Galaxy Mini 2 Giveaway – Winner

A while back we announced the Galaxy Mini 2 giveaway to give you, our readers the chance to win the Galaxy Mini 2 we were given by Vodafone as part of our Nexus S Jelly Bean Challenge. The competition called for you to submit stories on the most spectacular way you've destroyed your phone. We had a lot of entries and there was some truly great entries, but there can be only one winner and after reviewing the entries... Continue reading

Google dropping Nexus S and Motorola XOOM from AOSP

If you missed out on ordering a Nexus 4 or 10 yesterday to replace your aging Nexus S or XOOM, prepare to be dealt another painful blow - Google are dropping support for these devices from AOSP, and they will not be updated (officially) to Android 4.2. While it's unlikely to win any speed contests, my Nexus S has always handled itself admirably and Android 4.1 has been stable and useable on the device. Unlike the Nexus One, where hardware constraints prohibited it from being upgraded... Continue reading

Android 4.2 hitting AOSP now, Factory images for some Nexus devices now available

We've barely had the dust settle on the frenzy that was the Nexus sale that occured yesterday and Google is now pushing Android 4.2 source to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and they've also updated their Google Developers page with Factory images for various Nexus devices. In the announcement on the Android Building Group, Jean-Baptiste Queru advised that the perfect platform for AOSP work going forward is the Nexus 10 with everything except the GPU code... Continue reading

Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S getting OTA update to 4.1.2

My poor old Nexus S has had more ROMs installed on it than leaks about an LG Nexus have appeared, but news reached us that OTA updates were pushing from the first release of Jellybean to 4.1.2 so I decided to flash back to the original, vanilla Jellybean from the Google Dev page to see how long it would take. The answer: Less than 24 hours! In true Google styles, the update was flawless: A notification told me it was ready so I hit install now and watched. Since I've already used 4.1.2 on this and other... Continue reading

Google adds 4.1.2 factory images for ‘Yakju’ Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Nexus Q to Developers page

Yesterday saw the release of the Android 4.1.2 factory images for the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus on to the Google Developers page, whilst technically you can flash the 'takju' build to a GSM Galaxy Nexus it is generally the build for the unlocked Galaxy Nexus sold through the devices section of the Play Store in the US. Today Google has released the 'yakju' image for the GSM Galaxy Nexus as well as the 4.1.2 'soju' image for the i9023 Nexus S. The other release will not really affect anyone except people like myself who forked out over... Continue reading

Vodafone wins the Nexus S Jelly Bean Challenge

It's with good grace that I happily accept defeat, Vodafone has delivered -for real this time. Vodafone Nexus S customers are currently receiving the Jelly Bean OTA upgrade on their handsets as we speak, if you haven't yet received it go to Settings > About Phone > Check For Updates and you should receive a prompt to install but it is a staggered rollout so don't be alarmed if you haven't got it just yet. Vodafone have delivered pretty well despite the early setback. Big thanks to the Vodafone software team and in particular Kieran Mcilwain for this... Continue reading

Vodafone Australia Nexus S Owners receiving OTA Jelly Bean – Is the Challenge over?

Starting to see reports that Vodafone Nexus S users are seeing Jelly Bean being pushed out to their Nexus S this morning. First Tweet we saw was from Taufiq : Jelly Bean is now installing on my Nexus S - thanks to @vodafone_au ! @ausdroid— Taufiq Khan (@tfqkhn) August 8, 2012 I confirmed he is on an Australian Vodafone Nexus S and is using an Australian SIM. Seen a second tweet from Slarv : @ausdroid Received Jelly Bean OTA. On my Crazy Johns Nexus S this morning. Did Vodafone lose the challenge?— Slarv (@Slarv19) August 8,... Continue reading

Google updates Developer page with Jelly Bean factory images for Nexus devices

The factory images page on the Google Developers website has been updated with the stock factory images for the Nexus S(Except Sprint 4G and Korean Version), Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. The images that Google supply on this site makes it dead simple for anyone with a Nexus device to download the factory image and flash it to their phone without waiting for carrier testing, although Vodafone seems to have beaten them to the punch for once, which I'm ecstatic to see. The Nexus 7 image was released very quickly after the tablet was announced however the images... Continue reading

Vodafone Nexus S Jelly Bean rollout halted – The Challenge may not be over

Hold the phone folks, the Vodafone rollout of Jelly Bean to the Nexus S has been halted. Vodafone has just advised me that they have had to halt the update, according to the blog there are some issues. The full statement : Important news We’ve just been advised that due to a software issue, the roll-out the of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to Vodafone Australia customers has been delayed. It’s been advised the software currently does not meet all the Australian regulatory requirements related to emergency calls. At this stage, we don’t have any further information on when the roll-out will resume,... Continue reading

Vodafone win the Nexus S Jelly Bean Challenge – Rollout begins tomorrow at 1pm.

With good grace I concede defeat, Vodafone has done what I thought impossible for any carrier, they have completed testing and will roll out the update for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to Vodafone Nexus S handsets from 1pm tomorrow beating even Google to releasing the image on the Google Dev page. I will happily send a picture of myself wearing a Vodafone Speaks Android Lanyard out onto the web because that is just awesome. The Vodafone update blog advises the status of the rollout as : Approved by Vodafone, roll out by Google scheduled for 1:00pm AEST, 19th July... Continue reading

Vodafone Nexus S – Jelly Bean Challenge

We love to talk with Australian carriers regarding Android updates and so far Vodafone has been an excellent communicator in regards to what is happening with updates for their phones. When I reminded Vodafone yesterday that I still had my Nexus S and that the countdown to the Vodafone OTA update would begin when the official Jelly Bean image for the Nexus S hits the Google Dev page. They responded to the challenge: @phroghollow Excellent! I love a challenge. If our OTA arrives within a 2 weeks of it being posted to AOSP... ^K— Vodafone... Continue reading

Samsung readying Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” builds for Vodafone’s Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus

Vodafone have let us know via a Tweet (seen below) that Samsung are preparing Android 4.1 builds for the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus on Vodafone. This is welcome news for users of either (or both) devices who haven't rooted their way to custom ROMs already running Android 4.1. There's no time frame for a release, but a confirmation of the update is always welcome news. It's also much better than Telstra and Optus who are yet to update the Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.0.4. @BuzzMoody I was going to wait for the Weekly Wrap but as... Continue reading