Saturday , March 25 2017

Ausdroid's News

Capcom releases 1942 Mobile for Android

Now that Geoff is no longer with Ausdroid I am comfortable taking the title of old man Ausdroid. It may have been a long time ago, but I still remember that far too much of my youth was spent playing what we thought at the time were amazing video games. …

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Motorola testing Moto Z 2017, leaks not required

‘Tis the season of leaks, and many of them no doubt originate from the manufacturers themselves. Motorola though have decided on a different tack leaking their upcoming flagship in such plain sight that it is hardly a leak at all. Many providers are publicly testing their 5G networks using upcoming …

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Emoji just got lazy thanks to G Board

Hipsters rejoice, G Board just made your task of communicating in only emoji and random images even easier by having G Board recognise words and offer suitable emoji for you to send to your similarly incoherent and illiterate friends. As the update for G Board rolls out you’ll start seeing …

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Huawei Nova Plus — Australian Review

There’s a lot of options in the mobile space these days, and in the last few years, those options have grown a lot thanks to new entrants from China. Huawei is a brand that is quickly growing in brand recognition, and while they don't always release phones to compete with …

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ pass through the FCC

What would a day in March be without a second Samsung Galaxy S8 and/or S8+ rumour or leak? This morning we reported on the price and colour availability of them and now the day’s second Galaxy S8/S8+ leak has arrived courtesy of the FCC and it’s public listings. The Galaxy …

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