Check out the All New HTC One (M8) in these official videos and commercials

We've been introduced to the All New HTC One (M8) and now HTC is onto the hard sell. They've begun releasing a series of videos onto their YouTube Channel which includes a Playlist featuring videos showing off the M8 and its features, they've also released two commercials featuring Gary Oldman (Hey, what happened to Robert Downey Jr.?) First up there's the introduction video : Introducing the HTC One (M8) Followed by the first look video : First Look: The HTC One (M8) Next, get up close with the most intriguing design feature of the HTC One - the Duo Camera : First Look:... Continue reading

HTC Announce the Dot View Case for the All New HTC one

HTC last night unveiled the All New HTC One (M8) and of course the next thing you want to know about is the accessories. HTC has announced the Dot Case, which was teased on Twitter prior to the release by @Evleaks. The Dot Case is a retro looking Flip Cover for the phone, the case will be available in five colours - Warm Black, Imperial Blue, Orange Popsicle, Atlantis and Baton Rouge. The case is mentioned in the official PR release with the description : HTC Dot View case – protect your phone with retro flair Taking that sixth... Continue reading

PSA: If your HTC One (2013) takes photos like this, it might be a hardware fault

After all the leaks leading up to this morning's launch event, the all new HTC One is finally here officially. Considering the effort HTC have put into the new One's camera, I think we're all a little eager to see how well it performs. Last year's One was lauded for its stellar low-light performance, but if you are like me, the low-light performance of the One's camera seemed to get steadily worse over time until the point where it... Continue reading

HTC announce the One (M8), launching in April on all 3 major carriers

After months of speculation and leaks, HTC have officially announced their next flagship device, the HTC One (M8), at an event in New York. Last year's One proved to be quite popular, and ended up being HTC's best-selling device ever, so they have opted not to mess with the design too much. Once again they've gone with an aluminium body to house the device, which features a 5-inch Full-HD 440 ppi LCD display and Snapdragon 801 processor. The big new feature that HTC is hanging its hat on this year is the... Continue reading

HTC releases Blinkfeed and Service Pack to Google Play

With the launch of their 2014 flagship only mere hours away, HTC has thrown two new entries into Google Play. One is exciting and the other not so much - Blinkfeed and Service pack. Firstly, Blinkfeed is exciting, in that it will be updated by HTC independently of the Software update process and can now receive new features from HTC in a timely fashion. The entry comes in the 'News & Magazines' category, but has a package name of '' perhap this will end up as a launcher in the end? The Google Play entry describes the functions of... Continue reading

The All New HTC One outed by Rogers Wireless in Canada ahead of tonights launch

In the lead up to any phone launch the phone is susceptible to leaks from all parties involved in the phone, from the manufacturer themselves through to carriers and in this case, the carrier is Rogers Wirless, a Canadian carrier who has put the details of the All New HTC One up on their website briefly. The specs have been confirmed as being a 5" 1080P Super LCD3 display and will have an 'Ultrapixel' camera on the rear with a 5MP Front-Facing camera - no information on the specs of the secondary camera. Features like the LTE will be changed... Continue reading

Google shows what’s up their sleeve with ‘Android Wear’ – it’s all about the wearables

As teased by Sundar Pichai at SXSW, Google has today announced their plans for wearables by announcing Android Wear. Android Wear is a about bringing Android to wearables and getting information to you. As expected it's heavily focused on Google Now and it will be used by a pretty vast array of partners from the Open Handset Alliance(OHA). To start with Google and their partners will be concentrating Android Wear on the most common wearable in the consumer market at this stage - Watches. There's four major focuses with Android Wear - Information, answers, health and fitness and syncing in... Continue reading

The All New HTC One Australian launch event scheduled for March 27th

While the launch of the All New HTC One is set for the 25th of March in London, Australia will get its first look at the phone on the 27th of March when HTC Australia holds their launch event in Sydney. We've seen the phone from almost every angle, seen a walkthrough of the software that will come on the phone, even seen purported benchmarks and seen a checklist of the features that the phone will include, we even know that Telstra will be carrying the phone, but this will be our first official... Continue reading

Check out HTC Sense 6 and get up close and personal with Motion Launch

We'll see the All New HTC One in just over a week and when it launches officially and though we've seen the hardware pretty thoroughly, the software has remained a bit of a mystery, until now. New leaker on the block @gadgetleaks has provided a three and a half minute video walkthrough of HTC Sense 6 which is what the All New HTC One is expected to launch with. The phone or emulator running in the video appears to not be the All New HTC One, indeed the video shows Beats settings, which the new phone doesn't seem to... Continue reading

HTC talks Zoe in their latest Technical Translation

In the last in the line of Technical Translations which HTC has been using to both explain to potential new customers about the features of their One phone, while at the same time trying to hype up their new phone; we get a run down on one of the lesser known but nonetheless cool features of the HTC Sense software - HTC Zoe. Zoes - a word which seems to be a shortened version of the word and meaning for Zoetrope - are basically the way HTC takes and collates your pictures, movies and shows them in a highlights which... Continue reading

The All New HTC One specs confirmed and new features detailed

After they got their hands on a leaked brochure from Telstra, the team at GSMArena were also able to confirm other specs from the device as well as getting a look a the features that HTC is banking on setting the All New HTC One apart from the competition. To start with they've confirmed that hardware wise the All New HTC One will come with a decent list of specs, which will hold it in good stead against the competition coming to market this year. All New HTC One Specs: 5" 1080p 2.3GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm... Continue reading

All New HTC One shown in new photos and video

Looks like just about everyone will have had hands-on time and posted a video or picture review of the All New HTC One by the time we reach the March 25th release date. Even still, it's an intriguing handset and with its great looks and improved features that HTC has been teasing in their technical translations, the All New HTC One looks like it will be a winner. Today we've got an album of photos from Chinese social media site Weibo as well as another - although briefer - hands-on video with the phone. First up the photos show the... Continue reading

HTC talks UltraPixel and teases the new dual camera setup on the All New HTC One

The All New HTC One is getting teased in the line of Technical Translations videos that HTC is releasing on their YouTube Channel and the newest one focuses on the feature that's probably the most intriguing about the upcoming phone - the dual cameras. The Technical Translations video goes into the technology that turns the UltraPixel camera on the original HTC one into a 'Lowlight Expert' and then proceeds to explain - all beeped out of course - about how this will all be improved on the All New HTC One. Check it out and see what you think: HTC Technical... Continue reading