Shipping delays hitting Australian Nexus 5 orders from Google Play

The Nexus 5 has had a relatively pain free launch when it comes to ordering, shipping,back end transactions and seemingly supply chain. The Google Play store did finally report the Nexus 5 as out of stock on Sunday, however as of Monday afternoon Google was once again taking orders for their latest Nexus flagship. With a large majority of customers receiving their phones over the last two days, it seems that there are some customers who aren't receiving their phones just yet with some reporting that they are seeing their packages still stuck on Lantau Island - the... Continue reading

Australian Google Play Nexus 4 orders now shipping

If you managed to snag a 16GB(edit: Or 8GB as well it seems) Nexus 4 on Thursday it's probably a good idea to check your email. Judging from the influx of tips and comments we've received, a large majority of people who managed to procure a device are receiving shipping notifications for their Nexus 4s. Devices appear to be shipping out of Hong Kong via FedEx as per the previous batch and shipping is certainly a lot faster than the 2-3 Weeks estimated when they resumed sales at 9am on Thursday morning but I don't think you'll catch anyone... Continue reading

Nexus 4 orders arriving now in Australia – Have you got yours? What do you think?

Nexus 4 orders from Google Play started arriving in Australia to a lucky few on Friday and it appears that today FedEx is working over-time to deliver even more of the newest Nexus phones to eager Australian owners. A number of people on Twitter are reporting that they have received their new phone. We've seen the Ausdroid first impressions of the phone and rest assured a full review is definitely going to be forthcoming. Now it's over to you guys, what are you thoughts on your new phone? Are you going to be unlocking and Rooting it? Continue reading

Australian Nexus 10 Shipment notifications rolling out

Last night we saw the first shipment notifications being sent out for the Nexus 4, now it appears the Nexus 10 orders are being looked at. I just received my shipment notification details from Google which includes the FedEx tracking number. As with the Nexus 4 orders however the ETA is wildly optimistic with an ETA expected by 5pm tomorrow with the package still being listed as not even having been picked up from its starting point in Hong Kong. My order is for the still in-stock 16GB Nexus 10 so if you're still after a new Nexus you... Continue reading

Australian Nexus 4 orders from Google Play now shipping

Shipping notifications have just started being received by people who purchased the 16GB Nexus 4 yesterday. Notifications supply a FedEx Tracking number and advise that they are shipping out of Tsuen Wan in Hong Kong and the estimated delivery date is the 15th of November at 5pm. So far there is not much information other than that in the tracking details. I ordered a Nexus 10 separately about 5 minutes after the Nexus 4 but so far haven't received a notification regarding that as yet. Let us know in the comments if you have received a shipping notification for... Continue reading

Nexus 7 orders resume shipping

Looks like shipments of the Asus Nexus 7 have resumed, Scott one of our regular podcasters here at Ausdroid has advised that he has just received his shipping notification for his 32GB Nexus 7 which he ordered yesterday from the Google Play Store. His notification confirms that as was the case with previous Nexus 7 shipments it is being shipped from Hong Kong via FedEx and looks set to be delivered in 3-5 business days advertised on the site. With sales of the Nexus 7 halted for a couple of days to EOL the 8GB Nexus 7 and also... Continue reading