HTC One X available for pre-order now on Vodafone, in stores on Tuesday — $0 on $59 plan

The HTC One X is a hotly anticipated device, second only to that other Samsung phone, and now you can order it from Vodafone if they're your carrier of choice. It's available right now for pre-order online, or you can wait until Tuesday and purchase it in one of Vodafone's stores. The One X is available for $0 upfront on Vodafone's $59 cap over two years -- 1.5GB of data and infinite calls and text included. Will you be getting one? Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 now available from Optus for $0 on $49 plan

If you're a fan of Optus and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, you'll be happy to know the two are now available as one -- a beautiful partnership, I know. You can grab yourself a 16GB 3G model from Optus on their Optus Tablet Plans -- if you want it for free you're going to have to fork out $49 a month. The $49 plan comes with 4GB of mobile data which is more than enough for each month of use. If this deal and the many more offered by Optus tickle your fancy, then head over to... Continue reading

Vodafone the first carrier to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, available now!

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is legally allowed to be sold in Australia thanks to the High Court ruling, Vodafone is wasting no time in getting stock out the door. They're taking online orders right now and if you get in before the 16th of December you'll get it delivered before Christmas -- this being the main reason why Vodafone is pushing it now. It has been almost 6 months since we originally found out that Vodafone were to stock the Galaxy Tab 10.1, however, Apple had to come and ruin postpone the party. Pricing... Continue reading

Galaxy Nexus available from MobiCity starting on Wednesday 23rd of November

MobiCity have told our own Daniel Tyson via Twitter that they're expecting their first batch of Samsung Galaxy Nexus stock to be available on the 23rd of this month -- this Wednesday -- followed by a second batch on the 29th. If you preordered your Galaxy Nexus early from the folk at MobiCity you'll receive yours in the first and second batches and new orders being fulfilled after the backlog of preorders has been dealt with. The Galaxy Nexus is going for $799 which is on par with Kogan, however, MobiCity are throwing in 24 months of... Continue reading

HTC Sensation XE and Sensation XL available from Vodafone today, $0 and $5 on $59 cap respectively

The last two members of the HTC Sensation family, the Sensation XE (left) and Sensation XL (right), are now available for purchase from Vodafone starting today. The Sensation XE is a pumped up version of the original Sensation with a new 1.5GHz Dual-Core CPU and full Beats Audio integration including a free pair of urBeats™ worth a hefty $149. If you're up for getting a Sensation XE on Vodafone's 24 month caps you'll get it for free on their $59 cap, or free on their $85 Infinite Plan. The Sensation XL is a massive 4.7-inch beast with a... Continue reading

Motorola RAZR now available from Optus stores starting today

For those of you who have been hanging out to get your hands on the Motorola RAZR to 'try before you buy', that time has come! Optus now have the RAZR in stores for you to play with and purchase if so desire. If you haven't yet read our review of the RAZR we highly recommend you do before you jump in. Here's the plans you can get the RAZR on:   $19 $29 $49 $59 $79 Repayments $17 $14 $7 $0 $0 Cost /mo $36/mo $43/mo $56/mo $59/mo $79/mo Credit $70 $180 $550 $750 $900 Data 100MB 200MB 1.5GB 2GB 3GB Accessories that come with the Motorola RAZR for free on Optus' $79 cap: HD Multimedia Dock 18W Power Supply HDMI Cable Motorola Android BT Keyboard Motorola BT Mouse Active Car Cradle and... Continue reading

HTC EVO 3D available in stores from Vodafone on 14th September, Telstra on 20th September

We've finally got confirmation of the in-store release dates for the HTC EVO 3D on both Vodafone and Telstra. The former (Voda) being this Wednesday, the 14th of September, and the latter (Telstra) being next Tuesday, the 20th of September. Basic pricing from Vodafone is $5/mo on their $65 Infinite Plan -- Telstra will be offering it for $23/mo on their $59 Freedom Connect Plan. No confirmed date for in-store release on Crazy John's. Continue reading

HTC EVO 3D available from Telstra right now for online orders, $23/mo on $59 plan, $912 outright

HTC's first 3D device is now available for purchase via Telstra's online store. The EVO 3D is being pushed by Telstra on their $59 Freedom Connect Plan which also adds an extra $23 (after MRO bonus) a month to pay off the device -- or you can purchase outright for $912 ($113 more than MobiCity </plug>). Telstra have made no comment as to when the devices will be available in stores, however, it can only be a few days away depending on store location. The EVO 3D is also coming to Vodafone in the next week or... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 pricing from Myer will range between $579 to $949, available September 1st

Irwin has already touched on the news that Myer would be stocking the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, however, at the time of posting that article he wasn't aware of the pricing for the devices. Now I am, thanks to the junk mail Myer catalogue I received in the mail. From what I can tell from the catalogue, Myer will be selling three variants of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 starting September 1st. Each Galaxy Tab 10.1 will come with a 'bonus tablet sleeve', whatever that may mean. If it's neoprene then that's awesome, and it's already known that Myer... Continue reading

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo launching through Telstra on July 26th, HD Voice ready to roll

Sony Ericsson has been struck down by a lot of delayed launches this year, but that hasn't stopped them from pushing out the Xperia Arc to Optus and Vodafone; Xperia Play to Telstra, Virgin and Optus; and now the Xperia Neo is headed to Telstra as well, on the 26th of this month for $0 on their $59 Freedom Connect Plan. I had a play around with the Neo a month or two ago and can best describe it as the Arc cross with the Play. It's thinner and smaller than the Play, like that Arc,... Continue reading

Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S II will be available from Telstra on July 16th

Pricing: We haven't heard a word on pricing just yet. Big T might be working out how to better price the SGSII alongside the Sensation. Yay for the Rumour Mill which is currently pumping out enough rumours to power a small town, or at least my tech-filled house. What we've got here is a tidbit that suggests Telstra will make the Galaxy S II available on July 16th, which is just under 3 weeks from today and just over 2 weeks from when they'll announce availability on Thursday. The phrase 'make available' is fairly ambiguous though. We're... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II available from Vodafone stores starting today

Optus' reign of the Samsung Galaxy S II is now over now that Vodafone have just announced via Twitter that their stores are now stocking the Galaxy S II. You can snap up a Galaxy S II on Vodafone's $45 infinite cap with $10/mo repayments or $0 upfront on any Infinite cap above $45. We highly recommend the Galaxy S II, no matter which carrier you choose, actually I prefer outright so I don't deal with carriers. You should certainly check out our Galaxy S II review though. Continue reading