HTC to launch new One on March 25

HTC have announced that they will hold press events on 25 March in London and New York for the release of their 2014 flagship. Obviously, we don't have any solid facts about the new One, or M8, but what we do have are a lot of rumours. Leaks show that the One 2 will be basically a beefed-up One, with the following specs - 5-inch display with 1920×1080 resolution, offering a pixel density of 440ppi Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.3GHz Adreno 330 GPU 2GB RAM 16GB on-board storage Android 4.4 (KitKat) If what we've seen so far is true, the One 2 will share... Continue reading

Happy Birthday HTC Dream – 5 Big years in Australia

Five years ago today, I was introduced to a phone that would change both my mobile world as well as the mobile landscape in Australia itself - the HTC Dream. Launching officially on Monday February 16th 2009, the HTC Dream (or the G1 as it was known in the US) was instantly a standout to me in what was a vastly different mobile landscape to what it is today. In 2009, dumbphones ruled the Australian mobile market with smartphones limited to older PalmOS devices, Windows Mobile or a heavily feature hamstrung iPhone. At the time, the most popular mobile... Continue reading

HTC Desire 8 looks like a larger, plastic mid-range HTC One

HTC has recently been re-focusing on their low-mid range phones in the Desire line, releasing quite a number of different devices to compliment their higher end HTC One line. A leaked new device appearing on Chinese site possibly shows a new phone in the Desire line - named the Desire 8 - which could bridge the gap between the two lines. The device is apparently fairly large, with a 5.5" screen packed into a plastic body that will be available in a range of colours - red, yellow, orange, blue and green, similar colours to those seen recently... Continue reading

HTC M8 shows up in the wild this time from the front

The same source that brought us the first pictures of the dual camera mounted rear of the HTC M8 has delivered another look at the HTC M8, this time from the front. The Russian source @HTCFamil_RU has seemingly found a source willing to show off the device. As seen above you can see the on-screen software keys which leaked last week. But this time we can see them sitting above a completely, seemingly superfluous black bar, which on the HTC One was for the capacative buttons, but on the M8 seems to just be a strip for HTC... Continue reading

HTC M8 Mini to feature Snapdragon 400 SoC and 13MP Camera

The latest rumour from serial leaker @evleaks is that the Mini version of the upcoming HTC One followup - codenamed the M8 - will feature hardware that could be seen as a very minor spec bump from the current model. The upgraded Mini will see only minor updates from the current HTC One Mini which already features a Quad-Core 1.4GHz Snapdragon 400 SoC, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of on-board storage. With upgrades mainly going to the front and rear camera and an addition of microSD card slot for expandable storage and AC WiFi. Software wise, the new Mini will come... Continue reading

Rumour: HTC to produce a “high-end” Nexus tablet later this year

Rumours are circulating today that HTC is working on a "high end" Nexus tablet for release sometime later this year. A report by Focus Taiwan has stated that HTC Corp is said to have won orders for a high-end model in the Google Nexus tablet line that will begin shipping in the third quarter of 2014. We could be seeing a replacement Nexus 10 or, given the timing of previous launches, a replacement for the current 2013 model Nexus 7. This would be a boost for HTC, who manufactured the original Nexus One for Google and... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 101 – Fappy Bird

Welcome to episode 101 of the Ausdroid podcast! This week Jason, Geoff and Dan took a look at the latest news from the Android world. Topics: Motorola purchased by Lenovo for $2.91b Google opens Chromecast SDK up to all developers Pebble App Store now live, just not for Android (but it's OK because it's now in beta?) HTC Rumours: M8 on-screen buttons, Late March launch in NYC Samsung Rumours: Unpacked5 event at Mobile World Congress may see Galaxy S5 launch Red Nexus 5 Rumours: Heading to Google Play on Feb 5 (hey, that rumour turned... Continue reading

HTC says me too for wearable device – aiming to release by Christmas

HTC has signalled its attention to enter the wearable market, where other Android OEMs such as Sony and Samsung have launched wearable devices within the last 6 to 12 months, even further back in Sony's case. HTC Chairwoman, Cher Wang, has told Bloomberg that the Taiwanese company was making plans to release a wearable device by the holiday shopping season. In the interview, Ms Wang stated: Many years ago we started looking at smartwatches and wearables, but we believe that we really have to solve the battery problems and the LCD light problems. These are customer-centric problems. HTC plans to revamp... Continue reading

Is this the first picture of the HTC M8?

This picture has just shown up on the Twitter feed of Russian site The photo shows off a phone which appears to confirm a number of rumours that have been circulating about the next HTC flagship - similar design and dual cameras. The photo shows off a dual lens setup on the rear of the phone - note no fingerprint scanner - with a dual LED Flash on the left of what appears to be the main lens. There's a secondary lens mounted right at the top of the phone, but what this dual mounted lens setup is actually... Continue reading

Evleaks hints at a late March Launch for the HTC M8 in NYC

It certainly seems that the rumours are beginning to ramp up for the potential launch of the HTC M8 and it seems that Evleaks have gotten its hands on a potential launch timeframe for the mysterious device. According to a Twitter post earlier yesterday, Evleaks who's posts have been somewhat spot on most of the time, posted the following: This correlates with a post from Dan back on January 14, in which Bloomberg reported that sources close to a project consider the M8 to be the successor to the very popular HTC One, with a launch in late March. The... Continue reading

Could this be the HTC M8′s on-screen buttons?

We have heard rumours over the last few months that the new successor to the HTC One, the so called HTC M8, would come with on screen buttons instead of the usual capacity buttons the company normally uses for its device lineup. As per the picture above, it shows the standard back, home, and multi-tasking Android buttons. This design fits with the Nexus 5 and Motorola devices like the Moto X and RAZR line which also exclusively use on-screen buttons. Having on-screen buttons instead of capacitive buttons would be a welcome break away from the norm for HTC's flagship... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 100 – Lucas still has his Xperia Play

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Ausdroid podcast! 100 episodes. We'll just let that sink in there. Our little podcast has grown up so fast! This week Lucas joined us to celebrate our milestone along with Jason, Geoff, Phil and Scott took a look at the news from the first Ausdroid podcast as well as some more current events. Topics: Ausdroid Podcast 001 - Is that a train I hear? Samsung: Oops, we did break third-party accessories AOKP founder defects to Cyanogen Inc HTC rumours: Telstra testing new phone, >colourful new phones, and the... Continue reading

Android 4.4 rolling out to European HTC One handsets now

The Android 4.4 update has been a very much anticipated release for owners of the current flagship device, and before an updated successor is announced in the next few months, users are very much wanting as many updates as possible before the device is relegated to the same fate that met the former flagship and it appears that European owners of the HTC One are beginning to get their first taste of Kit Kat on the HTC One now. HTC Developer LlabTooFeR advised that the Android 4.4.2 update - ROM version 4.19.401.8 - is beginning to hit handsets.... Continue reading