Sony IM10 Miracast Wireless Display: Stream HD video to a TV

Miracast is a technology that we at Ausdroid have been fans of for awhile, but it has been let down by limited availability of Miracast receivers and compatible display devices. Most modern Android devices can share their screens or cast video to a Miracast receiver. LG and NetGear both have Miracast receivers on market, but they aren't always easy to come by. It's not surprising, then, that Sony has introduced its own Miracast compatible adapter to get your smartphone content onto the big screen. Sony's Miracast Wireless Display IM10 will help to bridge that gap. You might ask, if... Continue reading

Netgear PTV3000 – Review

The list of Miracast capable devices, dongles or adapters available in Australia is terribly small, and whilst Miracast has been around as a standard for a while now it's still not terribly well known and is still in its relative infancy in terms of brand recognition and adoption by consumers, retailers and manufacturers. One company who certainly know about Wireless display on TVs is Netgear, who actually released the PTV3000 or Push2TV as they call it, fairly early on in the piece and had it Miracast certified after it was on the market. As well as being Miracast compliant,... Continue reading

Netgear PTV3000 Wireless Display Adapter now available

Owners of Miracast certified phones have had very little in the way of options since the announcement of Miracast support in Android, but Netgear has finally made their Miracast certified PTV3000 Wireless Display Adapter available for sale in Australia. The Wirless display adapter should be filtering into stores who stock Netgear products now and is priced at a RRP of $89. The Miracast PTV3000 is listed as being compatible with the Nexus 4, LG Optimus G and the Sony Xperia T/TL; devices certified for Miracast can be found over on the Wi-Fi Alliance certification page and from their listing... Continue reading

Miracast certified BluRay players from Panasonic now available for sale

If you're looking for a Miracast device to wirelessly display what is on your phone on your television, your options are fairly limited, the LG DWD-300 Miracast adapter is still yet to be available for sale separately from the Optimus G and the Netgear PTV3000 is still not released here as yet. Luckily Panasonic has just released two BluRay players which include Miracast compatability and they're now available for sale. There are two models, the DMP-BDT230 which is being sold at a RRP of $199 and the DMP-BDT330 which is being sold for a RRP of... Continue reading

Experimenting with Miracast with LG’s DWD-300

Way back when, we visited LG's headquarters and had a bit of a play with some pre-release Miracast hardware and Jason was certainly impressed. With the more recent launch of the LG Optimus G, LG has released (sort of) its Miracast dongle to the Australian market. Known, unimaginatively, as the DWD-300, LG's Miracast dongle is the embodiment of simplicity. Simple hardware, Simple usage Sporting all of two ports - a micro-USB port for power, and an HDMI port to connect to your TV, there's very... Continue reading

Netgear PTV3000 Coming soon to Australia – Miracast compatability now available

Since the announcement of Android 4.2 which brough Miracast capability to the new Nexus flagship phone the Nexus 4, a working Miracast display adapter which you can plug into your existing TV has been the holy grail of Nexus 4 owners all over the world. The PTV3000 was originally seen as having Miracast support, however a large proportion of owners had issues with the device. Netgear has finally solved the issues by releasing a firmware upgrade for their now Miracast Certified Wireless TV Adapter. The update brings about compatibility with 6 Android devices in total including the... Continue reading

LG Australia: Nexus 4, Optimus G and Miracast

Last week, Dan was invited to a meet-and-greet with LG Australia in Sydney, where he was able to spend some hands-on time with the Nexus 4 and Optimus G. During that meeting we enquired about a more in-depth look at Miracast and LG kindly invited us out to take another look. This week, LG invited us to its office for the promised hands-on demonstration of Miracast, and a further chance to get familiar with the devices in question. It's one thing to meet with company representatives in a press-friendly, neutral location. It's another thing entirely to visit... Continue reading

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean API is now available for developers.

If you're like me you will always be excited when there is a new version of Android, as you can't wait to see what cool features Google will be bringing to the Android operating system. With Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) we saw the introduction of the ActionBar, in Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) we received a redefined look for the mobile, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) we were handed a faster OS due to Hardware acceleration and now Google have released the API for Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). So what's new from Android 4.2... Continue reading