Motorola purchase by Google approved by Chinese regulators

Last years 12.5 Billion dollar purchase of Motorola by Google kind of came out of the blue and shocked everyone. Eurpoean and US regulators approved the purchase earlier this year but the Chinese have been more hesitant however they have finally approved the deal with the stipulation that Google keeps Android free for a minimum of 5 years and with the approval by China means that the sale could be finalised as early as next week. Google has always supplied the Android source code via AOSP(Android Open Source Project) to anyone who wants to compile the source code, by doing... Continue reading

Motorola updates Ice Cream Sandwich rollout schedule

Motorola has updated its schedule for rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich to devices, they've also included details on the upgrade development cycle, to help explain at which stage of planning or implementation the upgrade is at for your device. It's an interesting read anyway, but I do think that the speed of updates needs to seriously be sped up once the purchase by Google is completed. Point of note Motorola has pointed out that all devices listed have a minimum of 1G of RAM. The relevant updates for Australia are : Device Name Country Current Phase Expected Timing MOTOROLA XOOM WiFi Only Asia Pacific, Canada,... Continue reading

Motorola announces Defy Mini for Australia

Today Motorola Australia has announced the launch of the Motorola Defy Mini, the phone will be available on Optus pre-paid for an RRP of $199 which includes $30 of credit it will be available today from Dick Smith and Optus retailers and from Kmart and Target on Monday 22nd of May. The phone which at $199 is aimed at the entry level market is certainly an ideal one for someone who is after a smart phone which can take some punishment as it is Dust-proof, Water-Resistant and Scratch-Resistant. Specs : 3.2-inch 320 x 480 Screen with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 600MHz... Continue reading

Google to expand Nexus program to multiple OEMs

One of the things that Android and Google both cop flack over is the speed at which updates to the Android OS filter out to both new phones and as updates to older devices. One of the reasons specified previously by OEMs has been the fact that they don't receive access to the source code for the latest update until Google releases their latest Nexus device which also signals the dump of the latest code to AOSP(Android Open Source Project). To remedy this it appear that Google will be partnering with many OEMs from the OHA(Open Handset Alliance)... Continue reading

Motorola Australia: Ice Cream Sandwich update for XOOM still coming in Q2

Motorola Australia has assured users of the Wi-Fi and 3G XOOM that the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich update will be rolled out at some point in Q2. As we've already entered Q2 it will likely be in the late May to early June time frame. Motorola said that although XOOMs in other parts of the world had already received that update, Motorola must adhere to testing protocols that happen in Australia. We understand that the update has been pushed out in other markets - but unfortunately hardware, software and testing is not uniform across the world and... Continue reading

Google could be looking at selling Motorola’s handset division to Huawei

Well this just seems to have come straight out of no where: Google might be looking into the possibility of selling Motorola's handset division to Chinese company Huawei. The news is coming from a Wall Street Journal article which surely has some kind of strong source to back the claim up. If this goes ahead, we could see Motorola disappear as a company, leaving just its patents as a surviving memory. For Huawei it could be a huge opportunity to make itself known in the US, as it has already stated in the past that it wants to... Continue reading

IDC: 15% of tablets shipped in Q4 2011 were running Android, Acer the front runner

The Internation Data Corporation (IDC) have released their report on Tablets in Australia, and it's not a pretty sight for Android. IDC states that 15% of all tablets shipped in the last quarter of 2011 were running on Android. That's 15% of 587,000: 88,050. Acer shipped the largest quantity of Android tablets in Q4 of 2011, beating out Motorola, ASUS and Samsung, all in their respective positions. The obvious majority of shipped tablets went to Apple with the iPad 2. These statistics make it abundantly clear that Android tablets are failing to compete with Apple's iPad. Worse still, it's the... Continue reading

HTC One S, Motorola Atrix 2 on their way to Telstra

A friendly tipster has sent us in this screenshot of Telstra's internal documentation. Within the documentation is a list of phones that have been put into Siebel (Telstra's sales system) but cannot be sold yet, which means they're confirmed to be launching at some point in the future -- the Samsung Galaxy Note is a secondary confirmation of this. On the list is the HTC Ville -- better know as the HTC One S, which means that it will... Continue reading

Xoom 2 Coming to a Telstra shop near you!

Motorola have announced that the first carrier for the Xoom 2 in Australia is Telstra. On paper, the Xoom 2 is well up there on current market specs and frankly after the disappointing Xoom I hope that Motorola got it right this time. The Xoom 2 features: 10.1" screen 1.2ghz Dual Core processor 1GB Ram 32GB Storage and it's much thinner than the original. It's available on the $29, $39, $49 and $89 data plans with hardware repayments. Check out the Telstra site for more details HERE Now the really good bit, not only is it thinner, lighter and faster than the original Xoom... Motorola have... Continue reading

Motorola Atrix 3 leaks; internals include quad-core CPU, 3300mAh battery, 10MP camera

It was only at CES last year that Motorola unveiled the original Motorola Atrix, and come Mobile World Congress they'll be unveiling the third iteration of the device -- at least according to new leaks. The image above is the latest photo of the Atrix 3, and as it says, there will be an NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core CPU powering the device and a huge 3300mAh battery to keep it charged up. There will be a 10MP with dual LEDs to snap all your photos as well. There's very little else know about the device, except that it... Continue reading

Motorola gives us a timeline of Ice Cream Sandwich updates

Today Motorola updated its "Motorola Android Software Upgrade News" page with new information about which phones and Tablets will get Ice Cream Sandwich. I've saved you the effort of going through the page by separating out the Australian devices. So from the below table we can see that the RAZR (Optus), Atrix (Telstra) and the Xoom (WiFi & 3G) will make the cut and have a time frame of Q2 this year. What is disappointing to see is that the recently released Defy+ will not be getting Ice Cream Sandwich and there is no surprise about the rest of the devices. The Update... Continue reading

Motorola expect to roll out Ice Cream Sandwich for the XOOM in Q2, carriers haven’t started testing

Are you the owner of a Motorola XOOM, or know someone who is? Then you best let them know not to wait up for the Ice Cream Sandwich update for their device. Motorola Australia stated on their Facebook page that while they'd love to get ICS quickly, the carriers here haven't started the testing phase yet so a Q2 roll out is expected. Our Australian carrier partners are yet to begin testing the ICS software for Xoom, therefore we are unable to advise of any exact date the update will be ready. We do expect to release the upgrade... Continue reading

Motorola Mobility tease wireless charging, will be announced at CES 2012

Motorola Mobility have released a teaser video declaring they will be showing off wireless charging at CES 2012. The video -- viewable below -- is all CGI which shows a generic Motorola wall-socket USB charger crying, as it's obviously not going to be used any more. Conductive charging isn't anything new at all, but it's always nice to see some cool stuff being done wirelessly. Maybe they can also announce denser batteries? One can dream.. Continue reading