Fireballs in the Sky — Track meteorites with your Android

Curtin University's Department of Applied Geology has been working on something exciting in outback Australia, and it has to do with meteorites, fireballs, and trying to understand our origins. Heavy stuff. Firstly, let's take a look at what they're trying to achieve, and then, how they're going to achieve it. The project Meteorites are the oldest rocks in existence: the only surviving physical record of the formation and evolution of the solar system. They sample hundreds of different heavenly bodies. Potentially, meteorites offer a direct route to understanding our origins. But to decode that record we need to know where... Continue reading

Chromecast App now available to Australian users in Google Play

There are plenty of imported Google Chromecast dongles already in Australia, but Google is yet to officially sell them outside of the US. That may be about to change, as the Chromecast App has just landed in the Australian Google Play store. This could very well point to an imminent release for the device in Australia. Google's description from the store: Chromecast is the easiest way to enjoy online video and anything from the web on your TV. Plug it into any HDTV and control it with your existing smartphone, tablet, or laptop. No remotes required. Cast your favorites... Continue reading

Galaxy Note 3 sim restriction – Asia and Australia stock

Earlier today we confirmed that Galaxy Note 3 stock sourced from Europe and the Americas are only able to be used with a sim card from their respective regions. While this does limit our options for purchasing a grey import, the greatest impact for Australian users will be if Asia Pacific handsets are subject to the same regional sim card restrictions, forcing owners to pay expensive global roaming rates when traveling to other regions rather than a cheaper local sim. The Note 3 is not released in Australia until 3 October so we were unable to confirm... Continue reading

Nexus 7 (2013) finally lands on the Play Store for Australia

Australian Android fans have woken to some welcome and overdue news this morning. The Nexus 7 (2013) has arrived on the Play Store in all its glory, available for purchase right now. On the Play Store listing, the Nexus 7 is available in the three configurations we already knew about, as below: 16GB WiFi only model for $299 32GB WiFi only model for $339 32GB WiFi and LTE for $439 All these options include free shipping for a limited time. The Nexus 7 Sleeve (a neoprene arrangement that looks rather special) is also now available, but at a price of $39.95, there may... Continue reading

Google Australia looking to buy part of Sydney’s Monorail

I know this is not Android news as such, but it is still somewhat interesting and perhaps a little outlandish. The Sydney Morning Herald, is reporting that the company that is dismantling and demolishing Sydney's former Monorail, Metropolitan Demolitions, has been approached by Google Australia to purchase one of the former monorail sets that used to zip around Sydney CBD for 25 years, as a meeting room in their building at Darling Harbour which they will share with FairFax directly. Nick Giannikouris, Director of Metropolitan Demolitions, the company who has been appointed by the NSW Government to demolish and decommission the... Continue reading

Google to expand Gift Card availability to Australia, Canada, Japan and beyond

We've recently seen a form of Google Play Gift Cards roll out in Australia in a limited capacity in what appears to be an exclusive arrangement with Telstra that gives a $50 Gift Card to new contract holders. New job listings from Google show that they're looking to expand Gift Cards not only to Australia, but Canada and beyond. The first advertisement on the Google Jobs page is for a Mountain View, CA based position - a Retail Partner Manager, with 'Knowledge of Canadian and/or Australian markets and retail landscape' and mentions that 'Experience in gift card... Continue reading

Ausdroid Exclusive: Virgin Mobile pulling out of third-party retail stores, focusing on their in-store experience

Ausdroid Exclusive Virgin Mobile have confirmed to Ausdroid that they are changing their focus in Australia, but they are not pulling out from the Australian market. Quite the contrary. How did this start? Overnight we received an interesting rumour via our anonymous tip facility. Some of these tips have been -- in the past -- a bit questionable, and when we saw this one, well we thought it was of the same elk. I mean really, a rumour that Virgin Mobile were pulling out of the Australian market? We had to check this for ourselves. So off to the local Continue reading

Google Announces Chromebooks now on sale in Australia

After recently advising Ausdroid that they were "looking to bring Chromebooks to more countries very soon"; Google has announced that they will begin selling the Acer C7 and Samsung Series 3 Chromebooks in Australia today, with the HP Pavilion 14 to follow suit soon. In a blog post by Caesar Sengupta, Product Management Director, Chrome OS, Google advises that they will not be selling Chromebooks via Google Play in Australia as they do in the US - they will instead be available at retail through select Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi, who... Continue reading

ACMA on Australian Smartphone and Tablet Usage

Over the last few months, The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have been releasing their "Communications 2011-2012" series of research reports, looking at the many different ways we Australians use the Internet. The third and final report of the series was released recently, and looks at the take-up and use of smartphones and tablets in Australia. The report looks in-depth at the different ways Australians use their smartphones, as well as the various infrastructure developments over the past 12 months. While a lot of what the report tells us isn't exactly breaking news (smartphone ownership... Continue reading

Opinion: Why is Google leaving Australia behind?

Allan O'Rourke, Guest Writer While casually running through and continually playing with my newly acquired Nexus devices, the more I use them, the more I realise that these devices aren't targeted at me. But why? How could this be? I use as many Google services as I can because I like the products, the look and feel and the open platform that Google tends to lean towards. However, I just can't shake this feeling that Google seems to care less about me than other people. I sat and thought long and hard about what could be... Continue reading

An Australian-made Android tablet for under $300? Sure.

A couple of days ago we received an email from a company called aussiePADS, telling us that they are busy developing a new, Australian-made Android tablet based on the 1.6GHz Samsung Exynos 4 quad-core processor. For those of you playing at home, you'll realise this is the very same chip inside the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note II. This is one powerful System on a Chip (SoC) and aussiePADS are building a tablet based on this. Not only will it feature an Exynos 4, but we're told it will feature the following specs: Mali-400... Continue reading

Ausdroid comes back to Australia — enjoy faster access!

For the last 18 months or so, Ausdroid has been served to you from - of all places - California, in the United States of America. We've used Linode for our server hosting for quite some time now, and while it has served us well, it's time to come home. Linode has served us well, but it has pained us a great deal that despite being Australia's #1 Android news site... our news is served from overseas. Well, no more. As of last evening, Ausdroid is now being served to you fresh, and at lightning speed, from the Equinix... Continue reading

Checking out with Google Wallet

One of the coolest (and hence, most hyped) uses of NFC would have to be the use of it for contactless payments.Just like your MasterCard or Visa card with PayPass or payWave. The most widely known example of using your phone as your wallet is probably Google’s Wallet app. After installing it on your Android phone, you’re all set to tap away. But the problem with Google Wallet is that Google wants to control the whole experience, so you can only install it officially on a handful of devices, has only integrated tightly with Citibank, and so only a handful of customers... Continue reading