Canada definitely getting Nexus 5 according to pictures of pallets of Nexus 5 stock and a pre-order page on Wind Mobile

The Nexus 5 has nothing really left to give in terms of specs, looks and even camera samples, the only thing left is availability which according to a pre-order page on Canadian carrier Wind Mobile, could be coming very soon. The Canadian carrier, obviously not content to wait for Google to announce the phone, added a pre-order mini-site to their Facebook page, where it was subsequently removed, but not before being sighted by a number of Android fans. The pre-order page included a list of the specs, which marries up with what we already knew of the upcoming device... Continue reading

LG G Flex curved-smartphone officially announced, staying in South Korea for now

LG's first commercially available smartphone, the G Flex, has finally been announced by the South Korean company and it looks like it will be staying in its home country for the time being -- launching on all 3 major carriers there. While the naming may suggest the phone is flexible, it really isn't. Instead the G Flex makes use of a curved 6-inch 720p -- no 1080p for now, ladies and gents -- OLED display which allows for its curved design. Under the hood you'll find a 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU,, 2GB of RAM, 13MP camera, and a sizeable... Continue reading

Nexus 5 confirmed to have 2300mAh battery

Thanks to photos snapped of the upcoming Nexus 5's battery, it looks to be confirmed that it will have a capacity of 2300mAh. It has previously been rumoured around the internets that the 16GB model -- expected to cost $400 -- will have the 2300mAh battery whilst the 32GB variant -- expected to cost $450-$500 -- was said to feature a 3000mAh. Since there have been no leaks or solid sources of that information, it's looking less likely by the day. The Nexus 5 is rumoured to be announced by Google Continue reading

LG G2 up for pre-order at Harvey Norman and Dick Smith

The LG G2 is now available for pre-order from Harvey Norman and Dick Smith. Harvey Norman has listed the black LG G2 in 16GB form at $597, and the 32GB variant in white at $644. Both come with a bonus Quick Window case for every pre-order. Harvey Norman has listed the availability as of early November. Dick Smith has the white 32GB G2 at $657, and it too comes with a bonus Quick Window case, but only for a limited time. Dick Smith lists the G2 as being available from the 30th... Continue reading

Curved screen LG G Flex revealed in leaked photos and video

The war on curved screens started with the Samsung Galaxy Round, but is set to continue with another phone expected to be released next month from another Korean manufacturer LG. While the Galaxy Round is curved on the vertical axis, the LG G Flex will be curved on the horizontal plane, reminiscent of the Nexus S. The G Flex first showed up on Engadget, where they confirmed with their sources that the phone would come with a 6" screen. Now TheVerge has received some updated information in the form of pics and a hands-on video from Argentinian site telefenoticias, who... Continue reading

LG trademark submissions point to possible release of ChromeOS devices

We've had a number of new entrants to the ChromeOS device market this year, beginning with HP earlier this year as well as Asus and Toshiba who recently announced new devices but a set of new Australian Trademark filings could point to three new ChromeOS devices from LG. TMWatch has noted that three new trademarks that were submitted to IP Australia for approval - ChromeOne(1585957), ChromeStation(1585958) and ChromeDesk(1585959). The trademarks - which were submitted a week ago - have been 'Taken for Examination', with no further documentation - such as designs or logos - submitted the next step... Continue reading

Flexible displays already in mass production for Samsung and LG

Rumours are rumours, but the more rumours that emerge with consistent information adds weight to it. There's little doubt now in anyone's mind that inside the next 6 - 12 months we will see a device with a flexible panel, adding potential functionality, certainly durability to devices and sending the smartphone market in another new direction for the enjoyment of consumers. Two of the biggest players in the Android mobile space are already manufacturing flexible displays for upcoming mobile phones, LG and Samsung. According to OLED Info and sighted by SamMobile, Samsung Display have already begun mass production... Continue reading

How you can enjoy the A-League 2013-14 season with Android and technology

Those of you consider yourselves more than just users of Android will probably have other interests in life, and if you're like me, you're a mad football fan. No, not the codes played with weird egg-shaped balls like AFL or NRL, but the real, international football which many know as soccer. The A-League season in Australia is about to kick off this Friday night with Sydney FC vs Newcastle Jets at Allianz Stadium in Sydney, after many pre-season friendlies and matches between some of the teams. After an amazing premier season last year, culminating in the Western Sydney... Continue reading

Nexus 5 32GB: Details and Photos from a claimed service manual

We have briefly seen the Nexus 5 before, but here we have a much clearer look. In a tip-off to Android Police, we now have an in depth view of  a purported service manual packed with information. Let's start with the specs: 4.95" 1920x1080 IPS TFT Screen 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 SOC 2GB RAM 32GB internal storage - Possibly other configs available 8MP Rear camera with Optical Image Stabilisation(OIS), 1.3MP Front camera Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Proximity/Ambient Light, Pressure/Barometer Slimport out via USB 2.0 Port Micro SIM slot Notification light Brodacom NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 2300mAh Li-Polymer battery That's the undebated specs based on the first couple... Continue reading

LG and Samsung to launch curved screen phones in the coming weeks

As LG and Samsung trade blows on their home soil of South Korea, Samsung landed a stunning blow when it was recently rumoured, then confirmed yesterday by Co-Chief Executive Officer Shin Jong-kyun, that they would be releasing a Galaxy Note 3 with a curved screen "as early as next week". Now LG has struck back with their own announcement of a "flexible" display series of phones called the Z. The LG Z is already in production, and will be launched before the end of October. At the current stage of production of flexible displays, the term... Continue reading

Optus adds the $99 LG Optimus L2 II Dual SIM to their pre-paid range

LG Australia in partnership with Optus has today advised that the LG Optimus L2 II Dual SIM will be available at retailers from today as a pre-paid device for just $99. The introduction last year of the L Series range was a real turning point for LG, up until that point their efforts in the smartphone arena had not been stellar but the nicely priced range of well built smartphones boosted them into number two spot in Australia overall for Android handsets. They began releasing a refreshed range earlier this year launching the Optimus L series II at Mobile World... Continue reading

Nexus 5 to Support USB-OTG

When the Nexus 4 was first released Google advertised it as having USB-OTG but within a few days they removed this from the product page once it was discovered that the Nexus 4 did not provide enough power to the usb port to power an external USB device.  This left many of us disappointed, assuming it was LG's fault.  This time it seems that LG have fixed this issue and USB-OTG is set to be supported in the Nexus 5.  The other day we saw in a leaked bug log file the hardware that comes in the Nexus... Continue reading

Supposed Nexus 5 screenshot and bug report log file leaks

The rumoured new Nexus 5 must be getting close, as leaks substantiating previous rumours are starting to flow. In these latest leaks we have a screenshot that displays the white status bar icons we previously reported that could possibly be changed to other preset colours in Android 4.4: There is a slice of Key Lime Pie with antennae that appear to be the debugging icon. Though we now know that Android 4.4 is< a href=""> officially named KitKat, developers within Google have always called this edition of Android Key Lime Pie. The bottom navigation bar is  black, not the hoped for translucent effect. Further,... Continue reading