Motorola Moto G speakerphone issues

The Moto G is an extremely popular mid-range spec phone at a low end cost, selling steadily through a number of sources in Australia. With the recent OTA update that pushed out for Android 4.4.2 there's a large number of users reporting that their speakerphone is now barely louder than the normal phone mode. I purchased a Moto G for my beautiful wife not very long ago and she is one of the users who has suffered this issue. Of course, there's plenty of people who have their opinion on how it could be fixed: Factory Reset Reboot the... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 101 – Fappy Bird

Welcome to episode 101 of the Ausdroid podcast! This week Jason, Geoff and Dan took a look at the latest news from the Android world. Topics: Motorola purchased by Lenovo for $2.91b Google opens Chromecast SDK up to all developers Pebble App Store now live, just not for Android (but it's OK because it's now in beta?) HTC Rumours: M8 on-screen buttons, Late March launch in NYC Samsung Rumours: Unpacked5 event at Mobile World Congress may see Galaxy S5 launch Red Nexus 5 Rumours: Heading to Google Play on Feb 5 (hey, that rumour turned... Continue reading

Nest team to become Google’s new Core Hardware Group

Google has confirmed that the Nest team will stay pretty much in tact and will now be part of a new division called the Core Hardware Group, for which Google has high hopes and plans for. The new division will still work on hardware devices, but not necessarily thermostats or smoke detectors which we saw at this year's CES. Google have stated that they would like Nest CEO and founder Tony Fadell and his team to work on gadgets that make more sense for the company. There is speculation that the team maybe working on a phone or a tablet,... Continue reading

Google to keep Project Ara and Advanced Technology group from the Motorola Deal

As the dust settles from yesterday's sudden announcement that Lenovo will purchase Motorola from Google for close to US$3 billion, it seems that not all parts of Motorola will be making the move over to Lenovo. In a conference call overnight, Lenovo confirmed that the Advanced Technology and Projects Group - currently under the stewardship of former DARPA director Regina Dugan - will not be included within the sale of Motorola. Instead, this group will be making the move from Motorola's Sunnyvale HQ to Google's Mountain View complex and will be integrated with Google's Android team. The... Continue reading

Google by the numbers – Q4 2013 earnings report

Google has just announced their Q4 results for 2013, and after the announcement yesterday of the sale of Motorola to Lenovo, the focus is on the losses that Motorola has continued to accrue despite having a pair of great smartphones released. Larry Page, CEO of Google said We ended 2013 with another great quarter of momentum and growth. Google's standalone revenue was up 22% year on year, at $15.7 billion. We made great progress across a wide range of product improvements and business goals. I'm also very excited about improving people's lives even more with continued hard... Continue reading

Motorola updates Gallery app; fresh new design inbound

Motorola has today rolled out a new version of its Gallery app through the Google Play Store, bringing an overhauled, fresh new look. The update is compatible with the Moto G, as well as other devices not available in Australia (Moto X, Droid Ultra, Mini and Maxx), as long as they're running Android 4.4. The new version specifically features a new, lighter coloured design, and a few new lenses through which to sort through your photos. In particular, there's the current 'Album' view that was available earlier, but there's now also a timeline view which allows you to view photos... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 99 – A curve in the right direction

Welcome to the 99th episode of the Ausdroid podcast! This week Jason, Dan and Geoff took a good close look at the news and made sure everyone knew how the felt about it. Those communication classes are clearly helping! Topics: Motorola Moto G: Review and launch details Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite LG G Flex exclusive to Harvey Norman Accessorise your Nexus Rumours: HTC M8 Rumours: LG G3 Rumours: Sony Sirius (and another rumour a couple of days later) Samsung Galaxy S5 Pocket Weather 4.0 Listen to this episode Download this episode MP3 Subscribe to the Ausdroid Podcast Continue reading

Motorola makes it easy to switch from iPhone to Android

Just after we start our Android for Everyone guide series, Motorola went ahead and made one part of the process just that little bit easier. Many iOS users will have experimented with iCloud or moved their contacts/calendar information there. This is all well and good, but it does present a bit of an issue when or if you want to move from iOS to a different platform. While we've gone through in some detail how to extract your personal data from an iOS device in our Android for Everyone guides, if your contacts and calendar information are in iCloud, you... Continue reading

Motorola Moto G — Review

Motorola's release of the Moto G marks the first handset released onto the Australian market from the mobile giant in quite some time. While it was hoped the Moto X would make it to Australia, it seems this was not to be, and after the mostly impressive release of the Moto RAZR M and RAZR HD in late 2012, it's fair to say there was a fair bit of anticipation for what might come next. The Moto G is a curious release for an Australian market that's... Continue reading

Motorola adds the Moto G to their Australian Website – launch imminent?

When Motorola launched the Moto G in Sao Paulo Brazil they announced that they would be launching the phone here in Australia in Janurary and ever since we've been checking retailers in Australia for news of the launch, with so far only Telechoice acknowledging that they will be carrying the device. But an official launch appears imminent with Motorola updating their Australian website to feature the Moto G. The website lists all the specifications of the entry level phone, listing the highlights as being the 'sharpest 4.5" HD screen in its class, all-day battery, quad-core processor and Android™ 4.3... Continue reading

Google releases Google Play Edition of the Motorola Moto G – still US only

Google has this morning announced that they will begin selling the Motorola Moto G in a 'Google Play Edition' through the US Google Play Store. The Moto G will be available to purchase in the US for $179 for the 8GB version or $199 for the 16GB version. The device will ship in 1-2 days and from the description is an unlocked GSM version supporting HSPA+ up to 21 Mbps on the 850, 900, 1900 and 2100 MHz bands, making it compatible with the 3G networks of all Australian carriers, although it will require the use of a shipping forwarder... Continue reading

Moto G on sale at MobiCity

Motorola's latest device, the Moto G, is on sale at MobiCity with the 8GB version of the popular device now available for $249.95, which is a $50 saving from the original price. Of course, this price is also cheaper than the $279 price tag that Telechoice are offering for the same device, representing a $30 saving there as well. Geoff has also recently given his first impressions of the device which you read about right here. If you are interested in this new sale price for the Moto G, hit the link below in the source field... Continue reading

Telechoice to offer the Motorola Moto G from January 13 for $279 outright

EDIT It appears the price of the Moto G will be $279, based on a number of calls to Telechoice, for an 8GB phone, that's expensive. Thanks Ahmato27. The release of the Motorola Moto G has been hotly anticipated since its launch in São Paulo, Brazil in November last year, at which time Australia was listed as set to receive the handset in January. Well, January is here and the first sign of a local launch is to be found in the latest Telechoice catalogue which is offering the handset on a $40 plan. According to Telechoice stores in... Continue reading