HTC M8 alleged to have on-screen navigation keys

We're starting to get a few leaks about HTC's upcoming successor to their 2013 flagship, which at this stage is only known by its internal name, the M8. One of the more interesting points is that the M8 would have no capacitive buttons, and notorious tech leakster @evleaks has backed up this rumour in a tweet this morning. One of the few criticisms that we had of the HTC One was the odd-button layout, and that HTC persisted in using capacitive buttons, which added to the already large bezel size of the device. If @evleaks'... Continue reading

Colourful new HTC Desire phones possibly coming this year

It appears that 2014 could be a colourful year for Android, with a possible update to the colour range on Nexus devices coming it seems HTC is also looking at expanded the colour options from their Windows Phone lineup to Android with a leaked series of photos showing that a new Desire range of phones could come in red, yellow, orange and blue. The Desire series has remained afloat as a low-mid range series of devices and the trend looks set to continue with this latest round of Desire handsets apparently upping the spec game from the recently released... Continue reading

Telstra begins testing data sessions on 700MHz spectrum with unreleased advanced HTC smartphone

In May of last year, Telstra - as well as Optus - successfully bid in an auction held by the ACMA for licenses to use bands in the 700MHz spectrum that had previously been used by the now defunct Analogue TV service. In that auction, Telstra successfully bid on 2 x 20 MHz (40 MHz) of spectrum and while the license to fully use the spectrum won't come into effect until the first of January next year(2015), Telstra began testing out data sessions using the spectrum this week. On Friday, Telstra - in partnership with Ericsson - successfully completed... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 99 – A curve in the right direction

Welcome to the 99th episode of the Ausdroid podcast! This week Jason, Dan and Geoff took a good close look at the news and made sure everyone knew how the felt about it. Those communication classes are clearly helping! Topics: Motorola Moto G: Review and launch details Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite LG G Flex exclusive to Harvey Norman Accessorise your Nexus Rumours: HTC M8 Rumours: LG G3 Rumours: Sony Sirius (and another rumour a couple of days later) Samsung Galaxy S5 Pocket Weather 4.0 Listen to this episode Download this episode MP3 Subscribe to the Ausdroid Podcast Continue reading

HTC to launch the One successor in March with larger screen and dual rear cameras

With the financial situation still not as steady as they'd like, HTC is planning to release the upcoming M8, the latest version of thier flagship device in March with a similar design to the HTC one but with a larger screen and dual-cameras on the rear. The information is pretty scarce, but the report from Bloomberg, which features information from a person they've spoken to 'with direct knowledge of the plans', the Taiwanese company will use an updated Qualcomm processor in their latest model, although it's not specified as to whether that means a Snapdragon 800 or whether it will... Continue reading

HTC will no longer update the One X and One X+

Bad news today if you own HTC's 2012 flagship phone, the One X -- HTC have confirmed that they will not be updating this device beyond its current OS version of Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5.0. The news first broke when they replied to a question via Twitter, and was then confirmed when they released the following statement: We can confirm that the HTC One X and One X+ will not receive further Android OS updates beyond Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5. We realize this news will be met with disappointment by some, but our customers should... Continue reading

Retailer Round-up: In-store Weekly Specials

Well the silly season is officially over, and retailers are now gearing themselves back up once again for the back to school (and work) specials, so here is whats on offer this week from our various retailers around this great country of ours: Big W Mobiles Boost Sony Xperia E - $59 - starts Jan 9 until Jan 15 Vodafone Huawei G300+ - $99 with bonus $30 recharge voucher added - starts Jan 9 until Jan 15 Telstra Huawei Y300 - $79 - starts Jan 9 until Jan 15 Samsung Galaxy Trend unlocked smartphone - $228 - starts Jan 9 until... Continue reading

A new set of rumoured specs for the HTC M8 and a new name

After Twitter leaker @evleaks yesterday teased with what was described as 'Preliminary specs' for the HTC M8, the follow up to the HTC One, it seems they may have moved on from those decidedly 'meh' specs and included some more grunt, at least according to HTC ROM developer mike1986 from Android Revolution. mike1986 has previously been able to source some pretty good information regarding HTC devices and software in the past and has shot down the Snapdragon 800 SoC rumour from yesterday instead advising that HTC will be going for the top-shelf Snapdragon processor which is due in the first... Continue reading

Rumoured HTC M8 specs start leaking – 5″ 1080p display and Snapdragon 800 SoC

HTC had quite the niche hit on their hands last year with the very well designed HTC One, although the popular opinion of the tech industry didn't save them from some less than favourable quarterly earnings announcements for their 2013 fiscal year, but they're apparently hard at work behind the scenes on the successor to the HTC One(known while in development as the M7) with a device they've creatively named the M8. According to internet leak superstar @evleaks, the HTC M8 will be coming with some pretty big specs : HTC seem to have gone up in size on... Continue reading

HTC releases infographic defining the ‘Anatomy of an Android OS Update’

The HTC US site has just posted an interesting update which explains a little of the process of what happens with the update process from the viewpoint of a major manufacturer. The infographic is fairly large - click on the image below to have it expand fully - but lists the step by step process from a US standpoint - but the concepts are still valid - from the release of the framework through the Partner Development Kit(PDK) through to the implementation of the HTC Sense framework and certification process. It's a fairly long read, and pretty much explains why... Continue reading

HTC One Unlocked and Developer editions getting KitKat today in the US

We reported recently that the Google Play edition of the HTC One would be getting the Android 4.4 KitKat update soon. Now HTC has announced that the Developer Edition and the HTC Unlocked version will be getting KitKat starting from today. With all of the US special edition One's receiving Android 4.4, surely it won't be long until the international HTC One gets to taste some KitKat soon.  @HTCUSA recently tweeted: It's expected that the latest update will also bring Sense 5.5 to the international One. We'll keep you updated on when the roll out... Continue reading

HTC launches the Desire 700 and 501

On top of the UK released HTC One DUAL SIM, HTC in Taiwan launched the Desire 700 and Desire 501 (pictured above). The Desire 700 is a doppelgänger for the HTC One, except it's plastic, not the aluminium of the One: The HTC Desire 700 runs on the old Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and features: 5" 540 x 960 display 1.2GHz quad-core processor 1GB RAM 8GB storage, expandable via microSD up to 64GB Dual SIM 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS 2100mAh battery The Desire 501 comes in three colours - Black, White and Pink - and has similar... Continue reading

HTC One Dual SIM with expandable storage released

The HTC One is one of the best designed phones available at the moment, and now it gets another variant, a dual-SIM model with expandable storage via microSD card of up to 64GBs. The extra storage capacity is on top of the already included 32GB of internal storage. To access the dual-SIMs and microSD card the back plate is removable. HTC describes the dual-SIM functions as: Receive calls from either SIM card at any time Switch seamlessly between both sim cards while you talk HTC Sense helps you manage calls, texts and data between sim cards effortlessly On-board Dual Network Manager... Continue reading