Rumour: HTC One XL to launch on Telstra’s $59 Freedom Connect Plan

Looking to buy the HTC One XL when it launches on Telstra next month? Well we've been hearing tid-bits about the pricing, and what we're expecting to see from the nation's biggest carrier is the One XL on their $59 Freedom Connect Plan over 24 months with monthly repayments of $6. Over the course of the 2 year contract you'll be forking out ~$1560 and in return you'll get the One XL, $550 credit per month, unlimited texts, and 1.5GB of mobile data (3G + 4G). We haven't heard anything regarding an outright price, but we're willing to... Continue reading

How to root the HTC One XL (generic / Telstra)

After reviewing the HTC One XL, I decided that I may as well root it seeing as though there's currently no way to unlock the bootloader officially and unofficially. It was actually one of the easiest phones to root -- at least it was for me. Just download the needed files, follow the instructions, and you're done! This process works for the One XL from MobiCity and should work perfectly for the Telstra variant once it launches. Download and install the HTC drivers. Download Download the needed rooting files. Download ( Extract the contents into a directory. Connect your... Continue reading

HTC One XL — Review

HTC has upped its game from the One X to the LTE-enabled One XL and it's worth every cent. The HTC One XL isn't a design we've never seen before; it's the HTC One X with a few tweaks. Well, by "tweaks", we mean some pretty awesome under-the-hood changes. It picks up where the One X left off, but has moved from a Quad-Core Tegra 3 CPU to a Dual-Core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 chipset as well as an LTE modem for break-neck mobile data speeds (in Telstra's 4G coverage, obviously). Don't let the change from 4 cores to 2 cores... Continue reading

Telstra flaunt the HTC One series as upcoming devices

Today Telstra has confirmed it will be getting 2 of the new HTC One series phones. They are keeping it under wraps to which two they will pick and I know I’m certainly curious about which One’s they could be. HTC announced 4 versions of the One series of devices at MWC. The choices are the One X which is HTC's flagship phone with a Quad-Core NVidia Tegra 3 processor and HD screen, then you have the One XL which is HTC's One X, but... Continue reading

Telstra confirms they will launch the HTC One XL, open up expressions of interest

If you're hoping to jump aboard HTC's new 'One' series bandwagon, now is your chance.. to buy a ticket for the bandwagon anyway. Telstra have opened up expressions of interest for the upcoming HTC One XL -- the LTE (4G) version of the HTC One X. The only major differences between the two devices is the CPU and, of course, the inclusion of a 4G radio. The CPU change isn't something to get up-in-arms about though, as although the One XL runs a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 CPU, it's based off Cortex-A15 architecture which will rock your socks... Continue reading