Android 2.2 for Galaxy S on Vodafone & Crazy John’s is ready for updating

If you're one of the thousands who owns a Samsung Galaxy S from either Vodafone or Crazy John's you'll be happy to know that your Android 2.2 is waiting for you in Samsung's updating software, Kies (download link). Android 2.2 will give you full flash support, some speed increases although there is lag known to still lurk around in places and version bump of 0.1 . As far as we can tell Kies is PC only, so if you own a Mac.. well.. phone a friend? Let us know how you go in the comments :) Continue reading

What’s going down in November..

November is a busy month, it's filled with all the latest releases that are being pushed out by carriers, manufacturers and retailers in order to get the most sales during the upcoming holiday season. We're going to see a few updates, maybe some Gingerbread will get baked and a few conferences to get our inner developer leaping into the Android Platform. Hit the break to check out everything November might have to offer. (more…) Continue reading

Huawei IDEOS available from Crazy John’s from today onwards

The Huawei IDEOS is now available for purchase from Australia Post stores today, Crazy John's retailers next week and soon from their website, which is great news for all you bargain hunters out there. The IDEOS, which will set you back a mere $159, features Android 2.2, WiFi Tethering, 2.8" QVGA (*Sigh*) Capacitive Display all powered by an old-school 528MHz CPU. For the price we're sure it'll be a great phone, and to see if that is indeed true, Crazy John's have sent Chris an IDEOS to review for you guys, so you can check out that review... Continue reading

HTC Desire HD will also be available through Crazy John’s

Fear not my Vodafone-detesting friends, Crazy John's will be also be selling the HTC Desire HD from sometime in November on their $59 cap, which let's remember, uses Vodafone's network. CJ's cap is a carbon copy of Vodafone's which pulls together $650 of cap credit, free Voda-to-Voda calls & 2GB of data. No word on whether there will be outright purchases available (I hope there are) but we'll be sure to let you know more as the release date comes closer. Continue reading

Huawei IDEOS headed to Crazy John’s in late Oct/early Nov for $159

Now appears to be the time for all the low-end Android devices to hit the market and the Huawei IDEOS does not want to be late to the party. This little beauty, that we were notified about two months ago, is expected to hit Crazy John's shelves later this month or early November for a low price of $159. The IDEOS runs Android 2.2 but does only have a QVGA (320x240) display, but at least it's capacitive. Other pros are 802.11N WiFi, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, Tethering & 3.2MP camera w/ flash. Huawei was hoping this device would push the limits... Continue reading