlus One is about to launch. But all that... Continue reading