Qik video shutting down at the end of April

Qik, the social video sharing app, has overnight announced that its services will be shutting down from 30 April 2014. Qik, which was purchased by Skype/Microsoft 3 years ago, has lived on as a standalone app since the purchase, however Microsoft has announced that Qik's features have finally folded into Skype, meaning there's no reason to offer a duplicate product. Qik have stated that users should download their videos, as these videos won't be saved past the April 30th closure. If you have received a video through VideoMail within the Qik app/service, the company did state that these video's from VideoMail... Continue reading

[MWC 2014] Nokia Goes XXX at MWC announcing the Nokia X, X+ and XL Android powered smartphones

Nokia has officially joined the Android world. The company just made Nokia X official - surprisingly, Nokia's new Android line is actually a series with three devices aimed at "growth markets" - the Nokia X, X+ and XL. The phones run Android, but integrate with Nokia and Microsoft services instead of Google's own, while still allowing the phones to run Android Apps. Promotion of the new devices heavily centered on the unique services that the Microsoft/Nokia relationship provide like Here Maps, MixRadio and Outlook. Microsoft's newly-renamed OneDrive cloud storage service performs backups of photos, with 7GB of OneDrive... Continue reading

Nokia 925 — Review

Ausdroid takes on the Nokia Lumia 925 This is a little out of the norm, we normally stick to the Android based handsets and devices that are available in Australia, but a recent challenge by the team over at TechGeek to review the Lumia 925 had us intrigued. With limited experience of the WP8 OS, I felt it was time to take a closer look. Don't worry, this won't be a regular thing but it's nice to look at the competition sometimes. Nokia Australia has kindly supplied a 16GB Black Lumia 925 to us to complete this review. Phones from... Continue reading

Microsoft releases Remote Desktop application for Android

Microsoft, in their transition to a ‘devices and services company’ (whatever that means), seem committed to getting their software onto every device owned by everyone. I for one am all for it – I’m more likely to use a service if it’s available across platforms – and I was quite excited when I heard the news late last week that Microsoft were finally making their own remote desktop application available for Android. If you’re not familiar with remote desktop, it’s a service that’s been integrated into Windows for as long as I can remember, that lets you login to,... Continue reading

Microsoft reportedly trying to get HTC to dual-boot Windows on its Android phones

A long time ago - before HTC got themselves into all sorts of financial problems, before UltraPixels, before Nokia and Microsoft got into bed together - HTC was a key partner in Microsoft's mobile strategy. The Taiwanese manufacturer once made a lot of money manufacturing Windows Mobiles for other companies before they started trying to establish a brand with iconic handsets like the HD2, which to this day refuses to die. But when the iPhone happened, people lost interest in Windows Mobile. So HTC teamed up with Google to build... Continue reading

Ausdroid attends the EB Games Expo

The EB Games Expo is a trade/game show held by Australian retailer EB Games to allow gamers to experience upcoming software and hardware from manufacturers and developers from Australia and around the world. This year, Ausdroid was allowed to attend as guests of EB Games to check out what was on offer from both hardware and software manufacturers. The Expo, which is being held this year and next at the Sydney Showground at Sydney Olympic Park (Homebush), started on Friday and had its last day today, running until 4pm. In only its third year, the show is getting... Continue reading

Nokia Android handset still in development at least until November at this stage

After a previous post in which we reported that Nokia was working on an Android based Lumia device, C Tech, a Chinese based website, are reporting that Nokia is in fact still working on such a device until November, which is when the Nokia/Microsoft merger could earliest occur. C Tech are reporting that the device is being made in partnership with Foxconn, who also make Apple's current iPhone range as well as other Android OEM's, that the partnership has already made 10,000 prototypes for the said Android device prototype. It is rumoured that the handset is not a high-end device,... Continue reading

Nokia was reportedly working on an Android device within its Lumia phone range

According to a report via The New York Times on the weekend, Nokia was reportedly working on an Android based Lumia phone just in case the partnership with Microsoft went sour beyond 2014. Nokia of course, did have the option to get out of the original Microsoft partnership deal in late 2014 so testing an Android devices was a key step in preparing for a future without Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8. According to the New York Times sources, getting Nokia devices to boot Android was an easy task to accomplish from an engineering perspective. Microsoft executives were apparently aware... Continue reading

Microsoft Releases Xbox Music for Android

I suppose it was inevitable.  Every company can see the potential for big bucks in it.  They all want a piece of the streaming music pie.  To get the greatest piece possible a company must offer their product to as wider range of users as possible.  Microsoft have moved in this direction with the release of Xbox Music for Android.   Xbox Music is yet another streaming music service that, like most of the others, brags of having a catalogue of tens of millions of songs.  The service is also available on Windows 8 PCs, Windows 8 and Windows... Continue reading

Microsoft Office now available for Office 365 subscribers for Android phones

After releasing a version of Microsoft Office for iOS back in June, Microsoft has just released their Microsoft Office App for Office 365 subscribers using Android devices. The app is at this stage only available for phones running Android 4.0 and upwards. At this stage tablets are not included in the list of devices compatible with the app. To use the Microsoft Office app you'll need a 'qualifying Office 365 subscription, including Office 365 Home Premium or Office 365 ProPlus'. If you don't have a subscription you can sign up for one over on the office.com website. Feature wise... Continue reading

Edit Microsoft Word and Excel files in ChromeOS

The purchase of Quick Office by Google in June last year is finally showing results, in ChromeOS at least; with the newest flag to be enabled allowing users to edit Microsoft Word and Excel files in the browser. The option is available via the chrome://flags tab and finding the 'Enable document editing' flag and enabling it. This flag is only available in the Developer Channel in ChromeOS. While Developer mode can give some interesting results and tends to be on occasion a little unstable it can offer some pretty good perks. If you find any bugs, they... Continue reading

Microsoft clarifies: Age of Empires is coming to Android,no other Xbox titles

Earlier in the week, we heard that Microsoft were bringing a free-to-play version of Age of Empires to Android in the near future. This was expected to be the first of many Xbox titles to be ported to Android over the coming months. Fortunately, the first part of the rumour is true - Microsoft's director of Xbox Live programming, Larry Hyrb (AKA Major Nelson) confirmed in a blog post that Age of Empires would indeed be coming to Android in the near future. Unfortunately, he went on to say that reports that other Xbox games would be ported... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 74 – June 25, 2013

This is the 74rd episode of the Ausdroid podcast. This week we unpacked Samsung's new products from their Premiere event in London, chatted about Sony's new 6.4 inch behemoth and talked about Microsoft porting its wares to Android. Featuring: Jason Murray, Dan Tyson and Geoff Fieldew. Topics: Samsung Premiere: Galaxy NX and Ativ Q New Samsung joint venture could see plastic phones replaced with carbon fiber Sony Announced Xperia Z Ultra - a 6.4 inch Xperia Z on steroids Microsoft reportedly bringing Age of Empires to Android, other Xbox and Windows games to follow? Instagram launches video component... Continue reading