Samsung Galaxy S2 from Optus to get Jelly Bean update over the next week

In a tweet that has just gone out, Optus has advised that owners of one of 2011's most popular phones the Samsung Galaxy S 2 will begin seeing their Jelly Bean update over the next week. This update will take the Galaxy S 2 from Android 4.0.4 to Android 4.1.2 and should come as an OTA update, but for those who cannot wait for the OTA notification you can always try downloading Kies. Samsung Galaxy S2 customers: Jelly Bean rolls out over the next week starting today! Look out for the notification or check via device/Kies!— Optus (@Optus) Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II will launch on Telstra’s network July 26th, $840 outright, ‘NextG Optimised’

So it turns out the rumour we'd heard was a little off, maybe due to the delays in Telstra making sure the Galaxy S II was 100% optimised for the NextG Network. All that aside, Telstra have officially announced that the Samsung Galaxy S II will be available in stores and online from July 26th with an outright price of $840, which is a little bit hefty considering MobiCity sell it outright at $749. Plan pricing is exactly what we expected: $59 Freedom Connect Plan + $20/mo MRO $79 Freedom Connect Plan + $15/mo MRO Telstra also made a point of... Continue reading

Samsung Sent Galaxy S II’s to Cyanogenmod Dev

Some news out of left field this morning. Many readers will know of Ausdroid's passion for the development and modification community - from obtaining root on handsets to loading custom ROMs, we support the whole lot. CyanogenMod is probably one of the better custom Android ROMs available for a variety of handsets, and it recently blessed the original Samsung Galaxy S with an official port. This seems to have caught Samsung's attention - they haven't had the negative reaction that some might - rather, Samsung has sent at a complimentary Galaxy S II to... Continue reading

SGS II shortly available from Vodafone; Pre-sale now open.

If you're someone who wants a Samsung Galaxy S II, and is keen on Vodafone, you'll be pleased to know that Vodafone has announced pre-sale availability of the SGS2, with delivery from late June. As an added bonus for those that pre-order, they'll receive a special Samsung leather case for the SGS2; something bound to look rather spiffy. For the low down on pricing, hit up the Vodafone SGS2 page, but here's the basics: $10 a month on the $45 Infinite plan $0 a month on the $65 (or higher) Infinite plans On each of the plans you get unlimited calls... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II to receive 24Mbit/s 1080p video recording via unofficial mod

Update: The mod is now available from XDA Developers One of the best features of the Galaxy S II, its 8 MP camera, is about to get even better thanks to an upcoming unofficial mod/hack that will improve the bitrate and quality of the 1080p video recording function. At stock the SGSII will record 1080p at 16Mbit/s and with pretty ordinary mono sound in AAC format. The mod will push the bitrate up to a beefy 24Mbit/s with 192-bit sound, which will still be in mono due to the Galaxy S II having only one mic, however the... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II hitting Telstra in July

It's official, it hasn't been that long and Optus pretty much beat them to the punch, but Telstra have finally announced they'll be stocking the most anticipated Android handset of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S II. The 4.3" handset will launch on Telstra in July, bringing with it theoretically blistering HSPA+ speeds on Australia's fastest network. The biggest question on everyone's lips however is of course price, and at this stage both Samsung and Telstra are being cagey about it. Look out for updates on price and availability closer to release, in the... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II — Review

The Samsung Galaxy S II is by far the most hyped device so far this year. I mean who wouldn't get hyped up over a 4.3" Super AMOLED + display, 1.2GHz Dual-Core CPU and Quadband 3G supporting every network in Australia at the proper HSPA+ speed of 21Mbit. The Samsung Galaxy S set the benchmark last year and there's no doubt the Galaxy S II has done the same this year. Just from this intro you can tell how I felt about using the device, though you can read on for some more detail. You know you... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II available for pre-order from Optus Business, ships in June

Well how about this Ladies & Gentlemen, the Samsung Galaxy S II, which I just got my hands on, is coming to Optus Business in June (see, the roadmap was right), although you can pre-order this bad boy right now if you have an ABN. It's $0 upfront on the $79 Optus Complete Business Ultimate Plan, $5 on the $59 plan and $14 on the $49 plan. They're also throwing in a free $60 desktop dock for your new device so you can charge it whilst still being able to have it sitting comfortably next to... Continue reading

Optus also testing Gingerbread for the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab

Last week, we reported on the news of Vodafone testing Gingerbread, on a number of handsets. Now Optus has joined in, saying the are currently testing Gingerbread (2.3) on The Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab. We're now testing the Gingerbread (2.3) software for the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab. Keep an eye on our feed for updates. With the Gingerbread packing Samsung Galaxy S 2, kinda on it's way. We can only hope these updates, on both Vodafone and Optus, hit customers devices sooner rather then later. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S now $6 a month on Virgin’s $29 Big Cap – The stock run out continues

With the Galaxy S 2 not very far away, Samsung and the carriers, are stepping up their moves to clear the remaining stock of the original Android powerhouse, the Galaxy S. Vodafone and Three have dropped the handset to $0 on a $29 and now Virgin have joined the fight, adding the Galaxy S to their Big Cap lineup, along with a $6 handset repayment. This brings the handset in at $35 a month for $450 of credit and 200MB of data. Great deal? I think so, what do you guys think? Continue reading