Next Motorola phone – the Moto G heading worldwide with November 13th launch

The disappointment at missing out on the Moto X for everyone outside the US could be about to be alleviated if a tweet sent out from the official Motorola Twitter account hinting at a worldwide launch is to be believed. With a Save the Date 13th November tag, the tweet uses greetings from around the world, indicating that the phone could launch in Spain(Hola), Portugal(olá), Australia(G'day), England(Hallo), France/Canada(Bonjour), India(Namastē) and The Rest of the English Speaking world(Hello). Previously known as the Moto DVX, the Moto G has seen two recent leaks, one from noted serial leaker @EVLeaks which claimed... Continue reading

Moto G specs confirmed in brochure

It's still not guaranteed to be released outside of the US, but with Motorola earlier this year at the launch of the Moto X promising they had future plans for a portfolio of products that show the best of Motorola as a Google company' with 'exciting plans for all regions' we sure hope we see something and the Moto G could be it. We saw a leak of the Moto G specs via EVLeaks yesterday and today, GSMArena have supplied a picture of a brochure for the Moto G which confirms some of the specs. The brochure lists the... Continue reading

New Motorola phone Moto G to come with Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Pro

While we're still getting all the Android 4.4 and Nexus 5 news under control and assimilated, life in the Android world goes on, this time via @EVLeaks who has posted some information received via Tip on the upcoming Moto G, which is rumoured to be the new name for the phone formerly known as the Moto DVX, that we were told about earlier this year. The specs, which include a Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Pro, seems to be a pretty good device and with reports that the Moto X runs extremely smoothly on the Dual-Core MSM8960Pro SoC this could... Continue reading

Motorola announces an open modular smartphone platform called ‘Project Ara’

The yearly, or even sooner for some, upgrade cycle for mobile phones has left Motorola with an idea on how to mitigate the seemingly wasteful practice, by announcing 'Project Ara' an open hardware ecosystem that will allow people to build their own device using an endoskeleton(endo) and modules. The modular phone concept is described by Motorola The endo is the structural frame that holds all the modules in place. A module can be anything, from a new application processor to a new display or keyboard, an extra battery, a pulse oximeter--or something not yet thought of! Led by Motorola’s Advanced Technology... Continue reading

Moto G rumoured to be the Motorola DVX, a lower-end 4.5-inch Moto X

In September we say a device go through the FCC in America that was rumoured to be a 4.5-inch lower-end variant of the Moto X -- a device which still hasn't found its way to Australia -- dubbed the Motorola DVX. Any further news on the device disappeared until recently when Motorola applied for a trademark on the term 'Moto G'. Now appears that this is all the same device, the Moto G will be the low-end Moto X with its 4.5-inch LCD display (no AMOLED here), quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, and it's likely to have dual-sim capabilities.... Continue reading

Google by the numbers – Q3 earnings report

It's that time again, time to see how the Mountain View giant we know and love has been doing financially and from the look of the numbers it's not terrible, in fact after hours trading on Nasdaq saw a 7.96% rise to reach $959.51 which is an all time high for their share price based on previous numbers. So, how did Google do? Results for Q3, ending 30th September 2013 : $14.89 billion in revenue, up 12% on Q3 2012. $3.44 billion consolidated revenue for Q3, up 21% on Q3 2012. $2.97 billion net income, up from 2.18 billion on Q3 2012. $56.52... Continue reading

Motorola DVX rumours grow

At Ausdroid we first started hearing about a lower end version of the Moto X called the Moto DVX, back in March, when we were advised that a lower end version of the Moto X would be coming to Australia rather than the launch device that was going to be released in the US, but the rumours surrounding specs are spreading fast. The latest rumours are that the Motorola DVX looks pretty much like a Moto X with a slightly smaller (4.5 inch LCD vs the Moto X with a 4.7 inch) screen and larger bezel. ... Continue reading

Mobicity selling Motorola Moto X, in stock now

Motorola's decision to not bring the new Moto X to Australia has not been popular, but for those of you who still want to get your hands on Motorola's latest beast, Mobicity have advised that they are now stocking the 16 GB Moto X in either black or white for $869.95. As the Moto X is only available in the US, the model being sold by Mobicity bears AT&T branding and is not compatible with any of the LTE networks used in Australia, so if... Continue reading

Rumour: Motorola to produce a Nexus in Q4 this year

A new rumour is floating around the internet and it involves two things that I'm a bit of a fan of - Nexus and Motorola. According to a Google+ post from Taylor Wimberly - founder of the Android site, Android and Me - a new smartphone will come out of the Google owned hardware manufacturer Motorola and it won't be a Moto X based phone. The Google+ post is brief, simply stating : Motorola will release a Nexus smartphone in Q4 (that is not the Moto X). That's it. It's a pretty basic rumour right now, but Taylor was actually pretty... Continue reading

Google could possibly handover mass-production of Glass to Motorola

It seems Motorola could possibly be involved in the production of Googles current pet project - Google Glass - at least according to an article which appeared in the Wall Street Journal last week. During the last week's launch of the Moto X in the US, Dennis Woodside, CEO of of Motorola Mobility, stated that Motorola is already lending a helping hand in many internal Google hardware projects. Stating that in terms of their help extending to Google Glass : supply chain head Mark Randall is helping Google think through manufacturing issues for Google Glass and one day might handle... Continue reading

Did Motorola fail with the launch of the Moto X – Counterpoint

This post is another point of view to this article : Did Motorola fail with the launch of the Moto X Since Google first announced their purchase of Motorola back in August of 2011, the major reason behind the purchase has been heavily speculated to have been motivated by the 17,000 strong patent portfolio that were registered to Motorola, at the time OEMs as part of the Open Handset Alliance(OHA) were being assaulted from all sides by the likes of industry heavyweights Microsoft and Apple, with a direct confrontation between them and Google heavily expected to come to a... Continue reading

Did Motorola fail with the launch of the Moto X

Remember when Google forked out 12.5 Billion dollars to buy Motorola Mobility? Remember what we all thought? Awesome! Finally a manufacturer who will be able to make Android phones how they should be made. Won’t this be amazing, Google directing Motorola how to make an Android phone. A true phone that encompasses the vision that is Android for them. And then in December last year the rumours started circulating that Motorola and Google were working on a true Google Android phone. A mysterious phone to be called Moto X. Over the past 8 months the hype on the... Continue reading

Motorola Migrate eases the pain of moving to a new phone

Soon after the Motorola Connect Chrome extension launched last night, Motorola launched another companion app called Motorola Migrate. It's an Android app available from Google Play store, aimed at transferring important things like contacts, music, messages, photos and videos to a new phone - as long as it's a Motorola phone. Motorola isn't the first company to try to ease the pain of migrating your content from one phone to another. Anyone who tinkers with rooting and ROMming their phones very likely has a backup strategy in place so they can restore the important data after they're done... Continue reading