Nestlé Australia winds up their Android competition all second chance draw winners drawn

The announcement of KitKat as the name of the next version of Android, brought about a unique marketing opportunity for both Google and Nestlé with the companies embarking on a pretty successful campaign to cross promote the update and at the same time give away some of their new Nexus 7 tablets as well as some Google Play vouchers. But it all wound up on December 9th last year, but not all the tablets were claimed, and with some Android themed KitKat bars still showing up in stores, it was over to the second chance draw. The terms and conditions... Continue reading

Hot Deal: Mobicity group buy 3G Nexus 7 32GB under $250.00

Online retailer Mobicity have a hot deal running, they're organising a group purchase of the 32GB 3G Nexus 7(2012), that's right the original Tegra 3 version, for the next 80 hours. The price if they can find 10 people to join - 2 people have joined so far - is a pretty low $249.95 That is a massive saving on the normal retail price of $349.95, so if you've been considering grabbing yourself a 3G enabled tablet even if it's the original Nexus 7, now is certainly the time to jump on the Nexus train. They were without a... Continue reading

Rumour: HTC to produce a “high-end” Nexus tablet later this year

Rumours are circulating today that HTC is working on a "high end" Nexus tablet for release sometime later this year. A report by Focus Taiwan has stated that HTC Corp is said to have won orders for a high-end model in the Google Nexus tablet line that will begin shipping in the third quarter of 2014. We could be seeing a replacement Nexus 10 or, given the timing of previous launches, a replacement for the current 2013 model Nexus 7. This would be a boost for HTC, who manufactured the original Nexus One for Google and... Continue reading

Get 25% off selected Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 accessories

For those of you who've previously told us that you thought Nexus accessories from the Play Store were a little bit too expensive, two things: firstly, we agree. Second, a range of Nexus accessories are now on sale at 25% off on the Play Store, and these deals are available here in Australia too. The following products are on sale: Nexus 7 Sleeve: $26.20 Nexus 7 2013 Folio / Bumper: $41.20 Nexus 5 Bumper: $29.95 Nexus 5 QuickCover: $41.20 You can find all the discounted accessories on the Play Store Device Accessories page. Will you be buying any at this discounted price? Continue reading

Google adds Nexus Wireless Charger and Red Nexus 7 sleeve to Australian Google Play Store

While the US has seen the addition of the Google Play Edition of the Motorola Moto G, Australia it seems hasn't been forgotten with Google adding two new accessories for existing Nexus devices to the Google Play store - the Nexus Wireless Charger and a Red variant of the Nexus 7 Sleeve. The Nexus Wireless Charger is the first Qi compatible charger that Google has offered in Australia, notably omitting Australian Nexus owners from purchasing the Nexus Wireless Charging Orb that went on-sale belatedly last year with the Nexus 4. The new Nexus Wireless Charger is available for $54.95 with... Continue reading

Fitbit App now supports selected Nexus and Motorola devices

Fitbit has just announced to it's Beta tester group that the App available through the Google Play store is now supporting Sync support for selected Nexus and Motorola devices. The v1.8.4 of the Fitbit App from Google Play will support Sync on the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and Nexus 7 v2 as well as the Moto X - all US Variants - as well as the Verizon Motorola Droid RAZR handsets (RAZR M, RAZR HD, RAZR HD MAXX) providing they have received the November 2013 firmware update which resolves BLE support. They have also advised that the Verizon Droid... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 97 – Sixteen whole dollars

Welcome to the 97th episode of the Ausdroid podcast, and the final episode for 2013! This week Jason, Dan, Geoff and Scott talked about the week - and year's - Android news. Topics: Nexus 5 updates White Nexus 7 Google Play Edition Xperia Z Ultra and G Pad 8.3 Moto G Chromecast A look back at 2013 Listen to this episode Download this episode MP3 Subscribe to the Ausdroid Podcast RSS iTunes Get in contact with us via our Podcast Email, or leave a comment below. Continue reading

Good deal: 32 GB Nexus 7 (2013) $288 at Officeworks

Yet another tempting deal for the holidays! If you weren't already considering giving the gift of a Google Nexus 7, perhaps you should be! Today word reaches us from friend-of-the-site Michael Faro-Tusino that Officeworks is undercutting the Google Play RRP of $339 by a significant amount - you'll pick up a 32 GB model for just $288 - a saving of $49, cheaper even than the 16 GB model. This price also undercuts Google's other preferred retailers - Harvey Norman will currently sell you the same Nexus 7 for $318, and JB HiFi who have the... Continue reading

White Nexus 7(2013) added to Google Play in the US

If a Panda Nexus 7 is on your wish list this Christmas, then you're one step closer to realising your dream, a White version of the hugely popular tablet has just gone on-sale in Google Play in the US. Featuring the familiar 'White' design of all Nexus devices released by Google so far - white back with black front - the Nexus 7 is available in 32GB variant with Wi-Fi(sorry no LTE). The price has remained the same but availability is lacking, at least for us here in Australia. Android Central reports that the tablet will soon be available... Continue reading

Google adds Folio cases for Nexus 7(2013) to Google Play store

While Google still hasn't added the option for a White Nexus 7 - which they added to the US Store this morning, they have added a more premium folio case to the list of accessories available for the popular 7" tablet. The Folio cases are available in two colours - Black and 'Bright Red' - and act as a dual purpose cover + stand, with the cover offering a trifold design that will stand the tablet in an upright stance for viewing media or in a more flatter stance more suited to typing. The Folio cases aren't exactly cheap though... Continue reading

Android 4.4.2 rolling out days after 4.4.1 update

Just days after Google released Android 4.4.1 for its Nexus range of devices, the search giant has pushed out an update to Android 4.4.2, rolling out to Nexus 4, 5, 7 and 10 devices this morning. The official changelog remains unchanged, acknowledging camera fixes for the Nexus 5, and bug fixes and performance improvements for other devices in the range. With the update applied, we're seeing the following version details on a Nexus 5: Android version: 4.4.2 Kernel: 3.4.0-gadb2201 #1 Wed Nov 20... Build: KOT49H We've got the following download links... Continue reading

PSA: The Nestlé Android Kit Kat promotion ends tonight

It's been a long run, some people have won Google Play Credit, some have won Nexus 7 tablets....sometimes even multiple tablets, but tonight it comes to an end. All entries into the Nestlé Android Kit Kat promotion must be entered prior to 11:59pm or they'll go to waste. Of the 1,000 Nexus 7 tablets on offer at the beginning of the competition, according to the list of Nexus 7 winners on the Nestlé Australia site 871 have been won, although this list is only for winners up until the 1st of December, the final list will be... Continue reading