LG confirms Australian launch of Chromebase, the Chrome All In One Desktop

LG has announced that its Chrome All-In-One (AIO) Desktop, dubbed the Chromebase, will launch in Australia in April, with a suggested retail price of $599. LG is confident that the Chromebase will become widely adopted in home, school and office environments alike, as it represents the future of desktop computing. For those who missed the announcement at CES 2014, the Chromebase is a ChromeOS machine integrated into a display reminiscent of the Apple iMac in terms of design. Underneath the hood adorned by a 21.5" IPS display is an Intel Celeron processor, 2 GB of RAM and a... Continue reading

Smashed your Nexus 5? Here’s how to repair it.

It's the sound you never want to hear when you drop your phone or see it sliding over the edge of a desk, and while we all try to protect our phone to the best of our ability, sometimes accidents happen and when it does you need to get your baby fixed up and back under way. So, who you gonna call? Well, it's definitely not going to be covered under warranty, but if you call Google Play support, they will direct you to the LG Mobile Phone Service Centre otherwise known as Evertec. You can give them a... Continue reading

Red Nexus 5 Press render emerges

With an announcement of a red Nexus 5 expected on the 4th of Feb in the US, the press renders of the Nexus 5 have shown up today via serial leaker @evleaks. The hotness is really there in this render which shows the red speaker grill on the front and the vibrant red shell on the back. The question is what material the red Nexus 5 will have on the back with the white Nexus 5 feeling slightly more glossy than the more rubberised soft touch plastic on the Black version. We should hopefully see this released into Google Play this... Continue reading

LG G Pad 8.3 — Review

Can LG supersize the excellent G2 smartphone and weave the same magic in tablet form? We haven’t seen a lot of activity from LG in the tablet market, despite its relative maturity. Looking back, LG last dipped its toes into the nascent Android tablet market when Honeycomb was officially A Thing with a number of devices that never really set the market alight. The company likely burned itself so badly with those devices that it removed itself from the Android tablet race altogether. It’s interesting that the company chose 2013 - when it was known to be working closely... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 99 – A curve in the right direction

Welcome to the 99th episode of the Ausdroid podcast! This week Jason, Dan and Geoff took a good close look at the news and made sure everyone knew how the felt about it. Those communication classes are clearly helping! Topics: Motorola Moto G: Review and launch details Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite LG G Flex exclusive to Harvey Norman Accessorise your Nexus Rumours: HTC M8 Rumours: LG G3 Rumours: Sony Sirius (and another rumour a couple of days later) Samsung Galaxy S5 Pocket Weather 4.0 Listen to this episode Download this episode MP3 Subscribe to the Ausdroid Podcast Continue reading

LG looking to bring the launch of the next G series phone forward to May

With rumours beginning to circulate for the 2014 flagship phone launches, a new report out of Korea, is indicating that LG is planning on switching up their release cycle on their premium G line of smartphones, aiming for a May launch. The report from Asiae has indicated a launch is set for May 17th for the LG G3. The LG G2 was launched at an event in New York in August 2013, with sales beginning in the US in September and Australia in November, so this would be a slight ramp up in release schedules, possibly with LG trying to... Continue reading

LG officially launches two limited edition G2 versions

Yesterday, LG announced the launch of two exclusive coloured versions of its G2 handset, however for now, they're exclusive to the Korean market. Available now in gold and red, the launch comes just a short while after the gold variant was spotted in the wild in Taiwan. LG has released these two colours to celebrate the occasion of the Lunar New Year, which is around two weeks away. Besides the colours, these two G2s are precisely the same inside as every other G2, except that the back cover is coloured and also textured, meaning the ugly fingerprints left on... Continue reading

LG G Flex launching in Australia exclusively with Harvey Norman in February

After a successful showing at CES, where it was launched for US Carriers, LG has just announced that the LG G Flex - the phone with the flexible curved screen and 'Self Healing' coating on the rear - will indeed be coming to Australian shores, but won't be available through a carrier, instead it will be offered exclusively to customers through retailer Harvey Norman. Starting, with pre-sales online today and coming to stores in February, the G Flex will be launching in 'Titan Silver' with a retail price of $999, making it slightly more higher end price wise than your... Continue reading

Retailer Round-up: In-store Weekly Specials

Well the silly season is officially over, and retailers are now gearing themselves back up once again for the back to school (and work) specials, so here is whats on offer this week from our various retailers around this great country of ours: Big W Mobiles Boost Sony Xperia E - $59 - starts Jan 9 until Jan 15 Vodafone Huawei G300+ - $99 with bonus $30 recharge voucher added - starts Jan 9 until Jan 15 Telstra Huawei Y300 - $79 - starts Jan 9 until Jan 15 Samsung Galaxy Trend unlocked smartphone - $228 - starts Jan 9 until... Continue reading

LG launch HomeChat for users to communicate with their Home Appliances

Are you a fan of LG Home Appliances and enjoy sending messages to your friends? This morning at CES 2014, LG's President and Chief Technology Officer Skott Ahn launched a new Home Appliance control application called HomeChat. Homechat is built ontop of the popular Japanese messaging App Line, it will allow users to directly control almost all LG home appliances such as air-conditioners, washing machines, tv's, fridges, HOM-BOT, etc. using natural language processing so that messages such as "I'll be home at 4PM", "what are you doing" or "I want my clothes to be dry by 6AM"... Continue reading

CES 2014 — LG announces Heart Rate Monitor Earphones

Following on from their announcement this afternoon of their entry into the fitness gadget market with the LG Lifeband Touch LG continued this morning at their CES 2014 event by re-confirming the Lifeband and introducing a companion device the Heart Rate Monitor earphones. This device is designed to work in conjunction with the Lifeband Touch, displaying your heartrate on the Lifeband via bluetooth; but it can also send the information to your smartphone. The Heart Rate Monitor Earphones feature PerformTek® sensor technology and measures the blood flow from the external part of the ear called the auricle. This allows... Continue reading

CES 2014 — LG announces the Chrome OS Desktop – Chromebase – coming to the US this Spring

Back in December LG announced that it will be embracing the 'other' Google operating system - ChromeOS - and announced they would be bringing an all-in-one desktop called Chromebase to market, this morning at their CES 2014 event they advised it would be coming to the US this Spring. LG have stated that the Chromebase, pictured above, is targeted at consumers and business users alike which LG is describing as “the perfect device” for taking advantage of Google’s online products such as Gmail, Drive, Search, Maps, YouTube, Play or Google+ Hangouts. The LG Chromebase all-in-one specs include: 21.5-inch Full HD (1920... Continue reading

CES 2014 — LG announces Lifeband Touch fitness tracker

It's tough competition at the top, and LG doesn't want to be left behind. While it's probably not in any danger of actually being left behind, it's important to try and keep up anyway, and LG is doing just this with its announcement of the Lifeband Touch fitness tracker. As you can see adorning the wrists of the two lovely ladies above, the water resistant Lifeband Touch keeps track of calories burned during daily activities, steps you've walked and other fitness stats. An OLED touchscreen display acts as a watch and shows the wearer notifications, as well as allowing... Continue reading