Ice Cream Sandwich update for Telstra Samsung Galaxy S II 4G update to begin Friday

Looks like owners of the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G are about to receive their Ice Cream Sandwich update finally, with Craig Ruhan from Telstra advising via the Crowd Support Forums that the Samsung has advised that the update will begin rolling out to the handsets from 5PM tomorrow : All, Samsung have informed us that the GS2 4G ICS update will commence deployment from 5:00 PM Friday 14 December. The FOTA deployment will be "staggered" : Day 1-3 : 10k of devices selected at random to be eligible for update, users are either alerted via FOTA Push Message... Continue reading

Telstra: Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II 4G, Galaxy S III, One XL, RAZR HD all to receive major updates before year’s end

In Telstra's most recent public announcement of software updates, they've informed users for a range of devices that major updates for their devices are expected to be rolled out before the end of this year. The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G "Ice Cream Sandwich" update is expected to see Telstra approval on November 26th, with roll out soon after. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus's update to "Jelly Bean" (Android 4.1, not 4.2) has been delayed and is now expected to begin testing on Friday. On the final Samsung front, the Galaxy S III's update to "Jelly Bean" (again, 4.1, not... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Ice Cream Sandwich update delayed a further week

Telstra today confirmed -- via a community forum post -- that the Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" update for the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G has been delayed an extra week. There was no definite reasoning behind this, but as you can see below, Telstra are expecting a new submission to arrive on August 31 for testing. "The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy S 2 4G has been delayed by a further week. We are now expecting test submission on 31st August. We will do our best to accelerate the testing of this update... Continue reading

27 March: Samsung Galaxy S II 4G launching on Telstra

Just a couple of weeks ago we heard rumours that the next iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S II was coming - in its 4G incarnation, on Telstra. We now have official confirmation from Telstra - it's launching tomorrow the 27th of March 2012. Compared to the former Galaxy S II, the 4G iteration offers: Larger SuperAMOLED screen at 4.5 inches Faster CPU - 1.5GHz Dual Core NFC chip so you can get on the action with your Galaxy Nexus owning friends Larger battery - 1850mAh Unfortunately, the... Continue reading

Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S II 4G launching on Telstra come March 27th, $0 on $79

It's real, ladies and gentlemen. The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G will be launching exclusively on Telstra on the 27th of March. We'd previously reported that dummy models of the device were being shipped into Telstra stores, but now we have a confirmed released date. The picture above -- sent in via our trusty source -- also shows pricing of $0 on Telstra's $79 Cap which will include 2GB of data, $800 cap credit and unlimited national texts. This is the same pricing as the HTC Velocity 4G, however, we've been told that the pricing for that... Continue reading

This is the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G and it’s expected to launch on February 28 with the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G

Gizmodo Australia have been sent a photo (well.. 2) of the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G dummy device that we reported are sitting in the back of Telstra Stores ahead of a launch later this month. Gizmodo's source claims that the release date is pencilled in for February 28th, not just for the Galaxy S II 4G but also the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G. This would bring Telstra's 4G device count up to 2 phones and 1 tablet, with 1 or 2 phones left to go before mid-year. Now that multiple sources... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II 4G, Galaxy Note now appearing in Telstra’s internal system

We've received the above photo of Telstra's internal computer system (Siebel) which is now listing the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G and Samsung Galaxy Note -- our source says they've been there now for almost a week. While not all devices in Siebel actually launch (eg. Galaxy S II Mini, Galaxy S Plus) we've already heard from numerous sources that dummy units of the Galaxy S II 4G and Galaxy Note, as well as the Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G, have been arriving in stores. Vodafone have already announced their plans to bring the Galaxy Note to... Continue reading

Dummy models of the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II 4G and Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G arriving at Telstra retail stores

We were hearing the rumours of the Galaxy S II 4G and Galaxy Note going to Telstra from various sources, but now a solid source has today confirmed that dummy models of the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G have arrived at Telstra retail stores. This means two things: These devices are legit, and are actually launching They're launching really soon With these dummies headed into stores, it means that advertising and the selling of these devices is going to happen really soon. For instance the Velocity 4G dummies weren't in... Continue reading

Rumour: Telstra to launch Galaxy S II 4G and Galaxy Note in the near future

We've recently heard from a source who is in-the-know for Telstra news that Australia's biggest carrier is planning to launch the Galaxy S II 4G and Galaxy Note -- both from Samsung, of course -- in the near future as both are appearing in Telstra's internal systems. Take it with a grain of salt, but it's certainly plausible, especially the Galaxy Note. There's a LTE version of the Galaxy Note headed to AT&T in the US; and Bell, Rogers and Telus in Canada -- all of which use 850MHz 3G -- in February, which could certainly have 1800MHz... Continue reading