Jelly Bean Statue overheats and loses its head

Whilst we freeze down here in Australia it seems the US is experiencing the joys of a very warm summer and the latest victim of the heat is also the newest addition to the Google Family of Android statues at Building 44 at Mountain View, the Jelly Bean statue apparently heated up so much yesterday that his head popped off, not only that but a passerby has stolen one of the Jelly Beans! Dan Morrill one of the Google Engineers took to Google+ to show a photo of the poor fella with the head back on, although taped off... Continue reading

Jelly Bean statue arrives at the Googleplex

The one last step we expect to see before an announcement of the next iteration of Android has occurred, the arrival of a statue at Building 44 at the Googleplex. The Android code repository was apparently closed to additional commits a couple of weeks ago according to one of our readers, which is another sign of an impending release of an update to the Android OS. The photo below was apparently taken whilst employees assembled the statue into what you see above : Now all we have to do is, sit back, relax and wait for the announcement at Google... Continue reading

Happy Holidays from the Android Team

Overnight the Android Twitter feed tweeted a Happy Holidays message from the Android team. The video which takes place at the Googleplex shows Googlers using Android tablets and phones and utilising some of the features from Ice Cream Sandwich such as Beam and the Panorama camera function. I`m also thinking I need to find where to get my hands on the Android hoodie that features a couple of seconds into the video. Continue reading

Android now on Twitter

I`ve been following most of the Google Twitter accounts for a while and most of the Android news has come out of these accounts more or less, but the Gmail twitter account just welcomed the official Android twitter account : @Android. So far they`ve tweeted a Hello World(as you`d expect) and then a link to a video of the Ice Cream Sandwich statue`s arrival at the Googleplex which you can see in our previous post. So jump on and follow them, because i`m sure in the next week, it`s going to get exciting! Continue reading

Ice Cream Sandwich statue arrives at the Googleplex

This photo was put up on Google+ by Michael Soland who, according to his LinkdedIn profile, is a Software Engineer at Google. So the appearance of this statue further confirms that the Ice Cream Sandwich iteration of Android will be announced, and hopefully will arrive, soon. The arrival of a dessert themed statue at the Googleplex has traditionally been the forerunner for the release of their latest mobile operating system. With the just confirmed Samsung/Google event occurring next week on Wednesday, this is a good sign we'll be snacking on some 'Ice Cream Sandwich' goodness shortly. Update : Video... Continue reading

Google / Samsung holding an event October 11th — Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich incoming

We`ve seen the video this morning of what appears to be Ice-Cream Sandwich running on a 2nd hand Nexus S, now it appears that Samsung and Google are sending out invites for an event on October 11 at the CTIA Trade Show in San Diego. From the invite it appears that invitees are will be introduced to "Get a look at what`s new in Android" and also tantalisingly the event is being described as a "Google Episode", could this be the grand unveiling of Ice-Cream Sandwich on a new Nexus device (Samsung Nexus Prime, Google Nexus Prime, Samsung... Continue reading

Mr Gingerbread arrives at Google HQ

It's been quite a while since there was a new confectionery arrival to the Android Clan outside of the Googleplex, but today arrived the much-anticipated Gingerbread. Google was also kind enough to put together their own video of the arrival & setup, which can be found after the break. Also after the break are 3 videos details features Google has already mentioned about Android 2.3/3.0/Gingerbread which might spike your interest a little more. Enjoy. Oh and if you're wondering, when the Eclair was setup outside Google HQ, it was then just under a month before the source code... Continue reading