HTC talks UltraPixel and teases the new dual camera setup on the All New HTC One

The All New HTC One is getting teased in the line of Technical Translations videos that HTC is releasing on their YouTube Channel and the newest one focuses on the feature that's probably the most intriguing about the upcoming phone - the dual cameras. The Technical Translations video goes into the technology that turns the UltraPixel camera on the original HTC one into a 'Lowlight Expert' and then proceeds to explain - all beeped out of course - about how this will all be improved on the All New HTC One. Check it out and see what you think: HTC Technical... Continue reading

Flip cover for the All New One shown off on Twitter

The All New HTC One. We've seen it in Silver, Black and of course Gold and we've even seen what's supposed to be an official Bumper case for it but that could only be the first case, with @EvLeaks releasing a pic of yet another case, this time what appears to be a flip cover. As you can see the design appears to use a dot pattern, which could effectively be a partially active e-ink display, showing you relevant information like weather, time and even basic notifications without actually waking your device. An interesting concept. Also from the... Continue reading

All New HTC One shows up in clearer photos with Benchmarks in tow

It's not a 12 minute video walkthrough that could get someone's parents fired, but it's another clear look at the one of the leakiest phones to be announced this year - the All New HTC One. Thanks to EVLeaks we get the clearest shot of the dual-lens setup on the rear of the phone, which we will hopefully find out the reason for on March 25th. But wait, there's more! has gotten hold of some more pictures of the phone which shows off the refined look that plays up the improved aluminium unibody design that HTC... Continue reading

All New HTC One teaser – Metal Unibody

After the 12 minute video leak yesterday there isn't much left to see - except a decently presented review - from the All New HTC One(M8) but HTC is continuing their journey towards their March 25th launch as though that particular leak never happened, this time talking about the Metal Unibody of the HTC One design. Our two presenters - the nerd and 'the cool guy' - from the previous teaser are back and this time talking about the path from a block of aircraft grade aluminum alloy to smartphone that each HTC One and indeed the All... Continue reading

All New HTC One appears in 12 minute video review

The All New HTC One will launch later this month, but why wait until then to check out all the features of HTC's new flagship? YouTube channel GadgetReviews has posted a full 12 minute walkthrough of the HTC M8, showing off the performance, camera(s), software and sound quality of the upcoming phone. The phone appears to be a pre-production version, with the uploader saying this was recorded on February 19th. The walkthrough shows off Blinkfeed off to the left where Google Now is located on the new Google Now launcher, we also get a good look at HTC Sense, he... Continue reading

HTC shows off Boomsound and teases an improved version in a new trailer

With the title 'HTC Technical Translations #1: BoomSound' you'd be tempted to skip over the video when it comes up in your YouTube subscription feed, it sounds kind of boring, but it's actually pretty cool. It also has the bonus of teasing the 'All new HTC One' - yes, they call it that in the video - which will apparently have even better BoomSound. In the video, there's a full technical run-down of how Boomsound works, delivered by what is meant to be some sort of sound engineer(Hey, he has a labcoat, he must be smart) with a more... Continue reading

[MWC 2014] HTC ‘Power to Give’ lets you use your phone’s idle CPU time for good

Distributed computing projects are nothing new, but so far none have leveraged the ubiquity of the modern smartphone. During their press conference at MWC this morning, HTC announced the 'Power to Give' programme, which will initially target unused CPU cycles on the latest HTC phones, but will eventually expand to all Android devices. Distributed computing projects involve breaking large calculations or analytical processes down into small pieces, which are each performed on separate devices, reducing the need to rely on expensive supercomputers. Participants will download some software to their computer, which when not in active use, starts crunching... Continue reading

HTC takes on Samsung in snarky tweet, look foolish

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S 5 at Mobile World Congress earlier this morning, and HTC's social media team immediately took to Twitter to cash in on the buzz for Samsung's new device with the (admittedly pretty funny) image above. Nokia pulled a similar trick last year when Apple announced the iPhone 5c, which gave us all a few laughs, but it definitely paid off for them. Nokia's 'Thanks, Apple' tweet amassed a whopping 40,000 retweets and was lauded as one of the... Continue reading

[MWC 2014] HTC announces two new Desire handsets – the Desire 610 and 816

Despite the fact that their 'Big' event is planned for the 25th of March, HTC is still at Mobile World Congress and took to the stage overnight to announce some new products, but in the Desire range rather than their 'One' range, announcing the Desire 610 and the Desire 816. Desire 610 HTC Desire 610 The Desire 610 is a mid-range device which brings features such as BlinkFeed and BoomSound into the more affordable end of the spectrum for consumers. Although described as a mid-range phone the Desire 610 will still carry LTE radios and allow customers... Continue reading

Retailer Round-up: This weeks specials

It has been a few weeks since we brought you retailer round-up and we thought it was time to bring it back and share with you the specials available this week from the bricks and motor retailers around Australia. Coles Samsung Galaxy Y Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile - $59 - Available now until Tuesday 25 Feb Woolworths LG Optimus L3+ Telstra Pre-Paid - $34.50 - Available now until Tuesday 25 Feb Aldi Bauhn 9.7" Quad Core Android Tablet 16GB - $199 - Available Saturday 22 Feb until sold-out Bauhn 5" Quad Core Android Smartphone 8GB - $249 - Available Saturday 22 Feb until... Continue reading

Press render for the All new HTC One in Grey leaks

There's just over a month to go till the launch event in London and New York but that doesn't mean you have to wait till then to see the All New HTC One or the M8 as it's been known up until recently in the new Grey colour. EvLeaks has posted this press render on his Twitter feed for your perusal : This Grey colour matches the picture that EvLeaks released the other day of the M8 sporting a bumper : It's a decent looking phone in Grey, and we've seen the phone in Gold, but we still await the... Continue reading

Check out the press render of the All New HTC One in Gold

With a launch event on the 25th of March, the PR crew at HTC are working over time getting the renders up and running in time for the announcement and first to leak is the Gold version of what has been known up until today as the M8, but could be known once released as the 'All new HTC One'. The leaks comes courtesy of @evleaks and shows the front and back of the phone in the Gold colour which will surely be named Champagne Gold. The BoomSound speakers are there in all their glory as is the dual... Continue reading

HTC Advantage – what it might mean for Australia

HTC has made a number of announcements specific to the US market in the past few days about support and service arrangements. We haven't reported on them on Ausdroid because they don't pertain to Australian users -- not yet, anyway. Given the number of rumours and news reports around the company at the moment we thought it'd be a good idea to summarise HTC Advantage. The Advantage program applies to new customers purchasing the HTC One, HTC One Mini or HTC One Max. If you end up with a Desire, too bad - but then, you... Continue reading