Friday , July 28 2017

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Rumor: Nexus Prime – Info by Poem

In the continuing avalanche of information, rumours and outright fabrications regarding the upcoming Nexus Prime more information has come to everyone’s attention via Twitter. A US tweeter known as The Panda King who has an uncanny knack for predicting launches, specs and general information regarding some phones (so much so, …

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CM7 on HP Touchpad – Another step forward!

We’re close, VERY close! The CyanogenMod team now have the Android Market, accelerometer, sound and Wifi working on the HP Touchpad. The tablet itself is now functional, ports of various apps are not yet working (such as youtube as mentioned in the above video) but they’re working on this too. …

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Amazon Appstore now available for Australians

Without any fanfare or announcements it seems the Amazon Appstore is now available to Australians without the need for proxies, VPNs or dodgy overseas addresses. To install the Amazon Appstore on your phone and start taking advantage of the famous ‘Free App of the Day’, head on over to the …

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GameStop US working on an Android Gaming Tablet

Earlier this week I saw an article on which quoted Tony Bartel the President of GameStop in the US as saying that they are working on re-branding an existing Android Tablet, that would sell alongside Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Apple. The re-branded tablet will initially ship with a modest …

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