Top 5 Android Phones of 2011 as rated by Ausdroid

It's that time of year again, folks, where we announce the top 5 Android devices that we thought really stood out and performed well. The phones are judged by Team Ausdroid with the following criteria: launched in Australia this year; specs given the time of launch; positive feedback we've been given by readers about the device. We thought we'd also throw in a few devices into a list of worst devices to launch this year, just for a few laughs. With all that out of the way, let's get into it! Samsung Nexus S (#5) Available for $399 at MobiCity... Continue reading

Telstra launches world-first Android store in Melbourne

Today Irwin and I attended the launch of Telstra's new Android-esque store in their Melbourne CBD store dubbed "Androidland". Android has well and truly taken over a majority (154 square metres) of the second level of the 246 Bourke St store with hands-on demos of a lot of Android devices and their cool features. The dedicated Android retail presence is the first of its kind in the world with representatives of many manufacturers (HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson & Samsung) as well as Telstra and even a rep from Google -- she even had an engineering version of the Galaxy... Continue reading

Kogan now selling the Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Note for $619 and $649 respectively

If you're a regular shopper over at Kogan and you're also a lover of Android (if you're not, why are you here?) you'll be happy to know they've added the Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Note to their lineup of cheap Android devices. The RAZR is selling for $619 which is the cheapest I could find out of our trusted online retailers and the Galaxy Note is at $649 which is also the cheapest we could find. Kogan are marketing the RAZR as the "Droid RAZR" which is fairly incorrect as it's the GSM variant, not the... Continue reading

Android 3.2 for the Motorola XOOM rolling out gradually this week starting from today

Today is the day for updates it seems, with the Motorola XOOM up next on the list. Android 3.2 for the XOOM is being pushed out in stages throughout this week starting from 2PM AEDT today (~50 mins ago from posting time). Motorola notes that key features in the update include the ability to print QuickOffice documents over Wi-Fi to networked printers; to access, create and edit Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents; enhanced security management and security (3LM); and more apparently. The update is rolling out over the air, so keep your batteries charged and... Continue reading

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: We will run Motorola as a separate business

Google's Chairman and former CEO, Eric Schmidt, has reaffirmed El Goog's plans for Motorola once their $12.5 billion dollar purchase of Motorola Mobility is approved in the coming months. Whilst in South Korea, Schmidt said that Motorola would receive no special treatment over other vendors and that Google "will run it sufficiently and independently" ensuring that the purchase "will not violate the openness of Android". That's reassuring for other manufacturers, though we hope it will also mean quicker updates for Motorola devices and less of this skinning business. It also means we might not being seeing a Motorola... Continue reading

Telstra announce the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, Motorola DEFY+ and Telstra QWERTY-Touch in time for Christmas

Telstra have just announced via their news exchange that they are going to be selling the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, Motorola DEFY+, Telstra QWERTY-Touch and the LG Optimus Spirit we wrote about yesterday. I'm surprised to see the Arc S pop up considering the little amount of differentiation over the original Arc. I'm not surprised to see the DEFY+ considering how much Telstra pushed the original DEFY. Both the Telstra-branded QWERTY-Touch (most likely made by ZTE) and the LG Optimus Spirit are low-end prepaid devices. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S I reviewed the Arc S just under a... Continue reading

Motorola RAZR now available from Optus stores starting today

For those of you who have been hanging out to get your hands on the Motorola RAZR to 'try before you buy', that time has come! Optus now have the RAZR in stores for you to play with and purchase if so desire. If you haven't yet read our review of the RAZR we highly recommend you do before you jump in. Here's the plans you can get the RAZR on:   $19 $29 $49 $59 $79 Repayments $17 $14 $7 $0 $0 Cost /mo $36/mo $43/mo $56/mo $59/mo $79/mo Credit $70 $180 $550 $750 $900 Data 100MB 200MB 1.5GB 2GB 3GB Accessories that come with the Motorola RAZR for free on Optus' $79 cap: HD Multimedia Dock 18W Power Supply HDMI Cable Motorola Android BT Keyboard Motorola BT Mouse Active Car Cradle and... Continue reading

Motorola announce the XOOM 2 and XOOM 2 Media Edition

Motorola have made their brand new tablets -- the Motorola XOOM 2 and XOOM 2 Media Edition -- official. The devices had been leaking around the internet for quite a while so it's not as though these two devices have popped up out of no where. The new XOOMs look very much like scaled up version of the Motorola RAZR which is an interesting design choice -- most likely to differentiate from the iPad to avoid any legal backlash. The XOOM 2 features a 10.1-inch IPS display, whereas the XOOM 2 Media Edition packs a... Continue reading

Telechoice to sell the Motorola RAZR outright for $649

Update: Telechoice are not selling the Verizon branded RAZR like we first thought, instead they just listed the wrong specs of the device along with the incorrect image of the Verizon branded device. It will instead just be the Optus variant. The price is still awesome though. If you're looking to buy the Motorola RAZR sans contract it looks as though you're in luck. Telechoice, an Optus premium retailer, are offering the RAZR outright for $649 unlocked. It's unclear whether this will be the same device sold at Optus as Telechoice have the Verizon branded RAZR as the image... Continue reading

Motorola RAZR — Review

Motorola are hoping to make a big comeback with the RAZR; it's thin, it's fast and it's ready for action on Optus. I had high hopes for the RAZR going into this review, I'd read a few good things about it, and the specs and design really stand out in this mobile war over hardware. After having owned the Atrix for a few months, I hated everything Motorola, so I wanted 3 things from the RAZR: speed, responsiveness and a good camera. I was lucky enough to get all three. (more…) Continue reading

Motorola to cut 800 jobs, likely in an effort to improve earnings

Motorola Mobility are planning to cut a whopping 800 jobs according to a regulatory filing they issued. Bloomberg is suggesting that the job cuts are in an effort to improve Motorola's earning in the future, seeing as they lost over $30 million in the last quarter alone. The reduction of losses will also ready the company for when Google is expected to take over in the coming months. My suggestion to Motorola is to stop making zany looking devices and just make stuff that works really well and what consumers want. They're certainly headed down the right track... Continue reading

Android 3.2 for the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi rolling out from today, 3G later this week

Motorola have announced via their Facebook Page that the Android 3.2 update for the Wi-Fi only variant of the Motorola XOOM will be rolling from this morning, so keep checking your device for update if you own one. As for the 3G variant of the Motorola XOOM, Motorola says that the update is currently getting the green-light from Google then it will up to carriers to push it out. They're hoping that this happens later this week, which lines up with Telstra announcing the other day that the update will be pushed out early November. Continue reading

Motorola shipped only 100,000 XOOMs in the 3rd quarter

It seems that the XOOM hasn't been the greatest device for Motorola; they only shipped 100,000 XOOMs in the 3rd quarter of this year. That 100,000 doesn't even include how many were sold, just how many were sent out from their manufacturing plant(s), so it's not looking good for the XOOM. Motorola are expected to announce the XOOM 2 very soon which will hopefully pull Motorola from this sales slump. But don't feel too bad Motorola, Apple only managed to ship 11.1 million iPads during the same quarter, no wonder they own 99.1337% of the tablet market. Continue reading