End of an era – One full days trade left for Crazy John’s

It's the end of an era, the Crazy John's brand will cease trading at the end of today with some stores closing for good whilst others will be re-branded as Vodafone stores before re-opening. The re-branding and closure of Crazy John's stores was announced last month by parent company Vodafone who advised it was a move towards streamlining their retail brand presence into a single cohesive brand. The Crazy John's brand has been around with us since 1991 when John Ilhan opened his first store in Melbourne as a Telstra Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) before switching... Continue reading

Vodafone Australia announces Crazy Johns brand will retire on February 20

In the middle of last year we received information that Crazy Johns would be closing some of their retail stores and this did indeed come to pass with a number of stores closing their doors. This morning we've been tipped that Crazy Johns wanted to take this further and close all their store, we've just confirmed this with Crazy Johns parent company Vodafone Hutchison Australia who have confirmed the retiring of the Crazy Johns brand. Vodafone has advised that as of February 20th, Vodafone will begin to retire the Crazy Johns brand across Australia streamlining their retail brand presence into... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note II headed to Crazy Johns

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is shaping up to be one of this year's big sellers, and today we have news that this giant-amongst-men of a handset is headed to Crazy Johns. This brings the Note II availability to (so far): Telstra ... albeit, it's coming 'next year' Optus Virgin Mobile Vodafone AllPhones Crazy Johns plus all the third party retailers. You can just tell that when a handset is being picked up by all the major telcos and a lot of the second tier telcos/MVNOs that it's predicted to be a big seller, and with availability being... Continue reading

Samsung officially launches Galaxy S III Mini

Overnight at an event in Germany, Samsung has unveiled their Galaxy S III Mini smartphone. The phone which is not only mini in name but also in specs is a pretty basic model with a 4" Super AMOLED screen at a pretty basic 480x800 resolution and has a 1GHz Dual Core processor, camera wise it has a 5MP rear camera and a VGA Front facing camera as well, it does come with Jelly Bean or at least a Touchwiz version of Jelly Bean and the usual physical home button on the front. We asked Samsung Australia about availability of... Continue reading

Sony officially launches Xperia P and Xperia U

Sony today officially announced that the Xperia P and the Xperia U would be launching on Australia; more specifically on Telstra and Crazy John's respectively. While we had already confirmed the release of the Xperia P on Telstra (a week ago), the release of the Xperia U on Crazy John's is news to us. The Xperia P is the baby brother of the Xperia S with a 4-inch QHD (960x540) screen, 8MP camera and 1GHz dual core CPU with a Mali GPU running Gingerbread. The Xperia U is smaller again, a 3.5-inch 854x480 screen, 5MP... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S III — Review

Samsung's latest flagship is good, but is it good enough to fend off the competition? You may have watched the launch of the Galaxy S III live from London, almost six weeks ago. At some point you may have been horrified with the nature theme (pebbles, water, etc) and the “made for humans” catch cry. Honestly, I still cringe a bit when I see a commercial with those words in it. Perhaps you were disappointed with the plasticky (actually polycarbonate) materials used in its construction or... Continue reading

Pebble Blue coloured Samsung Galaxy S III arriving in stores now

I have called stores around Canberra this morning and was advised by staff at Optus, Vodafone and Crazy Johns stores that they have stock of the 16GB Pebble Blue coloured Galaxy S III. I also called a number of Telstra stores who advised they did not have stock as yet but they receive their deliveries mid-morning so call back later to find out if any arrive. Virgin Mobile staff were still unsure when the blue would arrive, however they tweeted me last night to advise they had them in stock online so I imagine stock will be arriving... Continue reading

Vodafone pushes maintenance update to HTC ChaCha

Owners of the HTC ChaCha from Vodafone or Crazy John's will be receiving an over-the-update in the next couple of days. It's not a major update, instead it's just a maintenance update to fix bugs throughout the OS to enhance the user experience. Your data won't be touched, so don't worry about backing anything up before applying the update. Make sure you're connect to a stable Wi-Fi network when downloading the update, due to its size. Let us know how it goes in the comments. Continue reading

Plan Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S III on Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, Crazy John’s, Virgin

Want to know which carrier is offering great value on the brand new Samsung Galaxy S III? Take a look at our always awesome table comparing the major telcos and their similarly priced plans. Remember, you have to take into account your own personal preference, each networks capabilities in your area and all that wonderful stuff before coming to a conclusion. Each to their own! Let's begin.   Vodafone Optus Telstra Crazy John's Virgin Plan Cost $59/mo $60/mo $59/mo $55/mo $59/mo Repayments $5/mo $5/mo $13/mo $0 $5/mo Cap Credit $750 $650 $550 $750 $700 Total Cost $1,536 $1,440 $1,728 $1,320 $1,536 Data 1.5GB 1.5GB 1.5GB 2GB 3GB Calls 98c/min (+40c) Unlim Optus - 90c/min (+35c) 90c/min (+35c) Unlim CJs - 99c/min (+40c) Unlim Virgin - 99c/min (+40c) SMS Unlim national Unlim national Unlim national Unlim national Unlim national Video Call $1.47/min (+40c) $1.00/min (+40c) 90c/min (+35c) $1/min 99c/min (+40c) MMS 55c 50c 50c 50c 60c Int. SMS Unlim int. 50c 50c 35c 45c Int. MMS 55c 75c 75c 50c 60c Link Continue reading

How to root the HTC One X

Looking to root your brand new HTC One X that you just purchased from Optus, Vodafone, Crazy John's, Virgin or outright from somewhere? Well you're in luck. Paul at MoDaCo has released a method to root your brand new device, and it's fairly simple and straightforward. We're going to tell you right now we take no responsibility for any problems that arise from you unlocking the full potential of your HTC One X. Instructions.. Download InsecureBootAndRoot r2 .zip file Extract the contents of the .zip to a directory on your computer Boot your One X into bootloader mode --... Continue reading

Sony Xperia S headed to Vodafone, Optus and retailers

Sony Mobile today confirmed where, when and how the Xperia S will be available in Australia. Optus will have the Xperia S available in Black from 'early April', we believe it will be $0 on the $49 cap. Vodafone will have the Xperia S available in White from 11 April, also believed to be $0 on the $49 cap. A mini HDMI cable is included in the box when purchasing from Vodafone. Crazy Johns will have the Xperia S available in Black and White from 11 April. In a refreshing move the Xperia S will also be available outright from JB... Continue reading

Confirmation: Sony Xperia S to launch in two weeks

Back in February we brought you the news that Sony's first smartphone - so dubbed because they've dropped the SonyEricsson moniker - would be released in our Autumn. We now have news that it'll be in around two weeks - that is, from 11 April, the Sony Xperia S will be available from Vodafone and Crazy Johns, and shortly thereafter it'll be available via Optus, and also for outright purchase from retailers including JB HiFi, Dick Smith Electronics, Allphones, Telechoice and Harvey Norman. This both confirms and follows hot on the... Continue reading

HTCdev ‘Unlock Bootloader’ tool now unlocks Desire HD, additional Desire and Wildfire models

HTC has added the Desire HD -- along with new models of the Desire and Wildfire -- to its list of devices able to have their bootloaders unlocked using HTC's offical HTCdev 'Unlock Bootloader' tool. If you're unsure of what the bootloader is, you can safely ignore this article. If you do know what it is and you're ready to get rid of HTC's limitations, head over to the source link, unlock the bootloader and get flashing. We're not able to confirm if the new Desire and Wildfire models added to the list include the ones... Continue reading