Motorola launches the Moto X

Our long wait for Motorola's first post-Google-acquisition smartphone is finally over. The Moto X was launched a couple of hours ago in New York. Let's take a look. The Moto X story began earlier this year as the rumoured "X-Phone", a supposed "superphone" which could eclipse Google's own Nexus line and it was said that new and advanced materials were being considered for the device's construction and build. In fact, the Moto X may be the most-rumoured device of the year with an early Vietnamese leak (which also unknowingly showed us Motorola's new logo),... Continue reading

Rumour: Moto X could launch on US Telco’s next week

The launch of the Moto X is all anyone seems interested in these days and with the launch set for the 1st of August in the US, there could be good news for those in the US in regards to getting their hands on the device in the very near future. According to Tayler Wimberly - ex-owner of AndroidandMe - the Moto X could be launched on to US carriers as early as next week. He posted this entry onto his Google+ page Now whilst this has caused a quite a bit of a stir given the hype over... Continue reading

Rumour: Moto X in testing with Telstra, could end up in Australia after all

Way back in March we had a source at Motorola inform us that Motorola would not be bringing one of the most anticipated phones ever to Australian shores, after Telstra passed on it. Since then the rumour mill for the Moto X has run rampant with speculation, rumours, and leaks raising the profile of the first Google influenced phone from Motorola. It seems however that Telstra has re-thought their position on the handset, Channelnews is reporting that Telstra are in the middle of testing this device for a possible late August/early September release. With regards to the Moto... Continue reading

Job listing suggesting that Motorola might begin working on wearable devices

It seems that Motorola - and by extension Google - might be looking to produce a followup to the MotoActv, or join the rest of the tech world in producing a smart watch, if the current job listing for a Director Industrial Design - Wearables that has been placed by Motorola Mobility is anything to go by. The job, which went up on Thursday US Time, will be based at the headquarters of Motorola in Chicago, Illinois. Motorola is looking for candidates to fulfill the position who will: Provide strategic leadership, champion innovation and institute best practices to create a... Continue reading

First Press shots for the Motorola Moto X and what could be inside

Motorola get points for keeping the Moto X at the forefront of the news, seemingly strategically leaking tidbits here and there so that there's always something out there for people to see. This latest pic comes from @Evleaks and purportedly shows off the Moto X press shots. Also released this morning was a report from TheVerge which says they've been tipped to the reported specs on the device, apparently it will come with a 4.5" display and come with a dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon MSM8960T CPU and 2GB of RAM - all of which marries up with the... Continue reading

Google by the numbers – Q2 earnings report

Yesterday, Google announced their Q2 earning report. The numbers look fairly good from the outset, however it proved to be less than what investors were looking for so the share price fell a little on Wall Street. So, what numbers are we looking at from Google this time around - figures are in USD : Revenue is up for Google who reported overall revenue for Q2 of $14.11 billion - 19% up on last year - with a total Net income of 3.23 billion compared to $2.79 billion in the second quarter of 2012. Motorola Mobile however had an operating... Continue reading

Moto X to be launched on August 1st in New York

The worst kept secret in the mobile industry the Motorola Moto X is due to be announced at an event in New York. The invite has been sent out to US sites indicating a more US centric launch but we already know that the phone will be launching in Canada at least, so it could possibly go further afield, although an Australian launch may not be on the cards. The event is due to start at around 3PM in New York on August 1st which should be around 5AM our time on Friday, the 2nd of August. No... Continue reading

Motorola Moto X being released in August in Black and White – Always on voice commands

A video from Toronto, Canada based Rogers Wireless has appeared on Google+ user Дима Прокопенко page and shows off the long awaited Motorola Moto X. The video also shows off the always on voice commands and other features of the phone. The video advises that the Moto X will be a Rogers exclusive - in Canada at least - where it will launch in August in a choice of black and white - unfortunately, no sign of the customisable back plates said to be launching in the US. The Moto X is apparently always listening for commands, the initiating command... Continue reading

Eric Schmidt Steps Out, Moto X in Tow

The cat is out of the bag most definitely now.  We have seem so many unofficial leaks of the Moto X, as well as a few official leaks from Motorola themselves but today there have been not one, but two shots of the Moto X out in plain sight in the hands of some of the biggest players in the mobile industry.   First up,Rick Osterloh, a Senior Vice President of Motorola Mobility was filmed by Robert Scoble - through Google Glass - at an event hosted by Guy Kawasaki which was originally thought to be the announcement... Continue reading

Moto X won’t be unveiled at July 11 event

While it was rumoured that on July 11th Motorola would unveil the new Moto X, Google has stepped in to squash those rumours, telling Android Police that a select 50 or so 'friends' of Motorola employee Guy Kawasaki are attending a private function. So it turns out we're going to have to wait a little longer to see exactly what Motorola is working on, though it's very likely that these 50 or so 'friends' are going to get a glimpse of what's to come. Perhaps we'll see Android 4.3 launch alongside the Moto X as well as being pushed... Continue reading

Motorola X-Phone to Feature “Clear Pixel” Camera Technology

While the Motorola X Phone still remains a phone known only by rumours, speculation and innuendo, just when you thought every single specification had been covered by the rumours another new one arrives.  This one involves the camera the X-Phone is said to be sporting.  Taylor Wimberly of Android And Me fame has made a statement on Google+  that "Moto X will feature a Clear Pixel Camera with gesture controls." The X-Phone is rumoured to have a 10MP camera which many of us thought is be strange considering most manufacturers have gone from 8MP to 13MP cameras, with... Continue reading

Motorola Moto X – US Pre-Order page, customisation details and parts leak

The release of the upcoming Motorola phone, which will allow you to 'design it yourself'; the Moto X, is getting closer by the day now and true to form there are bits and pieces coming out all over the place. Firstly, Motorola has taken to Twitter and Facebook to announce a signup page, which allows you to register your interest in the US made phone. : If you're interested you can head over to the Sign-Up page and enter your details. In terms of customisation, according to 'sources' speaking to ABC News in the US, the... Continue reading

Motorola’s upcoming Moto X will supposedly allow you to design it yourself

Motorola's upcoming Moto X just got a little more interesting, According to this ad leaked to The Verge, Motorola's new device will be as unique as you are when it launches as it will allow for you design it yourself. It's unclear how far that concept will go in terms of what you can alter when ordering the device. The more reasonable options would be colours and patterns, as well as changing some of the hardware depending on what you're after as an enthusiast. According to some rumours on the internet, the Moto X could be announced... Continue reading