LG Optimus L9 II unveiled

LG have today officially unveiled the Optimus L9 II in the Netherlands in which follows a leaked image of the device found its way onto the internet yesterday. The LG Optimus L9 II offers: 4.7-inch True HD IPS display Dual-core 1.4 GHz processor 2150 mAh battery Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean 8MP shooter alongside 1.3MP front-facer (although this is yet to be confirmed) IR-port Now whilst the Optimus L9 II isn't going to break any records in terms of high-end specifications, it certainly does look beautiful and does offer some fairly decent specs, given that the L series are normally reserved for the entry/mid range levels. There is... Continue reading

LG Optimus L3 on-sale at Woolworths for $34.50 from Wednesday 28th of August

The LG Optimus L3 is not your highest end device, but what it is, is a name brand phone from LG from the L-Series of devices which saw LG begin to re-establish their presence in the Australian landscape. Initially going on-sale with Telstra for $99, the Optimus L3 is now a year old and has already been superceded by the LG L3II, but at $34.50 - half its normal price - it's a hard bargain to pass up. Spec wise it's not going to wow, it's internals include : 800MHz Processor 1GB RAM - 2GB Internal Storage with MicroSD Card Slot expandable... Continue reading

LG has plans for a Smartwatch, Tablet and more Phablets

It seems that European LG executives are able to speak about plans for the company with almost no restrictions. We heard from LG Mobile’s European VP Kim Won back in May who laid out plans which included a tablet - and a later redacted statement on the Nexus 5. And now an LG Excecutive from Bulgaria by the name of Dimitar Vulev, the Manager of Mobile communications products has spoken with Bulgarian news site Dnevnik. He spoke of the success of the current L Series II line of phones as well as the still selling original L Series, which... Continue reading

LG files new trademarks, possible hints a future Google TV devices

It seems that with Google Glass and Chromecast taking up much action within the media recently, Google TV has taken a somewhat back seat, until now. LG has filed a pair of trademark applications that could possibly mean the company is certainly looking at manufacturing more Google-powered TV sets according to a report on Android Community. The trademark applications, which were filed last week, have been given the names of "LG G TV" and “LG Perfect Picture”. With Perfect picture it could possibly mean anything from a TV set to a tablet displays, to smartphone screens, maybe something else, who... Continue reading

Report: Samsung & LG to begin mass production of flexible display’s in November

There seems to be a race going on to be the first company to produce and bring flexible screens to the mass market, at least where two of the world's biggest phone manufacturers, Samsung and LG, are concerned at least according to a report from ET News Korea. Flexible (plastic-based) displays have been rumoured to be arriving in the market for a long time. Samsung have been one of the leading developers of the flexible screen technology, having first shown off prototypes of flexible panels at various trade shows for the last couple of years. According to ET News, both... Continue reading

LG announce 5.5″ 2560 x 1440 Smartphone screen

If the sight of the letters QHD makes you think 960x540 resolution screens, prepare to re-think those perceptions. LG has just announced a 5.5" QHD panel for Smartphones with a 2560x1440 resolution meaning that QHD now stands for Quad HD - or four times as many pixels as displayed on a 720P HDTV. The panel measures only 1.21mm thick, making it a millimeter thinner than their last screen - announced only a month ago which was 2.2mm thick and had a resolution of a comparitively small 1920x1080. The new panel is packing 538ppi and has a brightness of 430... Continue reading

Rumour: LG to create the Nexus 5

It's that time of year, we've seen the flagship phones from the larger Android manufacturers and it's nearly a year since the last Nexus was released, so the rumour train for the next Nexus phone is in full swing. The most recent rumour was that Motorola was going to be releasing a Nexus phone in Q4 this year, but Chinese site MyDrivers is steering the conversation back towards last years Nexus phone manufacturer LG, as the source of the 2013 Nexus phone. Citing South Korean Media as the source of the news, they advise that LG will once again... Continue reading

Rumour: 8.3″ LG ‘G Pad’ to debut at IFA in September

In June last year, LG announced that they were putting new tablet development on the back burner to concentrate on their Smartphone business after a pretty lack-luster launch of the LG Optimus Pad. Recent success in their smartphone business with the Optimus G, L and F series has apparently led them to dip their toes into the tablet arena if Greek site, techblog are to be believed. Techblog are reporting that they have sourced information relating an LG G Pad, which will launch with a full HD Plus 1920x1200 resolution on an 8.3" screen, that will be powered by... Continue reading

LG G2 launch goes awry in South Korea – 20 spectators accidentally injured with BB Guns

Apparently a launch event for the LG G2 in South Korea has gone a little of course with 20 spectators reported as being injured with BB pellets from spectators attempting to shoot down helium filled balloons. The launch of hundreds of balloons containing vouchers for prizes including free phones, was supposed to be symbolic of the 'G In the Cloud' promotion that LG is running. But when spectators attempted to shoot down the balloons, other spectators were injured by the resultant misfires and falling BBs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWewOTjaef8 LG has cancelled the event commenting 'We cancelled events offering free G2 smartphones that had been... Continue reading

LG launches the L1 II sub $100 Android Phone

It seems LG are continuing their push into the entry level or pre-paid market announcing the LG L1 II phone which is in the running for one of the cheapest name brand phones running Android 4.1.2. Here is a list of the specs for the L1 II: 3.0 inch screen, 240x320 resolution (~133 ppi pixel density) 1GHz Cortex-A5 Qualcomm MSM7225A-AB Snapdragon CPU with Adreno 200 GPU 2 MP rear Camera, 1600x1200 pixels. No front facing camera Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) Now whilst the L1 II isn't going to break any records spec wise, it is good to see an affordable android phone making... Continue reading

LG G2: Australian hands-on

LG launched the LG G2 - the latest in their premium line of G Series phones, this morning at an event in New York. Ausdroid was impressed by the original Optimus G, but a late arrival to the Australian market saw it compared unfavourably to newer model phones, long after it launched internationally. LG has no intention of repeating that unfortunate history with the G2, however - it intends a pretty aggressive rollout over the next 2-3 months to over 130 countries, which should see this latest superphone shine in a market where its features are... Continue reading

LG announce the G2

The wait is finally over. After months of speculation and leaks, LG have officially revealed their new flagship phone, the G2. The device was launched at an event in New York City early on this morning Australian time. One of the most striking features of the G2 is the design. The power and volume buttons are located on the back of the phone, just under the camera lens. This means that the front and sides of the phone are completely devoid of physical buttons, with everything else being handled by onscreen soft keys.... Continue reading

LG G2 press shots leaked ahead of the launch tomorrow

The LG G2 is due to be released at an event in New York tonight at around 1am Australian Eastern Standard Time but that hasn't stopped the continued leaks, this time the press shots for the device have been shown thanks to @evleaks. The shots shown in the gallery below show off the back and front of the device in the best detail seen so far. The back mounted buttons and on-screen soft keys are two of the biggest new introductions to the LG range and it will be interesting to see how these pan out. The LG... Continue reading