Motorola Defy+ from Telstra now $99 with $10 credit

If you're in the market for a cheap pre-paid phone that is water and dust resistant, carries the Telstra Blue Tick for better coverage in regional and rural areas then look no further than the Motorola Defy+ which has been dropped from $249 down to just $99+postage from the Telstra Online store. The phone is not a bad little package offering some decent mid-range specs : 3.7" 480x854 WVGA touchscreen 1GHz CPU 512MB RAM 2GB Storage with microSD card Slot Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, aGPS Android 2.3 Water and scratch resistant and dustproof 1700 mAh Battery Not a bad deal and at $99 it also includes $10... Continue reading

Galaxy Nexus is one year old, brother(s) coming soon?

We were introduced to the Galaxy Nexus a year ago today and the Galaxy Nexus Google+ feed just posted a Happy Birthday message. In that message they also intimated that we may meet some younger brothers soon : Of course this could just mean we'll see the LG Nexus 4 and a re-launched Nexus 7 with 32GB and possibly 3G as has been rumoured on and off, or it could mean a full blown 5 Nexus device introduction from manufacturers like Sony, HTC, LG, Samsung and maybe Motorola? Well we'll find out soon enough. The 'Playground is Open' event is... Continue reading

Rumour: Nexus Phones coming from Sony, Samsung, LG and HTC

It's been pretty well accepted but not confirmed that Google is working with multiple manufacturers to bring about a range of Nexus Phones for their next release, now Digitimes is reporting leaks from industry sources who have advised that Google is currently working with 'Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony Mobile Communications and HTC'. The report marries closely with the story from the Wall Street Journal they released in May which stated that Google was planning to release up to 5 Nexus Devices from different manufacturers. The other part that Digitimes is reporting is that Google will allow manufacturers to set... Continue reading

Motorola OnDisplay: Razr HD, Razr M Australian Launch

Motorola and Telstra held a joint event this morning in Sydney promoting the Razr HD and Razr M phones. While there weren't really any surprises about the phones themselves (they've been covered fairly extensively since their launch a couple of weeks ago in the US), the big news is that the Razr HD is available today from Telstra stores. Tia and I arrived at about 9am to find that Motorola had appropriately decked out the entrance to the Museum of Contemporary Art with an Android army!     After a while, we went upstairs for the presentation. Motorola made a big deal... Continue reading

Motorola cashes in on iOS 6 Maps failure — #iLost? Not with a RAZR M.

It's no secret that Apple's iOS 6 Maps application — which replaces the Google Maps app that has featured on iOS since day dot — is a bit of a let down, to say the least. Major criticism pretty much sums it up. It fails to find directions between things, buildings, ships and road ways look melted and deformed, and businesses and other locations are frequently in the wrong spot. In short, Apple's new Maps service sucks. Motorola has decided, quite cleverly, to take advantage of this state of affairs with a bit of competitive marketing,... Continue reading

Motorola and Intel launch the Motorola RAZR i, 2GHz Intel CPU inside (updated: video)

Motorola and Intel have today announced a device that they've called the biggest device since the launch of the original Motorola RAZR -- wow, what a call. The Motorola RAZR i features 4.3-inch edge-to-edge AMOLED display with zero touch-response time. The device is powered by a -- as far as we can tell, it's single core -- 2GHz Intel CPU built on 32nm architecture. The device was designed by both teams at Motorola and Intel. It's super strong, and will give users a full day of battery life -- there was a lot of emphasis at the live event... Continue reading

Motorola to launch RAZR HD and RAZR M in October

Motorola will hold an Australian launch for the RAZR HD and RAZR M Android phones on Tuesday 2 October A little while ago we brought you the news about Motorola's new RAZR line of handsets, including the RAZR HD and RAZR M which were announced for Australia. Well, today the news has hotted up a little, with confirmation that the devices will arrive in October, following a launch event to be held on 2 October in Sydney. While we knew that these two... Continue reading

Motorola RAZR MAXX HD won’t be launching in Australia

If you were hoping to get your hands on the Motorola RAZR MAXX HD -- the extra battery loaded RAZR HD -- then you're all out of luck for the time being. Motorola Australia has announced that the device won't be launching here in Australia due to incompatible frequencies, which really means that no carrier here was that interested in the device that Motorola made a specific version for Aus. "due to availability on a different frequency band that is not compatible with the Australian market, it will not be available locally" - Motorola Aus As we've... Continue reading

Motorola and Intel release teaser clip for September 18 Event

Motorola and Intel will be holding an event on the 18th of September. Based on the 'Edge-to-Edge' slogan shown in the video below from the Motorola YouTube channel we should see something along the lines of the RAZR M, maybe even just the Intel powered version of the RAZR M. The event will be live streamed on the Intel Newsroom Website or on Motorola's European Facebook page so you can tune in and check it out, we'll be following up with Motorola to see if whatever is announced will be released locally. What do you... Continue reading

Sunday Editorial: What if Android got forked?

Some of us remember far back enough to the time — around November 2007 — when Android was first somewhat widely available as a software developers kit you could download from Google, and experiment with what might or might not have become a half-decent mobile operating system. I certainly remember downloading the SDK, experimenting with it for awhile, and then deciding that it showed promise – but it wasn't there yet. In these early days, Android devices ran Android as Google intended it — from Google's developers, to our handsets. Early devices such as the HTC Dream (aka... Continue reading

Android: 1.3m activations per day, and 480m activations over all

The announcement of new Motorola devices wasn't the only thing to come out of Motorola's event today. Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google (which owns Motorla), took the stage at the beginning of the event and gave us some new information about Android activations — in short, they're remarkable! Every day that goes by, 1.3 million Android devices are activated. That might sound impressive, but considering this figure was one million at the end of June, things have really... Continue reading

Motorola announces the new RAZR M, RAZR HD and Droid RAZR MAXX HD

Update: We have reached out to Motorola to confirm the availability of Jelly Bean for the Australian released handsets. While Australian users will not be eligible for a $100 rebate if Jelly Bean is not delivered, Motorola has confirmed that the RAZR M and RAZR HD will be upgraded to Jelly Bean, and more details on the timing of the update will be shared as soon as they are firmed up. Having been a bit quiet for a while, Motorola has come out and unleashed a slew of new handsets, and the better news is that some of... Continue reading

Motorola. On Display event tomorrow morning, new RAZR phones incoming?

A Motorola event has been scheduled for 2pm tomorrow at Gotham Hall in New York(4am tomorrow morning AEST) which looks set to reveal a few new devices and given Motorolas focus lately it would be fairly safe to expect some new RAZR phones. The current rumour is that the new phones may be bezel-less which would certainly set a distinctive look which could possibly be registered as trade dress? The rumours for the launch are for a new RAZR HD and a phone called the RAZR M, no definite specs for either but the RAZR M may have: 4.3" Super AMOLED... Continue reading