Moto G on sale at MobiCity

Motorola's latest device, the Moto G, is on sale at MobiCity with the 8GB version of the popular device now available for $249.95, which is a $50 saving from the original price. Of course, this price is also cheaper than the $279 price tag that Telechoice are offering for the same device, representing a $30 saving there as well. Geoff has also recently given his first impressions of the device which you read about right here. If you are interested in this new sale price for the Moto G, hit the link below in the source field... Continue reading

Telechoice to offer the Motorola Moto G from January 13 for $279 outright

EDIT It appears the price of the Moto G will be $279, based on a number of calls to Telechoice, for an 8GB phone, that's expensive. Thanks Ahmato27. The release of the Motorola Moto G has been hotly anticipated since its launch in São Paulo, Brazil in November last year, at which time Australia was listed as set to receive the handset in January. Well, January is here and the first sign of a local launch is to be found in the latest Telechoice catalogue which is offering the handset on a $40 plan. According to Telechoice stores in... Continue reading

Motorola Moto G — First Impressions

When we heard that Motorola were launching a capable quad core smartphone with an HD display for the paltry sum of $200, we took notice. Motorola are becoming known as makers of good handsets with good software, and the Moto G is a handset we couldn't pass up. With the Moto G in hand, the smooth rounded back plate is comfortable and has a similar texture to the Nexus 5 albeit not as silky. It's not a particularly slim phone but that's the price of ergonomics and a good size battery. Motorola's engineering chops are... Continue reading

Retailer Round-Up: In-store Weekly Specials

With only 13 days left till the jolly big fat man in the red suit makes his way around to all the good boys and girls, retailers are ramping up their last minute gift ideas, so here is a list of offerings for this week from the big retailers: Big W: Tablets NXTBOOK M7000ND 7" Tablet $149 - starts Thursday December 12 Laser eTouch 7" tablet $128 - starts Thursday 12 December Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 7.0" WiFi 8GB (White only) $228 - starts Thursday December 12 Laser 7" Kids Smart Pad $128 - starts December 12 Smart Tab Junior Android... Continue reading

Telechoice taking orders for the Motorola ‘Moto G’

The Moto G, announced last month in São Paulo, Brazil is slated to come to Australia in January according to the official rollout schedule. While Motorola Australia have not yet announced any details for an official launch here, an annonymous tipster has advised that Telechoice is taking orders for the phone. The tipster supplied us with a spreadsheet which lists the Moto G - and it's associated Brightstar code - as coming with an Ex-GST price of $195 but this is believed to be their buy-in price and the retail price could be anywhere in the range of $250-299... Continue reading

Motorola partners with 3D Systems Sense to move Project Ara ahead

The announcement late last month by Motorola of their modular 'Phonebloks' style customisable phone building system - Project Ara, was met with a mixed reception but Motorola is set to make a go of it, with a deal announced yesterday that will see 3D Scanning and Printing company 3D Systems Sense building the manufacturing plants that will produce some of the hardware involved. The deal is a multi-year deal which points to a long term view for the project by Motorola and by extension Google; with Engadget advising that the company has been tasked with building a new factory... Continue reading

Good Deal: Telstra puts Motorola’s RAZR M on sale for $199

Looking for a cheap Android handset? Telstra is selling the white version of Motorola's year-old RAZR M at its online store for just $199. While the HTC One, Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z1 have pushed baseline Android handset specifications forward this year, the RAZR M still stands as a real attempt by Motorola to bring some power to the smaller handset form factor -- it's just a shame that it's now last year's definition of "power". I was quite fond of it when I reviewed it last year. Telstra's sale - exclusive to... Continue reading

Will Motorola’s RAZR M & RAZR HD phones see a KitKat update in Australia?

It's update day for Motorola, and today's updates may contain a welcome surprise for owners of their 2012 flagships, the RAZR HD and RAZR M. Stateside, Motorola released a KitKat update for the Moto X, making it the first Android OEM to do so, and it's even beaten the Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 and HTC One devices to the punch. Contrary to earlier reports, Motorola's support site is today showing that the HD & M handsets will see an update to KitKat. This is a little surprising as both devices stopped receiving... Continue reading

Motorola Moto G up for pre-order now at Mobicity

Mobicity has just announced that the Motorola Moto G is now available for pre-order from them. They expect it to be available from late November, and have priced it at $299.95 plus delivery (from $9.95) for a black  8GB version. The Moto G will have a variety of colourful back plates available, but Mobicity aren't stocking any initially. The Moto G was designed by Motorola to be a low cost yet powerful phone, and is priced in the States at US$ 179/8GB and US$ 199/16GB. It is expected to arrive officially  in Australia in January, though no... Continue reading

Motorola RAZR M on sale at Dick Smith’s 2 day click frenzy deals for $269

With the Moto G announced last week, its seems that older models like the RAZR M are being reduced on sale, albeit very slowly. In an email received from Dick Smith, it seems they are having an additional 2 day Click Frenzy deals starting sometime today, with the Motorola RAZR M being reduced to $269. It was originally $349. The RAZR M is a 4G device and unlocked, so it can be used on an network. Just in case you have... Continue reading

Motorola officially introduces the Moto G – a low end smartphone for everyone coming to Australia in January

At their event this morning in São Paulo, Brazil, Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside announced their newest handset the Moto G. The phone according to Mr Woodside is definitely aimed at the lower end of the handset range. The Moto G is focusing on giving a great experience to customers who can't afford the highest end handset or want a smaller handset. Mr Woodside says the 'Moto G offers a premium experience at less than one third of the price of high end devices'. Hardware Charlie Tritschler, Product Manager Motorola Mobility, listed off the specifics of the device starting with the Waterpoof... Continue reading

Motorola Moto G appears on GFX Bench and Amazon UK for Pre-Order – available November 14th

Motorolas follow up to the Ḿoto X - the Moto G - is widely tipped to be released at their event this week from São Paulo Brazil but it seems that Amazon just can't wait and has listed the phone for pre-order on their site, the phone has also appeared on Benchmarking site GFXBench listing a Snapdragon 400 under the hood. GSMInsider has found the phone - Motorola XT1032 - on the GFXBench benchmarking site, where it listed its internals for the world to see. The specs listed include a 1.2GHz Snapdragon S4 MSM8226 Quad-Core chipset... Continue reading

Moto G press photo leaks – or does it?

Serial rumour breaker, @evleaks, has recently posted an image of what they claim to be a press shot of the upcoming Moto G. After studying the images, it looks almost identical to the Moto X - even the time and date are very similar to the Motorola released press shots of the X. Here is an official Motorola Moto X press shot: And here is the @evleaks images of the Moto G: There are some very subtle differences between the two above images, there is an extra icon in the status bar of... Continue reading