Google Opinion Rewards now available in Australia

If you're willing to fill in a survey or two in exchange for credit in Google Play, then Google Opinion Rewards is for you. The app is now available in Australia, as well as Canada and the UK. It's a fairly simple process, download the App and sign-in using your Google account. You're taken through an initial setup process and sample survey to get you started. Once Google has a survey to send to you, you will receive a notification in your Notification Pane and you simply tap on it to start the process. If you haven't got any surveys to... Continue reading

Long live the Shelfie

While Gmail Shelfie was one of the more light-hearted April Fool's jokes this year, it seems that people rather liked the idea of sharing their themes with others, and Google has listened. Users who log into the Gmail Web interface will be faced with a popup telling you that the theme-sharing function is staying, and is now a "custom theme" which only takes a few moments to setup and can make you Gmail a much more personal experience. You can also share your custom themes with your friends and family if you wish through Gmail, Google+ or by simply grabbing... Continue reading

Source Code for HTC One M8 available on HTC Dev

Now available on HTC Dev, you can grab the kernel source code for the HTC One M8. This is for both the Sense 6 version of the device for a variety of international carriers as well as the Google Play edition of the phone which we sadly won't see in Australia (at least, not officially). Developers and hackers will be thrilled to see this source code as it's going to give the third party ROMs a shot in the arm for the new generation of flagships, no doubt it won't be long before we see nightly builds... Continue reading

Google Play Gift cards begin showing up at more stores

Google Play Gift Cards are rolling out to more retailers now, expanding availability to more people. They have now been spotted at Coles as we previously reported, but have now been confirmed at Target, JB Hifi, Australia Post and Officeworks. At this stage, Google can't confirm the exact locations they will show up at yet; with the Google Play Gift Card, 'Where to buy' page still only listing Woolworths, Woolworths Fuel, Big W and 7eleven as the places to buy them. With this in mind, we've gone on the hunt for them ourselves, as well as thanks to Continue reading

Blackberry updates its BBM app – Brings new features to users

Blackberry has announced that an upgrade to its BBM messaging service app which brings a whole new raft of features users have been wanting the Canadian company to bring. BlackBerry has launched stickers for its messaging app, similar to what is currently available through some other messaging apps for a while now. The Canadian company is also opening a new BBM Shop where users can pick up a variety of sticker packs (most containing 20-25 icons each) now for $1.99 or less, with more expected to come on a regular basis. The update also brings the ability to share photos... Continue reading

Drop testing the new flagships, solid build on both sides

It happens every time there's a new phone out or very close to being released, some bugger gets hold of the phone and drops it repeatedly until it breaks. This time the team at TechSmartt got their hands on a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 and compared it to its older sibling, the Galaxy S4. Both phones held up extremely well to the "simulation" tests and required being dropped from a height of about 10 feet before there was any damage that would be detrimental to the functionality of the device. They also did a similar... Continue reading

Galaxy S5 Mini specs purportedly leaked

After a UserAgent Profile(UAProf) for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini was supposedly spotted last month. There wasn't much included except for CPU Speed and the resolution of screen, now SAMMobile are reporting they have some more specs for the SM-G800. For a start the phone will come with a 4.5" 720×1280 resolution Super AMOLED display, very much an improvement over the disappointing qHD resolution of last years Galaxy S4 Mini. The type of processor still hasn't been named but is rumoured to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad-Core, and if the UAProf for the SM-G800 is... Continue reading

Google testing new Gmail app

It looks like Google are testing a new Gmail app for Android and from what I can tell there are some nice changes heading our way. As with most Google updates these days this one is bringing with it a new user interface which includes a coloured Action Bar as seen on several of Google’s other apps including the recently updated Google Keep. It’s not just about the interface though with a few useful features added into the mix as well. There are a few new tabs including Travel, Purchases... Continue reading

Google Keep updated with new interface and searchable images

Today is Google’s regular day for updates and there are a few headed our way. One of those is for Google Keep which has a few nice little changes, nothing ground breaking, but nice all the same. The change you will probably notice straight away is the new user interface. Although this is mostly just a few minor tweaks, with the exception of a new yellow Action Bar, I really like the direction Google is heading with the UI. The other changes being made is the ability to search text within images, new list settings that control where new and... Continue reading

Samsung announces the Galaxy Tab4 series with 7″, 8″ and 10.1″ screen sizes

Samsung has overnight announced their fourth generation Galaxy Tab series of tablets - the Galaxy Tab4 7.0, Galaxy Tab4 8.0 and the Galaxy Tab4 10.1. The tablets have been expected ever since their appearance on the Gear Fit microsite as compatible with the fitness band. Before you start getting excited for high-end devices, it is bests to remember that the Galaxy Tab range are what's considered their 'budget' range. But there's some decent specs here: All three screen sizes on offer come in WXGA (1280x800) resolution, there's microSD card expansion slots on all the tablets offering a way to... Continue reading

Google releases Android distribution figures for March 2014

Luckily these weren't released yesterday. Google has released the Android distribution figures for March 2014 based on Android devices running Android 2.2 accessing Google Play in the 7-day period ending on April 1, 2014. So, how does it look? Well, as far as getting devices up towards the most current version of Android, the news is good. Froyo, Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich all experienced dips in their distribution on devices. Jelly Bean which ranges from Android 4.1, across Android 4.2 and 4.3 saw a mixed result, with Android 4.1 and 4.3 seeing a drop in usage, while 4.2 gained. KitKat... Continue reading

Good deal: Pick up a Galaxy S5 for $798 shipped

If you think the outright cost of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a little steep at $929, but you still really want to purchase the device outright, you might like to have a look at Melbourne-based Millennius. Millennius is currently advertising the device in Black or White for $779 plus shipping - $19, via Express Courier. There are a couple of caveats, but nothing that should stop you in your tracks. Firstly, the big one: It's not Australian stock. Millennius is importing the units from overseas, and offers a 1-year warranty. Secondly, because they're being imported, your... Continue reading

Google set to improve camera app

Google have been talking about cameras on smartphones for a while now and back in February 2013 Vic Gundotra had this to say about the Nexus range We are committed to making Nexus phones insanely great cameras I think most of us will agree that the Nexus 5 doesn't have the best smartphone camera out there, but it was an improvement over their previous offerings. The next step for Google looks to be an improved camera app and they may even release it into the Play Store. This all make a lot of sense to me and would continue with... Continue reading