Google unveils new Gmail tabbed inbox – Android App coming soon

Google teased us with a look at the new Gmail Android App during IO and today has unveiled a new Gmail experience for both the web and mobile, with Android and iOS Apps rolling out over the next few weeks. The new inbox introduces a tabbed view which gives you options for five tabs : Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. You simply select the tabs you want, from all five to none of them and you can then drag and drop messages between the tabs, you can also assign senders to a specific tab and if you star... Continue reading

Tapatalk 4 released in beta form

For those that haven't used Tapatalk before, it is a nice little application that allows you to easily browse through your favourite forums (including our own Ausdroid forums) as well as post comments. I find it to be a much easier way of browsing through multiple forums than using a mobile browser. I have been a Tapatalk user for a while now and have Tapatalk installed on my phone and Tapatalk HD installed on my tablet. Now Tapatalk have released their new version to the Play Store in beta form. The new version has some nice improvements over the old... Continue reading

Ausdroid Forums — Relaunched, and Ready

For those of you who've been with Ausdroid since the early beginnings, you'll know we've always had forums as an adjunct to our site. In fact, they were one of the earliest features of the site, and one of our most popular. It was only more recently that the existence of the forums dropped from public knowledge, and it was this - combined with an influx of spambots - that lead to the forums being suspended. While our poll showed some mixed results, we've had... Continue reading

Ausdroid Forums – should they stay or should they go?

Users of our Forums will note that in the last couple of days they were taken off-line. Why? In short, the software running them had reached an age - and a vulnerability - whereby the forums were almost completely overrun by spambots, and virtually destroyed. We've had an internal discussion about what to do with the forums - the previous ones are virtually irretrievable - and we're somewhat undecided. Some of us think the forums could probably go, because there's quality offerings in the form of XDA Developers and Whirlpool available to people who want to chat. Others think that... Continue reading