Ausdroid Podcast 108 – An Abundance of Phils

Welcome to episode 108 of the Ausdroid podcast! With special guest Phil Nickinson joining us this week, we had to work out the best way to address both Phils. I'm not sure we succeeded on that front. We took a look at this week's Android TV rumours and picked Phil's brain with a quick snog/marry/avoid roundtable on the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. Spoiler: They're both pretty good phones! There's also some local news and a bit of rumour-mongering to round out the show. Hosted by Jason Murray, with Dan Tyson, Phil Tann and special guest Continue reading

Unlock your HTC One (M8) in moments with S Off from Firewater

This will come as a surprise to no one... HTC lock their devices to prevent users who don't know what they're doing from messing with the system and doing silly things that could lead to bricked devices. On an HTC device, there's two kinds of lock these days. First is the locked bootloader. In a nutshell, this ensures that the phone only boots a signed version of the operating system. Unlocking the bootloader is widely considered necessary to obtain root access, and is definitely required to load up a custom recovery. For many, an unlocked bootloader is all that's... Continue reading

Rumour: HTC M8 Ace

Blurrycam strikes again! The team over at evleaks have their hands on another image of a potential new device coming from HTC, the M8 Ace. Pretty much nothing is known about this device other than the blurry render you see in the tweet below. What do you think the Ace will be, share your theory with us Continue reading

HTC Marketing the One (M8)

It looks like HTC are starting to understand the market. You don't just need to have a great product, you need to market your great product for it to sell well. Enter Iron Man Robert Downey Jr! The video below doesn't tell you heaps about the HTC One M8, but it's clear that Robert loves it and it's got some awards to be extremely proud of at MWC, Best Design and Best Build. It's one of those videos that will lay the seed for more (lets hope) to come from a marketing standpoint from HTC. Is... Continue reading

Has HTC turned the corner?

Following what can only be described as a disastrous two (or so) years financially for HTC, with declining sales, turning to declining profits to operating losses. While it's not yet the pot of gold that they're looking for, HTC have posted their latest earnings report which detailed around a US$1bn turnover and an operating loss of roughly US$64 million. Yeah, that's pretty gloomy still but it's certainly better than over US$100 Million operating losses which they suffered last year and their sales figures are on the up, likely a by-product of the release of the Continue reading

Kogan announces Galaxy S5, One M8 prices

Australian onlne retailer Kogan has released its pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. They'll set you back $799 and $829 respectively (plus shipping), and ship in 1-2 weeks according to the item pages. As with many of Kogan's products, the stock is imported from overseas suppliers so you might need to be careful before you hit the Buy button. Galaxy S5 - $799 Kogan's Galaxy S5 models appear to be overseas models (SM-G900I), powered by Samsung's Octa-core Exynos CPUs. In 2014 these phones seemed to pack a little more bang for buck in terms... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 107 – Gotta fool em all

Welcome to episode 107 of the Ausdroid podcast! With local launches for the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 past, we could finally discuss some Australian specifics like carrier pricing. As both Dan and Jason have the One M8 in hand, we also gave some early thoughts on the device. There's also a quick roundup of some other notable devices hitting local stores and carriers, and a software update for an old friend. Hosted by Jason Murray, with Dan Tyson and Phil Tann. Topics: April Fools pranks Galaxy S5: Launch, Carrier pricing and SK Telecom... Continue reading

HTC One (M8) found to be manipulating benchmark results

HTC have been caught with their virtual pants down yet again, after being caught red handed boosting their device performance specifically to top the charts on benchmarking last year, HTC's latest flagship the One (M8) has been found to have the same performance enhancing software in the operating system. The Antutu 4 benchmarks show the HTC One (M8) not just beating but thoroughly creaming the opposition with a score of 38,815 where the Antutu X (showing a true representation of the device capabilities rather than boosted performance) shows that the new HTC One doesn't even surpass a generation old... Continue reading

All New HTC One Mini (M8) in the works – outed by Swedish telco

HTC has only just launched their flagship for 2014 - the All New HTC One (M8) but already thoughts are turning to other phones along the lines of the original HTC One which saw a Mini and Max version released throughout 2013, and it seems a Swedish telco has outed the existence of the mini at least on a list of phones compatible with HD Voice. The original One, One Mini and One Max are listed as well, just to allay any fears of confusion : According to Droid-Life, the specs are expected to be along the lines of a... Continue reading

HTC One (M8) – Australian launch and hands-on

HTC launched the new HTC One (M8) in Australia this afternoon by treating a selection of local tech media to a cruise around Sydney Harbour accompanied by the company's local and regional management. The event contrasted with last night's Galaxy S5 launch, and really emphasised the difference between the companies' approach. While Samsung's launch was a big, lavish and slickly produced event, HTC embraced its underdog position with an intimate setting and a candid and honest presentation. Don't get me wrong - chartering a boat to take a catered cruise around Sydney harbour obviously isn't cheap. We heard... Continue reading

HTC Blinkfeed and Zoe Apps will become available to other Android devices ‘soon’

Prior to the launch of the All New HTC One (M8) a few Apps made their way into Google Play, one of which was Blinkfeed. The App was not installable by any device associated with Google Play, including the original Blinkfeed carrier - the HTC One (2013). But it appears that Blinkfeed has been popular with HTC advising it will roll out to other Android devices soon, and not just Blinkfeed, HTC will also release their popular Zoe camera App as well. Android Central first made the discovery regarding Blinkfeed being released to Google Play in the fine print of... Continue reading

All New HTC One launching April 1st in Australia

It's all about the All New HTC One (M8) today, and the most interesting news is going to be where to get the phone in Australia. We know that Optus, Vodafone and Telstra will be offering the phone on their Network so, what are the details? Vodafone Vodafone have advised that Pre-Orders for the All New HTC One (M8) will be available to pre-order online from 9am today through their website, with the phone arriving in-stores from April 1st. Vodafone will be offering the All New HTC One (M8) for $10 a month on a $65 Vodafone Red 24-month contract, this... Continue reading

Check out the All New HTC One (M8) in these official videos and commercials

We've been introduced to the All New HTC One (M8) and now HTC is onto the hard sell. They've begun releasing a series of videos onto their YouTube Channel which includes a Playlist featuring videos showing off the M8 and its features, they've also released two commercials featuring Gary Oldman (Hey, what happened to Robert Downey Jr.?) First up there's the introduction video : Introducing the HTC One (M8) Followed by the first look video : First Look: The HTC One (M8) Next, get up close with the most intriguing design feature of the HTC One - the Duo Camera : First Look:... Continue reading