HTC <3 Robert Downey Jr?

According to Bloomberg, Robert Downey Jr - star of Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes - is said to have accepted a two-year marketing deal with HTC, said to be worth a cool $12 million dollars. Bloomberg's source says that the deal doesn't just include on-screen commercial appearances - HTC will employ the actor to have the final say over the design of all HTC products, as well as the expected duties of being the face of HTC through various advertising platforms. HTC has had a pretty average year of sales so far, with only 5 million units sold... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 73 – June 18, 2013

This is the 73st episode of the Ausdroid podcast. After taking a week off, this week we spent a while looking at the new products that have been announced (or in some cases, rumoured) by Samsung, HTC and Motorola. Production Note: We've had some issues with our audio recording again, and have had to use the Hangout audio recording instead - sorry! Featuring: Jason Murray, Scott Plowman and Geoff Fieldew. Topics: Samsung - Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy NX, Galaxy Mega HTC - One Mini, Butterfly S, Desire 200 Motorola - X Phone Google - Nexus 7 2.0 Apps: Jason:... Continue reading

HTC Desire 200 made official – taking the low end to new lows

Captured in the wild only today, HTC has just made the Desire 200 official, releasing it on their website. It's a very low end device but still includes Beats Audio, the Android version is hidden and is only listed as Android with HTC Sense. No LTE is on-board, only 2G/3G radios are included however with a 1230mAh battery you probably wouldn't want to use 4G much anyway. HTC Desire 200 3.5" HVGA 480×320 display Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S1, 1GHz 512MB DDR1 RAM 4GB onboard storage with microSD Card slot(up to 32GB) Radios 2G/ 2.5G - GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 3G/ 3.5G - UMTS/ HSPA: 900/2100 MHz with... Continue reading

HTC Desire 200 seen in the wild

Earlier this year, we learned that HTC was looking to bring back their Desire brand with two new handsets. The HTC Desire 200 was first spotted in May, being certified by the Taiwan National Communications Commission(NCC), and it's resurfaced again, this time with video footage. HTCs plans for the resurrection of the Desire brand seems to indicate they will be using it as their 'budget' line; with the recently announced Desire 600 showing specs that are nothing spectacular and the HTC Desire 200 appears to be set to continue this trend... Continue reading

HTC One mini confirmed by UA profile

While the HTC One mini has yet to be officially announced by HTC, we've been hearing an awful lot about it lately, and the latest information comes from HTC's Taiwan website. HTC have user agent profiles for all their phones on their website, which detail the web browsing and mms capabilities of the devices, and HTC have just updated the site with the UA profile for the One mini. The profile confirms the name One mini (note, no capital 'm'), the suspected display resolution of 1280x720, and that the phone will be running Android 4.2. At this stage,... Continue reading

Leaked photos show that HTC Butterfly S does not look like HTC One

Whereas the HTC One Mini is basically identical to the HTC One, if these leaked photos are to believed, the Butterfly S looks much more like its predecessor, the Butterfly. The Butterfly S has the front-facing Boomsound speakers and Ultrapixel camera of the One, but rather than a unibody aluminium shell, the body of the device is made from polycarbonate and looks very much like the original Butterfly. Strangely, HTC seems to have foregone their new-fangled two-button arrangement in favour of the traditional three-button configuration seen on HTC's 2012 phones. All of these changes seem a... Continue reading

More details about the HTC One Mini leak out

We all know that HTC are going to release a lower-end version of the HTC One sometime soon. Firstly, because releasing lots of phones is what HTC does; and secondly because they've told us. As we (presumably) get closer to the release date of the M4, or One Mini as it's apparently now called, we're starting to see more and more information leak out about the device. Engadget are claiming to have a 'trusted source' with access to the One Mini, and they've received the... Continue reading

HTC One receives S-OFF thanks to Revolutionary

What you can see in the image above is an HTC One with an unlocked bootloader and S-OFF. How do you know we've achieved this? The CID also says Ausdroid. Look carefully. It's there. Why would you want S-OFF on your HTC One? Basically, it's about freedom to modify your phone in a much more powerful way than just unlocking the bootloader. It allows you to flash unisgned code onto the kernel, boot and radio partitions from recovery. It allows you to upgrade or downgrade radio and firmware updates as you see fit, instead of being restricted to only going... Continue reading

Rumour: HTC ‘T6′ to launch in Q3 as HTC One Max

The rumoured 'Phablet' from HTC currently only known by its codename of the T6 has been named as the HTC One Max by an analyst in a note to investors. Alvin Kwock from J.P. Morgan in Hong Kong, spoke about a number of things but about the T6 he advised that 'Many carriers are highly interested in the HTC One Max smartphone, as it is the only flagship model with a uni-body casing back-cover to be released in the second half of this year'. The rumoured specs that were reported recently by EVLeaks, were again reiterated although the... Continue reading

HTC One Mini in the wild – pics and specs leaked

Looks like the HTC One 'Mini' or M4 as its been known has leaked ahead of what is being said to be an August launch. The phone has shown up on Estonian site and they've supplied the details on what hardware their sample contains. The hardware on the device includes a 4.3-inch 720p display, a Dual-Core CPU and 2GB of RAM, the phone will come with 16GB internal storage as well as the (4MP) UltraPixel Camera associated with the HTC One. Whilst they don't appear to have been able to confirm 100% they are reasonably sure the phone... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 72 – June 4, 2013

This is the 72rd episode of the Ausdroid podcast. This week, we spent a while discussing the surprising amount of news from HTC, looked at some new LG announcements and looked at Asus and Toshiba's Computex tablet announcements. Production Note: We had some issues with our audio recording this week and have had to use the Hangout audio recording instead - sorry! Featuring: Jason Murray, Buzz Moody and Geoff Fieldew. Topics: HTC Rumour Mill: M4 / One Mini, and T6 HTC One with Nexus User Experience HTC's unaudited financial figures Editorial: What I'd do if I ran HTC LG L... Continue reading

Editorial: What I’d do if I were CEO of HTC

Note: This post is purely a bit of fun and a dream of a perfect world. No one could realistically expect a 19-year-old to single-handedly reinstate a company to its former glory. Though, if they'd like to pay me to try, I'm open to it. First let's look at what's possibly happening to HTC at the moment. Their previous quarterly results are far from stunning, in fact, their profits have nose-dived over the past year and they're hoping the HTC One can be their saviour device. Last quarter they reported a 98% drop in profit and a 38% drop in... Continue reading

HTC set to release a 7″ tablet in September

Remember the HTC Flyer? No, you're not alone. It was the first venture into the 7" tablet market that HTC made in May 2011. Probably too soon to market with a 7" tablet, HTC is now trying the other end of the scale by releasing one way too late. Adding to the list of prayers to be answered, HTC are said to be getting ready to launch a 7" Android tablet to compete with the likes of the iPad Mini and the amazing success story that is the Nexus 7. It is important to remember... Continue reading