Woolies offering the LG Optimus L2 Series II for $99 with Bonus $20 Google Play Store Card

With back to school specials now beginning across the major retailers, Woolworths in the latest catalogue which starts on Wednesday 1 January 2014 (until Tuesday 7 January 2014) are offering the LG Optimus L2 series II on Optus Pre-paid for $99 with a bonus $20 Google Play Store gift card. LG certainly have come a long way with the L Series and even though the Optimus L2 Series II does offer a very basic set of specifications with a relatively small screen, I have to say its still a good device for a first time Android user. Just in case you... Continue reading

LG to use ‘Knock On’ feature on key future phone releases as well as the existing L Series II phones

If you've used the LG G2 then one of the features that almost anyone talks about is the Knock On feature which allows you to turn the phone on or off by double tapping on the screen. LG has just announced that the feature, now known simply as 'Knock' will be coming to all key future mobile device releases as well as being retrospectively added to their L Series II line-up. The Key future phone releases hints at the features also coming to their 'G3' phone which is surely in the pipeline, as well as possibly their budget LTE line... Continue reading

Retailer Round-Up: In-store Weekly Specials

With only 13 days left till the jolly big fat man in the red suit makes his way around to all the good boys and girls, retailers are ramping up their last minute gift ideas, so here is a list of offerings for this week from the big retailers: Big W: Tablets NXTBOOK M7000ND 7" Tablet $149 - starts Thursday December 12 Laser eTouch 7" tablet $128 - starts Thursday 12 December Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 7.0" WiFi 8GB (White only) $228 - starts Thursday December 12 Laser 7" Kids Smart Pad $128 - starts December 12 Smart Tab Junior Android... Continue reading

LG made Google Nexus 8 tablet rumour surfaces again

Rumours of a Nexus 8 tablet have begun again this morning with a tweet from EVLeaks showing that the LG V510 which had previously been speculated on as a Nexus 8 could possibly be being commissioned by Google. https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/409828726734475264 The rumour that has been circulating, is that the LG-V510 is to be an 8" Nexus tablet based on the LG made 8.3" GPad tablet that went on-sale last month in Australia which has the model# LG-V500. With no Nexus 10(2013) being released this year, it's possible that Google could just drop the 10" form factor and concentrate on the 8" although... Continue reading

Nexus 5 — Review

Not just for Nexus fans Since the Nexus One was released in 2010 Google have been using the Nexus line to cater to lots of different use cases and needs. Nexus phones have served honourably as Android Developer phones. Nexus phones have been the poster child for the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) too. If you wanted to modify your phone with a Custom ROM, it’s always been easy to do that with a Nexus. Nexus phones are also used to highlight Google services and a Nexus phone is a great vehicle for the ever developing Android ecosystem. Although we... Continue reading

LG G Flex to be launched internationally on the 3rd of December

The LG G Flex was first thought to be a small scale South Korean exclusive, due to manufacturing challenges associated with the unique curved screen, display and battery. It was launched in Korea on the 12th of November.  We then reported that the availability would spread to Orange in France in early December. Now LG has sent out invitations to a G Flex international launch event in Hong Kong on the 3rd of December. The G Flex is an exciting innovation from LG. Not only does it feature a curved screen and display, but it also... Continue reading

LG announces Optimus F3 4G handset for the Telstra network

LG has today announced that the latest in their line of 4G enabled F-Series budget minded handsets the Optimus F3 has been launched as a Pre-Paid handset on the Telstra Network. Available from today through Telstra stores, including partners such as FoneZone and Leading Edge, the Optimus F3 will be sold for $249 and will connect to the Telstra 4G Network.' Andrew Volard, Telstra Director Devices says We’re excited to add the LG Optimus F3 into our pre-paid 4G smartphone line-up. It is an affordable handset that is packed with great features making it the perfect device for customers who want... Continue reading

Nexus 5 bumpers now on sale in Google Play.

It seems more Nexus accessories are slowly finding their way to the Australian Google Play Store, as Nexus 5 bumper cases are now available in all colours to purchase from the store directly, following the early arrival of the grey cases yesterday. The bumpers, which come in four colours — Red, Yellow, Grey & Black — are on sale from the store for $39.95 + $4.50 for ordinary shipping within 6-8 business days or $10.95 for express international delivery within 2-7... Continue reading

Is the LG G Flex the future of phones?

The Lg G Flex has been garnering a lot of attention due to its unusual curved screen, though there are a lot more innovations under the skin - or perhaps we should say on the skin. We've seen a wire brush  attempt to scratch the G Flex, and scratch it does, but the phone miraculously heals itself before our eyes. We've seen it forced flat and then pop straight back to its curved form. Now we have Marques Brownlee pushing the G Flex to its limit, scratching the back not only with keys -... Continue reading

LG comments on Nexus 5 retail pricing

Today has been another big news day for Nexus 5 developments, and hot on the heels of announcements from Telstra and LG regarding carrier and retail availability respectively, we've now got a bit of an insight into why there's such a huge difference in price between the Nexus 5 via the Play Store and via retail channels. Ausdroid was surprised to learn that while the 16GB Nexus 5 is available for $399 online, the retail version... Continue reading

Nexus 5 available via retailers end of November

Just earlier today, Telstra confirmed that it would be carrying the latest Nexus handset, the Google Nexus 5, on a variety of its plans. This afternoon, we've received official confirmation from LG that the Nexus 5 will also be available via retail partners for in-store purchase. The news is not all good, however. The retail pricing has been confirmed as $699, and only the 16GB model will be available; the 32GB model, it seems, is destined to remain an online-only purchase option. Both the black and... Continue reading

[Update] Telstra announces the Nexus 5 on business & personal plans from November 26

After our report last week that Telstra would be selling the Nexus 5, the carrier has officially announced that its stores are expected to have stock of the highly-sought-after device from Tuesday November 26, with online pre-orders open now. It's worth noting that they're only offering 16 GB black models of the phone, and will also sell the device outright for $696 - a significant markup over Google's price of $399, but if you're in the market for a new device on-contract, you could do much worse. To sweeten the deal, Telstra is also offering customers who... Continue reading