Nexus 5 available via retailers end of November

Just earlier today, Telstra confirmed that it would be carrying the latest Nexus handset, the Google Nexus 5, on a variety of its plans. This afternoon, we've received official confirmation from LG that the Nexus 5 will also be available via retail partners for in-store purchase. The news is not all good, however. The retail pricing has been confirmed as $699, and only the 16GB model will be available; the 32GB model, it seems, is destined to remain an online-only purchase option. Both the black and... Continue reading

[Update] Telstra announces the Nexus 5 on business & personal plans from November 26

After our report last week that Telstra would be selling the Nexus 5, the carrier has officially announced that its stores are expected to have stock of the highly-sought-after device from Tuesday November 26, with online pre-orders open now. It's worth noting that they're only offering 16 GB black models of the phone, and will also sell the device outright for $696 - a significant markup over Google's price of $399, but if you're in the market for a new device on-contract, you could do much worse. To sweeten the deal, Telstra is also offering customers who... Continue reading

LG invite you to watch the G Flex heal like Wolverine and flex in their Self Healing and Durability tests

The LG G Flex is quite an intriguing device and as time goes by, the temptation to get one is growing, especially when LG shows off some of the technology in action like the phone actually flexing and the back healing from minor scrapes. From their Self Healing & Durability video on YouTube, you can see the phone recover from light scratching from a wire brush within minutes as well as the phone flex from it's curved form factor to straight and back again with no apparent long lasting damage. While it's not actually worth me investing the almost $1400... Continue reading

Get flexible with the LG G Flex 4G LTE now available to pre-order from Mobicity

If a phone that can flex, curve with the side of your face and apparently heal like Wolverine if you scratch it, then the LG G Flex is the phone you've been looking for and Mobicity is about the only place in Australia that you can get far. At this stage, Mobicity was unable to give an ETA for a delivery apart from hoping that it will arrive this month, but they are taking pre-orders for the curved screen LG G Flex in black with an asking price of Update: It seems the price has been updated the... Continue reading

Nexus 5 – First Impressions

Ending months of speculation and leaks, Google finally announced the Nexus 5 last Friday, and this week a number of Ausdroid team members received their shiny new phones. With a choice of black or white phone available at launch for the first time for a Nexus device, we've also got a nice split of white and black devices to play with. While we'll bring you a full review of the device and Android 4.4 KitKat in the coming weeks, we thought it would be a good idea to bring you our initial thoughts after nearly a week using our... Continue reading

LG G Flex to be released in France – rest of the world later?

The LG G Flex  was first thought to be a Korean only release. It has now been revealed that the G Flex will be launched on the 12th of November in Korea  for 999, 900 Korean Won, or around $994. In a surprising move, LG announced that the G Flex would also be available through Orange France in early December. The initial sale of the G Flex outside of Korea hopefully points to a more global release. The G Flex will also have accessories such as a Quick Window case and Vest case. Specifications are: Display: OLED curved 6... Continue reading

LG announces the LG G PAD 8.3 – coming mid-November

LG has today announced that their first foray back into the Android Tablet market - the LG G Pad 8.3 - will be hitting Australian stores this month, with JB HiFi to begin selling the devices around the middle of the month. Priced at $399, the 8.3¨ tablet is a mid-range tablet with some decently higher end specifications that have been paired with some great software that aims at giving you control over your AV equipment, while giving you a comfortable and user friendly way to consume media. The tablet has a very nice plastic bezel, with a metallic back... Continue reading

Rumour: Could a tablet from LG that just got Bluetooth certified be the Nexus 8?

The tablet in the picture above, which was found on the Android Kit Kat website on Sunday, caused a bit of a stir with many people divided between decrying the picture as a photo-shopped mismatch and something that they would be happy to look into purchasing, but if Google is indeed working on an 8" Nexus tablet to compliment their Nexus stable of devices then the LG V510 which just passed through the Bluetooth SIG is a definite possibility. The device which passed through the Bluetooth SIG is an LG device with the model # LG-V510, very similar... Continue reading

Nexus 5 orders are arriving in Australia – send us your pictures!

Australian orders for Google's newest baby, the LG-built Nexus 5, are now arriving. FedEx delivery estimates seem to be fluctuating. Mine originally said Tuesday, but then the phone arrived safe and sound this morning, as you can see above. It looks like delivery of some Victorian orders will be delayed until Wednesday because of the Melbourne Cup public holiday - unfortunate, but then you lot DO get a day off for a horse race ;) We'll have a proper first impressions post up in the next couple of days, but until that happens we'd like to hear from... Continue reading

Optus announces exclusivity on the LG G2

This morning, Optus has announced its exclusive carriage of LG's G2 handset which Ausdroid reviewed last month. Available in store, online and via telephone sales today, the G2 and its fancy advanced 4G features will really enjoy Optus' 4G network. Optus advises that the LG G2 runs on Optus' 4G Plus and 4G networks, meaning more coverage and more speed, and of course Optus' fairly decent 3G network as well. If you'd like to read more about the G2, my review is a good place to start, but the real takeout from this news is... Continue reading

Small things: Nexus 5 in Australia will display ’4G’ instead of ‘LTE’

When your Nexus 5 makes it into your hot little hands you will never have noticed the change LG have made to the icon it displays when on a 4G network here in Australia. Instead of displaying 'LTE' in the status bar, like it would in the US, it will instead display '4G'. Yep, now you know. There's no real reasoning behind it, it's just the way 4G is marketed in different countries. hammerhead: Show 4G icon instead of LTE in Australia So feel free to add that to list of useless trivia you have about Google's latest and greatest... Continue reading

Download the Nexus 5 wallpapers right here

After a quick tear down of the Nexus 5 factory image, we've managed to track down the launcher and extract the wallpapers for you to download and enjoy on your own devices. The images are surprisingly high resolution so they'll look immaculate on displays of all resolutions -- especially 1080p mobile devices. Continue reading

Nexus 5: Limited local carrier availability and Retail availability looking likely

The launch of the Nexus 5 this morning has seen a flurry of orders, with the 32GB Black Nexus 5 seemingly the most popular model, with Google Play reporting the lead time as 'Dispatched from warehouse in 2 - 3 weeks'. So what alternatives will you have for getting your hands on the latest Nexus phone from Google? Telstra has already advised that they are looking at the possibility of ranging the Nexus 5, advising: Telstra always endeavours to bring the latest technology to our customers and is currently investigating including the Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 KitKat operating system in... Continue reading