LG G3 coming in Gold with high res screen

Handsets from LG in their high end G line of phones specifically have become highly desirable over the last two years, and the LG G3 is looking set to follow this trend, not only from a design standpoint but from rumours surrounding the hardware that LG will be including, namely a high resolution 2560 x 1440 screen. The rumours of the high resolution screen have been around for a while, and were seemingly confirmed earlier this week in a UserAgent Profile for a Sprint handset with the model# LS990. With LG currently manufacturing a 5.5" 2560 x 1440... Continue reading

LG G3 Specs and UI leaked

LG are set to join the party of flagship releases in 2014. So far we have seen the HTC One M8, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2. The LG 2014 sequel to their 2013 G2, is rumoured to be announced on May 17 and while we have seen a few rumours regarding its specs the details are few and far between, with the main one being that it totes a QHD display of 2560×1440 resolution. In the past few days we have seen some more details surface. MyLGPhones have unearthed... Continue reading

LG begins rolling out KitKat update to the G2

LG has this morning announced that they have begun rolling out the Android 4.4 update for the LG G2 to customers on the Optus network. The LG G2 was sold exclusively on the Optus Network, but customers who purchased outright will also see the update on their devices as well. The LG G2 began shipping in November last year to Australian customers with Android 4.2.2 on-board and this is the first update we've seen for the phone, but it's a fairly significant one. There's a full range of improvements that Android 4.4 brought to devices including... Continue reading

Octa-Core ‘Odin’ chip from LG apparently entering mass production

There's a lot of manufacturers making CPU's for their phones these days, they're variable in their successes, but LG seems to think there is a market there and have been rumoured to be working on their own CPU's and reportedly have an Octa-Core CPU codenamed 'Odin' about to enter mass production. The processor will be manufactured using the 28nm manufactuing process and utilise the ARM BIGlittle architecture which will marries four Cortex-A15 cores with four lower-powered Cortex-A7 cores. There is speculation that there will be a quad-core variant as well, with the Octa-Core using the Mali-T760 GPU, while the Quad-Core... Continue reading

LG announce the L40 and L70 will be arriving in Australia

LG has today that they will be launching two of their L Series III phones in Australia in the coming months. The L70 will launch next month, with the L40 following soon after in June. The L Series III will launch with many of the features that launched in the premium 'G Series' phones. Features like: KnockCode a feature which allows users to set an unlock pattern using taps on the display. (Shave and a haircut - two bits anybody?) Plug and Pop a feature which offers compatible Apps based on accessories plugged into the phone - 3.5mm jack will offer music/podcast... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 107 – Gotta fool em all

Welcome to episode 107 of the Ausdroid podcast! With local launches for the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 past, we could finally discuss some Australian specifics like carrier pricing. As both Dan and Jason have the One M8 in hand, we also gave some early thoughts on the device. There's also a quick roundup of some other notable devices hitting local stores and carriers, and a software update for an old friend. Hosted by Jason Murray, with Dan Tyson and Phil Tann. Topics: April Fools pranks Galaxy S5: Launch, Carrier pricing and SK Telecom... Continue reading

LG wants to hear from you about the next great mobile innovation

LG has been innovating their little hearts out in the mobile space and it's working. They've introduced new concepts - rear mounted keys, curved screens, flexible phones - and they're grabbing attention everywhere, up to and including winning the 'Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of the Year’ at Mobile World Congress this year. Now, they want to hear from you about what should be the next big thing in Mobiles. If you have an idea about what you want to see introduced on Mobiles then LG could have a prize for you. If you head to their Facebook page,... Continue reading

LG G Flex now available from Optus

The G Flex is one of the most intriguing products available from LG at the moment, with a 6", flexible, curved display it's got that 'certain something' that people around you will instantly want to check out when you pull your phone out. Previously only available outright through Harvey Norman, it's now available exclusively from Optus. The plans for the LG G Flex start at $35, with a $24.75 handset repayment (minimum Total Cost is $1,434.00 over 24 months), which includes 500MB of data and 200 minutes of talk time, as well as unlimited SMS and MMS in Australia. Or... Continue reading

Google mandating that ‘powered by Android’ logo to appear on boot-up screen

Android Central recently noticed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 boot-up screen had one curious addition to the screen, in the form of a somewhat large 'Powered by Android' logo appearing on the bottom of the screen. This also seemed the case for the recently launched HTC One (M8) smartphone as well. There has been a fair bit of speculation that this latest addition to the boot-up screen was the result of a meeting between Google and leading Android manufacturers. However, it now seems this is part of a much larger plan currently playing out. According to an email confirmed... Continue reading

LG G Watch shows up on Facebook – it’s a rectangle

When Google announced Android Wear there were two products announced immediately - the Moto 360 from Motorola and the G Watch from LG. The Moto 360 immediately took most of the interest of the tech community with it's unique round display but the G Watch could potentially be just as interesting. The concept of a round watch is definitely an attractive option for most people wanting a watch which looks like a traditional watch. But, in the fledgeling smartwatch wearables market, there has been a lot more traction with rectangular or square watches, so LG is ready... Continue reading

LG to begin rolling ‘KnockOn’ feature to L Series II phones beginning in March

Announced back at the end of December, LG Australia has today announced that their 'KnockOn' tap to wake/sleep feature will be rolling out to their successful L Series II line of handsets this month. The update will begin rolling out now and should be completed by the end of April, with owners able to download the update as a maintenance release. The handsets being targeted for the release are : LG Optimus L2 II LG Optimus L3 II LG Optimus L5 II LG Optimus L7 II LG Optimus L7 II (Dual SIM) The KnockOn feature allows users to double tap on the display to wake... Continue reading

LG announces ‘Smart’ LED Bulbs controllable with Android and iOS devices

LG has taken the opportunity to liven up a Sunday by announcing they will enter the LED lighting market by releasing their own 'Smart' LED light bulb which will be controllable from Android and iOS devices. There's two bulbs which have been announced - Color: B1030EA5L6B and Day White: B1050EA5L6B. Like most LED lights, they have an extremely long life with LG advising the bulbs will run for five hours a day for up to 10 years. The use of LED also means that they're energy efficient. Like most smart bulbs on the market - Philips Hue, LifX and Belkin WeMo... Continue reading

Retailer Roundup: Weekly Specials

It has been a couple of weeks (maybe more give or take) and we thought it was time to bring it back. So, what's on-sale around the traps? Woolworths Available now until Tuesday 25 March LG L3 II Telstra pre-paid mobile: $59 Coles Available now until Tuesday 25 March Samsung Galaxy Y Telstra pre-paid mobile: $59 Remember Coles now also have Google Play Gift Cards (Unfortunately not on-sale though). Dick Smith Available now until Wednesday 26 March Mobiles LG G2 4G Smartphone Unlocked: $567 LG Optimus L7 II Smartphone Unlocked: $199 Alcatel Onetouch Pixi Mobile Phone Unlocked: $89 Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo Mobile Phone Unlocked: $119 Samsung... Continue reading