Ausdroid Podcast 91 – October 29, 2013

Welcome to the 91st episode of the Ausdroid podcast! This week Jason, Geoff and Scott spent some time going over the big Android stories from the last couple of weeks. Production note: The audio quality in this episode should be much improved! Please let us know what you think. Topics: OMG it's an Ausdroid app! Goodbye, Android-branded KitKats Nexus 5 leakapalooza Nexus 10 fakeapalooza Sony Xperia Z Ultra Review Android, and "openness" Listen to this episode Download this episode MP3 Subscribe to the Ausdroid Podcast RSS iTunes Get in contact with us via our Podcast Email, or leave a comment below. Continue reading

Google to expand Nexus program to multiple OEMs

One of the things that Android and Google both cop flack over is the speed at which updates to the Android OS filter out to both new phones and as updates to older devices. One of the reasons specified previously by OEMs has been the fact that they don't receive access to the source code for the latest update until Google releases their latest Nexus device which also signals the dump of the latest code to AOSP(Android Open Source Project). To remedy this it appear that Google will be partnering with many OEMs from the OHA(Open Handset Alliance)... Continue reading

What Google / Motorola should learn from HP’s $99 WebOS TouchPad

HP recently 'killed off' their Mobile Operating System, WebOS, which they not long ago acquired when they bought out Palm; but what's this got to do with Android? Not much really, however, here's why I think Google and Motorola (Googlerola, if you will) should be paying attention -- in my dream world, at least. With WebOS pretty much dead in the water; HP are trying to get rid off their TouchPads by any means necessary -- their weapon of choice? A $99 pricetag. By selling them at this price, HP are losing money -- not that it matters... Continue reading